Saturday, December 28, 2013

You Can, We Can

Have you ever heard, ‘It’s not important how people compliment you, it’s just for the sake of the world. But you need to seek for obedience in praising Almighty Allah, seek for blessing from God, for the sake of your hereafter.’

It’s not a big thing to have thousand people on social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram or path and on earth saying that you’re beautiful, you’re so kind, you’re great and you’re perfect. Because it’s just a mere word. It doesn’t change anything but probably making your heart feel ‘bigger’. And it will lead to be one of the arrogant person who walks on earth. Feeling like you’ve been doing great things on this earth.
But you’re not.

You might take those compliment as a turning point that will make yourself to always be a better person. It’s like, ‘oh I’ve got this one, then I’ve got to have another big one, then I’ve got to have another bigger than this’, and keeps remaining like that. Cause feeling like you’ve been okay, feeling satisfied of yourself are just gonna make yourself ease in your comfort zone. People say that we gotta go out of our comfort zone, and there; we can do more and more. By going out of the circles of your comfort zone, you might find another challenge that you gotta face. Another problem that you gotta solve. Another thing that you gotta handle with your best. Those are things which gonna take you to always increase the capacity of yourself. Increase the ability that you’ve been proud of. You can actually do much better than that. You, whether you directly think about it or not and whether you have a confidence to say that ‘you can’ or not, will always need to believe that YOU CAN; That you still have these times remaining of your life, to create a better you, to create the new you, to be one of those your dream great person you’ve been dreaming to be. Then you can use every chance and every time that you have on earth to make it.
Guess we can’t loose our time too much. Have that on mind that, if you can create things in good and best condition, why do you have to choose creating the usual and common one?

You can. We Can.

Friday, August 23, 2013

19 already :D

Things passed then gone. Things moved and turned.
Here I am. Against this very night which always perfect to write a thing. Even though I never write one kind of decent story,  I write down what's going up in mind. So here I am turning to 19-it’s old enough to be called as grown up- even since i was 18 actually. So, maturity also needs to move on. They can’t stay forever in the same exact point.

Here I am wanting to move again;
Hoping to change myself to be one of those strong woman who can get rid of the weakness that people always utter to me; about being late and sleepyhead and every damn weak thing. 
Expecting to always be better every day, cause yesterday was something I couldn’t cling on to. 
I gotta create my tomorrow, cause it’s my own effort which can paint the wall of my future world. 
Also need to lessen my mouth out of whining, cause sincerity is what ease my soul better. 
Gotta use my remaining time on earth properly to get some prosperity, cause time always spins as a minute passed by every 60 second and you can’t waste it -any of it- ; To do something useless; To think about things which likely make you suffocate and lost and devastate. 

See the universe, not to utter the word which isn’t well-hearing.

And however, I gotta make myself suit with the reflection of the moslem women in general ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Lego Camera

i'm gonna pick up the pieces
and build a lego camera
if things go wrong we can knock it down
-Ed Sheeran's Lego House

Sunday, July 28, 2013


27 of july

Things did fly so fast. Now I am at Pekalongan, my beloved village. Hmmm now I want to talk about the words that we utter. Do you realize that every word that comes out from the mouth may be the words that ease someone else’s feeling? Do you realize that words can be sucha healer for someone but at some point can be a killer too? 
I met this person whose word she uttered was all like an angle’s whisper. She made my shattered mind turn to be well-minded mind. It’s just that simple word, but came as a huge wave that just swept the trash over the sand of my heart. It’s like there’s a wind that blew dust of despair out of my heart and came as a fresh air which swing my heart. 
I was so impressed, indeed. The light bulb over my head shines again, giving the energy to keep stepping up to the path which only God knows what’s coming; to keep doing things in the name God until only God knows when we stop; to keep struggling to this journey which only God knows where its end. 
As long as we have the chance, it's time to utter words which can be beneficial for others. Though most times we don’t have a chance to think first before uttering the words, it’s never wrong to try it. Try to utter words which can send sparkles to someone’s mind and light them up. Who knows that the last word we utter in this world to anybody could change big things in a good way?

