Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Moral Value

I personally love to learn from moral value. And the moral values are a lot to find in some people, some novels and movies.
So, movies.
I always conclude one thing to learn in each movie. If I didn't get anything, then it's not real movie.
I learned a lot from this indian movie, 3 idiots.

Chasing the Sun

The photo was taken on August at Tidung Island, North Jakarta.
And I really love how the sun brighten the days.

Lombok and Sumbawa

Since it's the very last day of 2014, I'm gonna have blogpost-bombing about the stories that have happened through this year.
Yeah it's in Lombok island, June 2014.

Good deeds

Waterfall trip

Couple days ago I was visiting Solo, Central Java. I went there with my family who's in the need of having simple-but-good-enough holiday. We choosed the place near Jogja to travel around and Solo was crossed the mind first.

The hottest place was this waterfall, after Mt. Lawu of course, as I got from google. Along the way to get there, the scenery always offered to blow me through my mind. As I arrived at the waterfall site, there were a lot of monkeys who looked scary rather than funny, to me. Cause they're literally ah-lot! But that's cool enough, many people enjoyed of having them around, fed them, took photo with baby monkey, and such.

So it called Grojogan Sewu waterfall. The height is 81 meters. It's located at mountainside of Mt. Lawu, Karanganyar. The waterfall is included in forest tourism area, that's why they got monkeys around, hot water pool and such. I could only stare at the waterfall and this cliff surrounding it.

(To be continued)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hope and New Hope

It's how much you eagerly want to put your hope alive, hang out, right there on your deepest heart, within your untainted mind. Even though thousand obstacles emerge distracting it, you got million ways to overcome it and zillion reasons in making that hope bear up making decent serenity upon mind; like preserving those flowers to be bloomed in any circumstances.

Quote from Mom

Today my mom just emphasized, you don't need to be worried, when you lost walking at long and winding road, when you got stuck in the middle of reaching your goal, when you got heaps of complicated problems.

There's always a reason why you succeed at one thing, and failed at one other thing. There's always something to learn in the middle of your journey of life.

Cause you got this Best Scenario Planner, Allah, she continued.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


I somehow becoming the person I am not. I turned out not to be the one as I ever was.

Just don't let that happen. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Known by the world

How can I tell the world that I'm okay. How can I tell the world if I'm not okay. Actually the universe wouldn't care if I'm happy or sad. People just deem things are okay. And even if it's not, they are just still gonna make it as fine.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Time is (not) running out (yet)

Dear my little time, would you like to stay a lil bit longer?
Dear my little time, would you like to give me a chance?
Dear my poor little time, would you like to slow down?

I wanna let go of reins a little bit.
Let me see my world in my own time
I believe my precious time would come soon :)

Friday, September 5, 2014


One thing that crossed my mind this week was, the fact about don't judge person from its first meet. Like, first impression doesn’t really explain how that person really is. And maybe love at the first sight isn’t good enough to be implied in real life. Cause the very first thing could be occured by thousand reasons that happen before. We never know in which mood the person sets him/herself right? The nicest person that I meet for second time wouldn’t be as nicest as it was before.
We oftenly just deem it on our mind that this person is blablabla and has the positive point as blablabla but the negative point such as blablabla. Some people dare enough to shoot a comment frankly, directly to that particular person. Other people daren’t to do so, and end up keeping the thought themselves. It’s a matter of how we act to anyone reflects on how we judge that person.

Or maybe human feeling is just way too fast in concluding something.

One thing that I know, that I would never know.
I would never know whether he/she really meant to do or say that to me, whether good things are really good, whether bad things are really bad.

“you might hate something and it’s good for you; and perhaps you love something and it’s bad for you. God knows, while you know not”

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Detective Movies

(photos from Google)

Knowing Is owning.

That was what they say, I  don't really remember who said that in the Sherlock Holmes TV shows. But oh, really. That show was tremendous and mind-blowing I could ever watch so far. Not to exaggerate it. But yeah of course I am completely amazed. Like. Really am.
It was too good. I was running out of words at the moment to describe how cool it was! Actually I just finished watching the 3rd season. And I just couldn't let my mind blown away for the 1st and 2nd. Haahaha. So funny, exhilarating, hilarious, serious but warm, sweet and everything I could elaborate it as awesome!
I somehow get inspired to that

This power
I don't know, but I feel like I am connected to this detective thingy. Hahaha. (I was actually trying to get myself involved as well.)
But really, it happened. Since I was a kid, I already loved to read Detective Conan comics. It was just very exciting more than any comic that every girl found it as nice. I’d rather choose this comic. I don't know what basically made me like that so much.
I like mystery. Beyond what everyone knows that I am a bit scared of stuff, I actually like it. I like some mystery but never get done to solve someone’s mysteriousness. I always wonder how someone could be that mysterious. (Okay that was another thing, I guess. Will talk about it later.)
So, yeah. I unconsciously build myself. To be like this. To like that kind of mystery thing. After that Detective Conan comics, I like CSI movie. It’s about solving a case and anything about mystery, adventure and anything that attracts my eye the most. And after CSI, this Sherlock Holmes TV show.

