Wednesday, May 26, 2010

totally unnecesarry

i don't know what i feel right now. i just wanna share something in my heart to somebody but it could't :'''''''''( i don't know....i really don't know what. i i mean i feel so guilty today, and upset, and sad:'''''( there's only nothing. such a unfair things happened but you know this is so unnecessary. totally unnecessary. i know that nobody will know what i feel-,--- you'll never ever know what i feel-,--- i know i'm nobody i mean i couldn't be someone else. there's only me. my self. okay, enough to post this uncool things-,- but you might know that you'll never know

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Heyaaaaa I'm coming in! this is my first post in 2010.
First, I'm gonna say HELLO to 2010
Second, i haven't introduce my new school and its classmates. so i'll tell you about that.....


that pic reminds me about that great time. My classmates' team got the winner. WOOHOO. I wont forget those fabulous time.

Third, my greatest basketball team.

that pic was taken at Dimensi cup-a basketball competition- and we got......... RUNNER UP. yeahoo

hmmm. what else? Aha, this one guy, who i'm listening to now.

COOL, huh?

Actually, not only him who i like to listen, but there's also another cool bands.

Yeah, you should listen to them. someday i'll show you their songs and their pics. And for NICK SANTINO, ROCK!!!!!
hmm i think that's enough for my first post at this year...... but, wait! I hope anybody who just read this, wanna buy me the cool clothes above :ppppp
THANKS pals! see ya!