Saturday, July 6, 2013


again, there's something that lead me to this kind of thought again. about where i am going to bring my self at. honestly, i haven't planned that much about who i am going to be. and related to passion, i think i got a lot of nice things to follow. but again, we can never reach what we want in one exact time. time rules again. try to reach it step by step, one by one

bingung. asli. kalo mikirin itu diri gue ngerasa lemah....... dan masih bertanya-tanya, gue kuatnya dimana, dan ngapain

emang sih, im in a learning process now
i am the one who's still learning, still searching, still loading
people say living in this world is just for a while, so make it best
how am i going to make it best if there's still one wall that hinders me with words; can you?
can i be like one of those people who happen to deliver a lecture about being someone best on earth?
crazy, it is. those kind of people always amaze me. kok bisa sih mereka?
when would i?

i think it starts from me making some life plan, at least organize what thing i'm about to do to the next 6 months
you know when i was in long holiday last year, i planned to create some articles and send it to some publisher on newspaper or such, but not any glimpse of them was ever conducted. WHY?
because i always take thing ain't important if it's not related to one-big-important thing

there's nothing wrong to think about what you want to achieve to the next 6 months, a year later, 5 or even 10 years later. let's make a plan! but before, you have to make a list about what your passion is, and choose what you really  like to do on earth. then collaborate it, probably with the major you're studying now. then you might see some possibility in your future until you really meet that time when you reach your goals

Friday, June 28, 2013

Straight Line

Today i faced another sick situation
i don't know whether people now tend to turn to be cruel or just the world which makes them change
i was shock knowing the fact that one insignificant and trivial thing could change person

someone did, but it's pretty inappropriate if i tell it here, so i'm just gonna tell someday

So, some people now start being out of the mind. they forget to keep themselves in sanity, they forget the path where they should be standing at
We know the world has the ability to change people, but that doesn't mean we can't overcome its bad affect to ourselves
Let the world flow, cause we can't control it. but we still can control ourselves and make sure we're walking in the straight line
Let's just walk in a right way so another good traces will be found, which may lead us to  straight-positive way
If we walk through the good and clean land, we would enjoy it as well, and vice versa, dirty land would just create loss instead and won't be convenient
People are allowed to think based on their own principle they profess, but one important thing that people still need to keep is one little pure thing called conscience 

An Irritating Person

i was walking at some open store selling some clothes the other day and my friend was asking me to buy her a white blouse. so i need to capture the blouses then sending it to her phone so she could consider which one she'd choose. but when i passed that store whose clothes i wanted to capture....

storekeeper : what the hell you're doing?
me : i was about to capture that clothes and send them to my friend
storekeeper : what? don't you ask for permission first? (with an outrage upon her resentful face, which makes her look creepy) (........and what i remember the most was her eyebrow, it went up and down almost fell down to her face and made her micro-expression even look more terrible) (...ah yeah and her tone was completely insulting like wanting me to fight with her)
me : ah yeah, ok, i want to capture that clothes to my friend (just realized that i had to ask for permission first and tried to arrange my word and tried to sound cool) 
storekeeper : the hell with it, ask for permit first (the tone was completely more insulting until it penetrated to my heart like a sharp needle) (....she was completely out of her mind to say the word which made her possibly-next-buyer feel inconvenient) ( and....i felt sick to face this person who didn't have a such thing called manner) 
another creepy storekeeper : what's happen?
storekeeper : she wanted to capture this clothes
another creepy storekeeper : that one? no no, don't allow them, don't, don't, don't.... ( a half of that asking-me-to-drive-away tone )
me : thank you

the last word i said to those horrible storekeepers, completely with that indescribable peevish face.
i was about to say another filthy word as i walked away from that store, but fortunately there's something that held me to say that and be quiet instead. i even still loathe the way she talked til now.

but yeah, let bygone be bygone

if i look at the bright side, saying thank you was the right word to end that almost-begin war. it was actually weird to solely say thank you and walked away, but what else can i say? i uttered that thank-you word also because there's something that held me here, right in my heart

i got this faith. faith to hold this anger to that irritating person. faith to keep myself in sanity. faith to behave as a human. as a girl. as a muslimah

she might be in a high tension, in a period or anything which made her lost all of the nice word and tone  as a normal-kind storekeeper used to say. the other side, me, also forgot to ask for permission first cause i thought it would never mind just like what i did before. But, wouldn't it be nice if you asked me smoothly in a polite way, dear lady?

bright side again, if i hadn't faced this thing, i would never know that people like her is exist in this world.

