Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Random things 3


Back now 12th jan

It's 1:30 am now. I used to sleep now. Hff yeah I just finished math homework and my head just like smashes by all the polinomial formula and stuff haha yeah whatever it is, quiet funny tho.

OOPS! Wait up! it's 1:30am? So it must be 13th january!and today's nabila's bday. Ow. My briend since elementary school. Aw miss you gal.

(wide awake, morning)

By the way

i'm about being messed up by this morning rain, and pathetic school rules. Man. This late thing isn't my fault at all. C. These condition really DRIVING ME CRAZY. not-understandable teachers, teacher won't even understand how my condition is. How the situation is. Asdfghjkl why are people getting like THIS PATHETIC! Cmon. There's smth that u don't know, teacher. You don't know the blind side!

When I was on my way to school, I was wondering how the teacher's thought was. Were they gonna feel mercy to all student because of it's raining so badly and will give us dispensation to enter class OR they're gonna feel happy because there will be LOT OF STUDENTS WHO CAME LATE?

Suck of this pathetic school rules. I might be one of unlucky girl on earth today, because it's raining so heavily at my home, but when i arrived at school, there's NOT even raining, so that's why the school didn't give dispensation, i guess. but if the school look at 'the blind sides',there will be dispensation

I think she's happy now seeing more than 10 students came late, it's her job to notice this and give us punishment or write our names on the book for student who's not obeying the rules.

I'm not obeying the rules to come at 6:30

But that's because of something asdfghjkl happen at my home and badly heavy morning rain and sucking traffic jam and common little flooding and this mess city which just let the traffic light not working and let the police hiding somewhere out there and citizen are getting stressed out by this. You really kidding me. I cried right on the traffic light thinking of this pathetic condition. I have home like thousand miles far away from school and I have no one to accompany me to school so I have to ride motorcycle by myself. PFFFF!..................................

(after chill myself out)

But everything has a silver lining. Every single thing, there must be a gift. There must be smthng to be learnt by this tragedies. Every single problem always have a lesson to be learnt. And the lesson is, I have a chance to write about this at library. Right now. I have to wait in the library til my name's called by the teacher and bla bla bla

(sick of writing about that things).

and about asdfjkl thing on my home. Okay let me elaborate it.

Last night I did my homework, and it spent so much time, til about 2am. Since I lost my sleep time that much, I woke up lately. And after I step out from my bathroom, the problem began.

There's no white skirt, which I have to wear today, and I have to iron it by myself. 2nd, I want to have breakfast, but the time surely wasn't enough, so I just put the rice on my lunch box. 3rd it's raining so heavily and dad should've accompanied us but he said that he couldn't and then mom asked him to accompany us but dad STILL say, 'just go through the rain'. OMyGoodness really kidding me. We waited for ur help dad. Daddd really kidding me. I was getting upset, I did everything rushing. Kaboom. I got my motorcycle and wear my raincoat and yeah, went to school with tears upon my face.

14 jan

I'm about to wait my mom at her office. I was so freakin' sleepy when I rode motorcycle to go home. Really, starting from the very first minute I woke up this morning, my very first thought's saying is, I WANT TO WRAP MYSELF WITH THE BLANKET AND SLEEB TIL DROP.

Ew but my thought won't ever happen, so SCHOOL MUST GO ON. It's okay, because it's THANK GOD IT'S FRIDAY!

And at school I could barely open my tired eyes. Hfff. I wrote some notes with closed eyes, I wrote it unconsciously. Really, I need my bed. Til the last few second I left school, I just came out from liblary. Then, I went back home with this tired eyes again. Quiet dangerous tho, I rode motorcycle unconsciously. Til I decided to stop by at my mom's office to have a quick nap, but what I got is nothing unless some money to have lunch from mom :3 aoh thanks mom, now I'm writing this notes and have nowhere to go. I want to go to lesson actally, but I think it's

(i got low battery)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


here's the video from team of madagascar with their 'i like to move it move it dance'
universal studio singapore dec 14th 2010
i suddenly miss this place and everything happened at there. i've ever been there, i can't believe it. lol

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I’m about to cry now

Friday, January 7, 2011


now already 2011, and this random post gonna be my first posting. okay since we're in the very beginning in this year, i wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR, WELCOME 2011.
For this year, i wanna be a more better person. there's nothing special about my wish-list, but realizing it is my goal. talking about goal, this year i wanna save up more much money. won't spend it to unnecessary thing, i don't think i could have much money as i expected tho, but yeah let's see about my effort to save for rainy days. and about school thing, been busy enough about this first week of school. tasks already started, like things already started spinning and ruining over my head. a very much rest time is really needed. i'm way restless, because of common thing, sleep late night but wake up very earlier. lot things different after school started; i couldn't have my insomnia time, i rarely see this cool cyber world, less time to play guitar, less time to spend my time in front of this monitor, and the most make a difference is, i lost my much-rest time. those things shouldn't have changed that much actually. and about myself, i got several things to think about now. it seems like, i haven't found the-real-me. yeah i'm not that brave person, i guess that's the problem. i don't have that big bravery til this second. i don't know what brings me to write about this privacy, but really, i just want to write. this must be things that everyone shouldn't have known, but is it okay if i just want to share here, init? this just sucha crap huh? so many craps about things happened to me. whatta world. we never know what's coming up next.