Thursday, August 9, 2018

Check Point

Hey 14th april already. Right at this second

Been having some other roller coasters, you know.
Today has come to conclusion that I am so grateful to have the chance studying dentistry.
People may think it’s not an easy peasy thing.
But in here, I got beyond terrific experiences indeed.
First of all, my campus mostly filled with girls. So I kinda feel protected in here, in a good way.
Second of all; I learnt to rise right after I fell off.
I learnt to not fall too deep onto something.
I learnt to have some specific acceleration graphic to move on.
There’s also this particular oral test that pretty much challenging.
There’s this moment when all you have to do is smile, and just swallow what went off right in front of you.
Day by days I realized that there’s really nothing you can do to wish something change for a good reason, but trusting Almighty Allah.
Days where you’re about to meet the end of the road, you realize that you really nothing in this world. You really got no power, but coming from Allah’s.

Kalau bukan karena Allah, maka mustahil aku bisa melakukan ini semua.
Kalau bukan untuk Allah, maka aku gak akan sampai disini, aku bisa saja masih terjatuh.
Kalau bukan oleh Allah, maka aku gak akan selamat pulang pergi Serpong- Salemba.

The moment where, you know you’re at your worst day but you can’t emphasize its feeling anymore to yourself and anyone, and all you need to do is seeking for motivation from anywhere, like literally anywhere you have to rise your spirit up for no matter what.
I’ve said that I was the least convincing person. And life challenge me with that. How was I going to make my lecturers convinced of my words?
If it’s not from Allah, there’s no way I could pass that.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Lean On Him

Today I learnt about hope
That flies upon the sky
I pray
So does everyone,
who hopes something better everyday
who hopes something good even though it’s heart-rending at the first place

Hopefully we will always be given the chance to put ourselves closer to Allah, lean on him every hopes we got, let him decide, get the best from Him
I trust whatever result that may come from The Best Scenario Writer in This Life,
and will always put my trust on You

Friday, February 9, 2018

Something New

All I know is this certainty that I have The Most Justice, Who knows what suits us best.
Life is too short to curse bad things that just happened in our life.
I believe everything happens for a reason.
Better off to look at the mirror doing self-reflection.


Berawal dari curhatan tahun 2017 ini, saya akan menerjemahkannya ke bahasa Indonesia. Kayaknya ini ditulis ketika ada suatu hal yang terjadi, dan aku pikir orang pertama yang harus nenangin diri ini ketika goyah adalah diri ini sendiri. Mungkin begitulah mengapa blog ini tetap bertahan. Sebuah kumpulan frasa yang tujuannya untuk diri sendiri dulu, syukur-syukur bisa ke orang lain. Kumpulan cerita yang pada akhirnya bersifat self-motivating. Jadi, seburuk-buruknya hal buruk terjadi, ingat terus deh kata-kata macam ini:

Aku cuma tahu sebuah kepastian dimana aku punya Yang Maha Adil, Yang tahu apa yang terbaik untuk kita.
Hidup ini terlalu singkat untuk mengutuk hal-hal buruk yang baru saja terjadi pada kehidupan kita.
Aku percaya segala sesuatu terjadi karena suatu alasan.
Sudahlah, lebih baik melihat cermin melakukan refleksi diri.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Today I Learnt

I learnt about something not-today
It asked you to wait, it asked you to try harder with the whole of your heart
Check if something you do isn’t because of Almighty Allah
Today I
Learnt something about border, and choice
Where people prefer the one with the look, and left the other with different appearance
Today I learnt
About missing friend when I need them the most
It’s always been like this, maybe this is just what they feel
But let’s reflect more of what I did the other day
Prolly I could've been doing the same things too
Today I learnt about
Something that actually could ever be conducted
But aborted only because of a little tiny stone that hinders
I thought we could actually move the obstacles together
But they choose to not move a muscle
Today I learnt about a pride
Those high standards people put to some people below them
Today I also learnt about people’s trait
How a group could turn to be having the same exact basic character
Too bad the character was negative
So they spread wounds together
Little did I know they actually share a tiny lesson
Today I learnt about hope
That flies upon the sky
I pray
So does everyone
Who hopes something better everyday
Who hopes something good even though it’s devastated at the first place
Today I learnt about a wound
And not worth crying over for
Only because the culprit just want us to get it
Today I learnt
To hold onto this pole called faith
I will always have a faith on You, Ya Rabb...

Sunday, December 24, 2017



Is when you seem do nothing wrong
But the surrounding makes you do something wrong

You were clean
Until it happens

And that happened because
1. You've got so much bad thought of the surrounding, and that 'trapped things happened' is the only way that would clear your thoughts
2. It's just happen cause it's slipped that way with no one interfering the cause
3. It's a lesson to learn for all of the components. As simple as, things happen for a reason. There must be a reason, right?

So no matter what happen next, you can't blame either the situation or yourself.
It's just need some sincerity from both sides

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Last Day in October

I am right at the moment where i just jumped upon high rope on a game. It wasn’t so easy cause it took time and effort to finally have the bravery to jump. I was hesitating at the first time whether or not I continue to move forward. My enemy inside my heart kept telling I need to go back instead. I fought for my bad thought so hard.

The point is I can never lose from my bad thoughts. Yeah, I am the one whose thoughts filled with the bad thoughts which isn’t  healthy for my mind, body and soul, I know. I tryna reduce it then. It makes me remember someone who said, "don’t make it to be complicated, don’t yell cause it wont end up something good". Completely agreed with the one whose words keep spinning around my head.

Outside The Box

Being at outside the box has never been a good idea to me. 
I walk in unfamiliar surrounding. 
It seems easier if i stay inside the box. 

Twas what i thought at the first place.

North Serpong
Sept 28th 2017