So, be nice to anything, anyone, anywhere, in any way. just in case if you find a person like her. Cause we never know what condition is going on inside someone else's self :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Love, cheesy post

Call me stupid, for just watched the crazy little thing called love movie now. my friend at high school kept talking about this but i didn’t give a damn to watch any thai movie since i thought i wouldn’t stand with the audio language. but now, after i saw it, it didn’t really matter about the thai and yet the movie was incredible.

it talks about love, this tiny little thing which can make people crazy. and yet makes me realize that i never done that kind of such thing in my life. love turns person to get crazy.... i might say. that's why all of my friends from high school til now at uni act so crazy whenever they meet their crush. while i always don’t give a damn thing about it. i thought that they exaggerated it and it's not me-thing. but then... by this movie, i just knew that love can really drive anyone to be crazy. Seems like love is blind is really true, while i deem it as bullshit.
if love means to be crazy....then i think i haven’t met one

Friday, June 14, 2013

To notice and to create.... the new you

i found myself in dismay. i was thinking about everything in the same exact time. at first i just want to arrage it, based on my priority. but it ended up giving myself an endless anxious feeling filled with the question...what if?

then it remains as an anxiety everytime i think about it. i know i'm not that kind of good person out there. i'm even afraid to judge my own self, but then i know that i have to. how can i supposed to know how far i have been stepping if i didn't notice what step i first made.

yeah, about me and the next-couple-of-years me. i'm curious and yet can't wait to see it
but, yeah it's me. it's only me who can change myself, if i want to see some good movement; it is me, myself, who can create myself thriving in the future.

if you wanna build the new-and-the-better you, do it yourself. it's there, in your heart and followed by the great willingness of yours

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Preparing things for what may happen in the future is necessary. Cause we never know the future until it comes

No matter how bad the things we will have in the future, we gotta get ready and prepare for all of the possibility that probably happen. No need to think too high and too low. Just keep the mind in sanity. Not just solely get that thought away from head but keep the mind straight. And do whatever you can do in the time you have. Time won't repeat the chance you asked

We never know when things start and end. Even if we can figure it out, but the certain thing only happens under God's will

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Consider Things

Sometimes we need to leave our happiness to get what we really need.
Yeah. There's something that you need to postpond to get what you really need. Even though it makes your happiness fulfilled, but if there's still another side of your heart which doesn't feel right; consider it.
Things are gonna flow nicely if it follows what your heart say. If it feels so odd, think about it again, take a deep breath and.......say in the name of God......and choose.
Life is about choosing something. Hopefully, things what we choose always be appropriate with the way it seems

Saturday, May 4, 2013

There's ME in TIME

hello world. what's up
i can't really wait for holiday! it's only a little over a month away
yet i got pretty big walls to climb before seeing the scenery of those bright day

today...even these days lately, went so great yet tiring
i had a lot of experience, a lot of things happened and.......time rules my life again

time, is and always be vulnerable
it's hard to be maintained
i was so sad that lately, i didn't use it well like over again
but i never give up to always try to handle my own time

and one thing i know, time never fails to choose its thing to happen

wish me luck - L

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Value and its influence

things are getting dynamic as i can start feeling the dynamite of life. in these new atmosphere of life, campus thing, i earned some values. that things happened because it has a value beyond it.
teach us what's right and what's wrong, warn us which things to choose, take us to the journey that gives us positive things. i've always looked for it. when i had a bad thing, there must've been things i didn't get if i didn't have that bad things. you got me?

