Saturday, April 22, 2017

A little forgiveness

A little forgiveness is needed for those who got stiff heart.
The stubborn people would find it hard to know that they did mistakes and hard to apologize.

And yes, as a nice and warm human being it's not wrong to succumb.
We're mature enough succumbing for anyone whose heart possibly less sensitive than us. I know it's hard to give in but it's for the sake of our community around. You know, this newly born companionship that we've been seeking for in such a long time turned to soothe my soul at its finest which I won't let any of this brotherhood bond apart.

May this heart always have room to forgive and forgiven. Cause that's basically what make this mind stay in sanity without having negative vibe attached.

22 April 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017

You get what you give

Didn't I ask too much? When i did only few things.
You'll get what you give.
Meanwhile i only give a few of my effort.
You know if you wanna reach the best thing, you need to have biggest heart with best willingness inside.
Seem so hard
But with Allah anything can happen when it seems to be no way.

Tangerang 21 April 2017

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nice Figure in the ER

Being in emergency room was part of my dream.
Today i spotted a very nice figure. He got a wound in his foot. The 2nd digit manus was fractured, he fell off the ditch.
Yet he really understood about how to control his infuse drop steady and everything.
He turned out to be a doctor's uncle.
Never sure that guarantee what i saw.
Anyway, the thing is, with all the wrapped feet which can't have a single move, he tried to wake himself approaching the thick wall. And he grasped his hands through the dust in the wall, began to tayamum.
And when i saw the clock it was 12.10PM, right after the adzan.
Meanwhile, this lousy-healthy body of mine didn't move a muscle when the adzan calling.
Pardon me.
That's exactly the thing i need to fix.
Definitely i am the one who got a lot of homework to move this bloody body to pray on time :)

20 April 2017

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Forever Learner

Yay! Hello from the very first blog post in 2017. This year I somehow want some interactions, to anyone who reads, visits, likes, or dislikes this lousy blog. I guess I'll make my blog be at least visible to reach so I could have some comments below. Hahaha minta banget (?). 

This time was the thought I wrote by the end of 2016. I haven't written much in 2017, since it just begun the 2nd month, of course. Also because I have been little distracted by this lil creature in coass thingy, if you know what I mean. 

2016 has been so challenging to me. It’s the beginning of tough journey I am about to climb its top. It’s the time where you’re not only thinking about your self, but the world, the others. At the same time.

This has been the year I got forged, fell off the cliff, trampled, and slapped. I tasted a day with bitterness, sourness, uncomfortable feelings. the feeling like you're being chased by your own time. All of those things is what doesn't kill me, which make me even stronger. At the end of the day those were time that built to insist yourself to remain calm.

Everyday you have to save your energy to walk further, to the path that never been too far to reach. Day by day I got to know myself more and deeper. To know how to rise up, to sense and to be steady facing the struggle. 

The struggle is real, I know. Even though I still figure out… I believe there’s always ease comes after hard times. Surely with difficulty is ease. With difficulty is surely ease. (QS Al-Inshirah : 5-6).

This year I learn a lot, and looking for the next and other years to learn more
Never get bored to say, I am ready to be forever learner

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Up and Up

Seeing things from up there was one of great stuff to do.

From up there i could see all good scenery and realized that I was this tiny tiny little human. A human who still needs to conduct ‘actions’ to the world.
From up there when I walked beneath huge trees and saw leafs dropped, I remembered the cite "No leaf falls but that Allah knows it" (Al Anam:59). Totally reminds me of how nothing in this world that Allah doesn't even know, then all the dirty little unseen-able mistakes I did.

From up there I could get fresh air, get brain-refrezhed, and have tranquility that adds up positivity to my mind, body, and soul.
From up there I could sense how hard it'd be to reach the top. Driving through all the turns, uphill roads, streaming down sweats, most importantly dealing against self-ego and yellings... All struggles would be paid off once I pass those tests. 
From up there I could see the beauty of the other side of my country. I could just be happy even from a tiny district in unpopular place in Indonesia. Being happy is simple, huh?
From up there, all I noticed was the urge to feel grateful.

And that completes everything

Saturday, November 19, 2016


I am so lack of power when it comes to convince anyone.
I admit my words were so powerless.
I know it sucks… hahaha L

There were thousand idea in my mind to overcome this problem but no one of them worked well.
At time like that, I was thinking any possible words that may brighten anyone’s mind but then it didn’t work either.
But when you’re unintentionally wanted to say motivated words, it just came out that fluent, beauty, brightening words.

Beautiful words then can only blurt when it comes from within, without any boasting intention. Just require the pure will to absorb the words you say to anyone and to you yourself.

Cause you can’t give advice like you’re 100% right, you’re only 50% right instead, or less. And the rest, you learn back from what comes out from your mouth.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

A trip to Jogjakarta with pals

Started when I and mon amie decided to attend our friend's wedding ceremony in Jogjakarta.  Since we only got one time to escape so we escaped hard from our integ routine.
We explored Jogjakarta the way noone else would. We have several common principles about hanging out together, if you know what I mean.
" sleep is thing we can do in Jakarta "
" and moneyless "

We jumped to our first place at Lava Tour Merapi. As we've planned earlier, that we were renting jeep to circle around the post-erupted-mount village there. This European jeep passed their off-road trail and that driving us crazy, shaking our mind, body and soul as well. There were couple of check points we could stop by to take picture at.

1. Kali kuning
The bridge was the most attracting spot i guess. The green scenery also, always gave our brain refreshed. All the worries about integ seemingly washed away for a moment. For a moment I repeat. Bus still, a moment is a moment indeed.

2. Museum Sisa hartaku
They showed stuffs that already wiped by hot lava in mount eruption 2010. The stuffs were melted, burned, and broken.

3. Watu alien
That was big rock that looked like a man face. Can you spot that? There in the right. Again, there were green green trees beside the rock area. It's where the hot lava flowed down from tip of the mountain. It's looked like a cliff with bending road in between.

4. Bunker
The underground room that used to be shelter for the citizen to cover themselves from the hot lava. Turned out that the bunker could only be used when wedus gembel occurred. Then the people who were in there were trapped by hot temperature and died.

(to be continued)