everything happen for a reason - John Mayer in one of his nice song called Why Georgia

there must be a value. a value i never know before i already face it.
seems i'm getting more understood why things happened to me the other day before

everything are need to be think about...including this weak side of mine
i hate it if i can't get rid of it. then now i really have to... and i need to know how and get used to it
sometimes, guilty feeling comes, makes my heart trembling, and ends up crying
i am sad for the things i did wasn't as it supposed to be
i am sad for losing the ability to make things right
i am sad to know that i myself hate my own self

but i got a point
don't hate yourself for what you've done
you're not a murder, not even a suspect in any case
at least, you've done things okay

sometimes, there's a part of things that may hurt feeling
but then it's up to ourselves, whether accept it as a hurt feeling or just nothing
we have a choice, choose wisely

and last but not least, just to ease the feeling in my heart; i'd like to say :
i'm sorry people, for my bad behavior
pardon me dear God for my bad
i'm sorry to myself for being this weak

i'm looking forward to move on

Friday, April 5, 2013

come back

hello world. it's been so long time, i know.
now....i've been having these sort of mid term exams and some activities which pretty drained up the energy. i know that feeling when we're about to face that exam, and the worry after finish the exams. let's put the rest to God. and afterall, let bygone be bygone.

life must go on, not in a sorrow, in happiness instead. no matter how bad things that have happened, we need to keep ourselves in company. just forget those bad feelings, and continue earn the joy and the value beyond it. don't let those bad feelings ruin your other days of life. things are gonna be just fine.

 La Tahzan :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Things that can drive us crazy.
That feeling when things happen and put ourselves in victory. That moment when we feel the joy of things. Do we know that beyond our joy, there are probably people out there feel the inconvenient of our joy?
Let’s take a glimpse to look around. Whether it’s alright or not. Whether something fakes other things or just real. Whether something work the way it is.
Until it comes to time when our jolt of conscience whisper to our mind that there’s something wrong. Something doesn’t fit to be owned. Something that feels odd.
Selfish. We get what we want, other people don’t. Cares about ourselves, not to others.
Don’t let selfishness exist there next to us. Throw that away instead.
We can feel precious most of the time without knowing what might impact us afterwards. What hurts more are the moment when we realize that we’ve been being so selfish to some people for some reasons. Hurts to know the fact that we’ve harmed people.
Before things get worse, let the consciousness of ours recognize it
Realize and fix things
Before things end up not the way we wanted
Before things ruin other things
Although it takes time to realize
But as long as we can do our best to keep realizing what we’ve done, we can always correct things wrong in ourselves, creating ourselves to be born as the better one

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Past

I myself and some people who feel this same feeling know that remembering the past is not a good idea. I kind of hate it. Past event which wasn’t really a good thing for me; past which makes me feel guilty, past which puts me in the corner taking as me as the main suspect in some tragedies or seemingly take me as a bad girl in criminal series, past which drowns me and brings me to the lowest mood, past that ravels in a bad way, past which gets me burst some tears. I hate to remember it. i hate to know the fact that i wasn’t good to somebody at that time. i hate it to know the fact that i didn't do what i should’ve done. I hate to know that i regret it
Yet I don't understand why there were past events that i hate the most. Even i hate it to take a glimpse to look back again. 

Past are just past. Nothing else i can do to change it since it already happened. Nothing could change it but we all know that we have to embrace it. Embrace either in a good way or bad way. Why would we have to emerge the bad thing while the good one are way more better? 
Why do some people hate past? Past which contains memories. What kind of memories that could unravel now? Things scattered fast, moved fast, words of mouths works that fast, every single thing anyone could know now---ok then why? Why do we have to worried about our past? Nothing to worry about actually, because what matters is how we embrace it in a good way and to learn from it. Things happened because it has that great value to learn. 

I know that i cant let myself drown in bad situation, so i have to think about it in a positive way, no matter what. Wouldn’t that be more nice if everything’s okay without any revenge or any hatred between people? Of course, life would be more beautiful with peacefulness without thinking about past that left a hole in the heart and without any bad prejudice.