The thing is, I got inspired. Like again. Like every time after I watch movie. But this time might be different. It’s because I may have things in common with Sherlock. (Oh you wish! Hahaha)
Actually yeah something that made me connected was, first I like London, England to be precise. So far is the place id like to go to spend my life at. Yeah, and second, I am kind of happy anytime I see case or problem solved in that comic, tv shows and probably, in my life. I like to become smart arse sometimes, almost often times now. I kind of like to observe some details, somehow. I don't know what brings me to do that, but yeah sometimes I do that. Either people just don't realize, or I don't really show it (:p).

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sacrificing Thing

Always fascinated when I see someone who sacrifices anything for the sake of many people. Simply look at that man who stands the whole day beneath the sun beam controlling the traffic. He let his skin get tanned. And also other people who do such thing that takes  some parts of either his/her life or body to complete other people's need.

They just precede people's business. That simple. Eventhogh it's hard to do, but that could be life worth living.

I salute them all for their aspiring intention to help people, in a real way. It's like they are made of full of strength and willingness which not everyone could have. That just impressed me and challenged me if I could do such sacrifice like them.

How far have you done sacrificing things?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Go Away My Enemy!

oh right now. there are so many things that wander around my mind. I actually got nothing much to think about, but this head just feel so heavy. i got this one that i'm not sure to control at. i got this lappy problem that always screw up my day. i also got this unfinished business on my own. i have this enemy right beneath my head

for all this time i finally realized that my mind is my biggest enemy i've ever found. my mind somehow contains poison that can make myself feel depressed. i have this whisper that come from my mind to my soul, which saying all the bad thing of me. all of my mistakes. all of my weakness. all of my pressure point (that's what Magnussen said on Sherlock Holmes, season 3 to be exact).

whenever it comes to my pressure point, all i do is mocking myself. it's like i just happen to humiliate my own self. oh that take hours to make me back in my sanity. until i realized and got the trick that, since my mind is my biggest enemy, i have to keep it on track. i often utter words of how i really hate myself before, and now i have to change it. maybe i can try to encourage myself more so that i can remain my positive thoughts.

well, it turns out to be horrible thing if i don't recognize this discrepancy of my mind. Thank God, i realize this fact that almost killed me.

i would try my best to keep myself in sanity. well, i have to.


Isn't that pretty, seeing that fresh scenery when you ride your motorcycle heading to campus? It's like, What a beautiful earth you're living at! I feel like I wanna travel through place to place! And, how lucky we are, for be able to see that tremendous view. That's just hint me at the same time; what I've done to this earth.
I was literally not one of those person who really concern about any environmental issue before. When it came to my thought, I was like, there are already some people out there who care about environments so I don't get to care about it much. Then I bumped into one moment which made me realize, why didn't I care?
I guess it would be more cool if I join them though, at least take part on this issue. At least i can be closer to have a chance in keeping this earth healthy and clean. Oh come on, why wouldn't I?

One thing that always make me amazed living on earth is seeing those creature, those nice views i may only find in my country. I have this unique-and-full-of-surprise country which anywhere you go, you would find one thing that will blow your mind.
That maybe the reason why people love travelling. I would love to be a never ending traveller wandering around this archipelago and also overseas, of course. I have so many dream-place that i would like to visit on my place-to-go list with my dream guy anyway. :3

So, if we want to keep our eyes remain sparkling by those magnificent view of earth, we have to take some steps to keep this earth stay pleasant, for no matter what. we won't let our eyes miss those scrumptious scenery of universe, our ears miss the sound of wind that blows amongst your presence, our nose miss some fresh air from those breath-taking views, and our mouth stop praising Almighty Allah, right?

We have this H(Earth) which leads where and how to step on this Earth. Our step on this earth won't be meant nothing, cause we step to preserve what God has created, as our gratitude for You.

"Negeri ini indah sekali, Tuhan. Bantu kami menjaganya. Amin" Zafran - 5cm

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Statement

I have this intention to update the blog more often. Eventhough I have this pretty tight schedule and little time, I guess writing on blog could be my stress-release. At least I got chance not to think about heavy things that take a hell lot of a brainstorming.
I can't promise to update it everyday but at least periodically.
Just wait and see how far this intention could go through.
Ok actually this idea came up just because I was in complete mess and I'd like to share my thoughts, about the thing that ain't right when people thing it's right, the thing that supposed to be happened in way that I could ever think of, those inconvenient feeling, the blue print of a thought, and such.
And because lately I found myself stuck in a hard situation which maybe you guys can give me the idea of how to face things like that. And lately I found my heart talk about stuff which I'd like to write down the thoughts to make it noticed, but I got no time to do so. So...I guess this maybe the right time to share experiences, thoughts, or anything here..and feel free to comment.
I want this blog alive
Can you guys help me out to make it? :3

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm (gotta be) OK

I was a police who’s standing in the middle of the road controlling the traffic because the traffic light was off, near the junction which got stagnation, near the car crash at the other side of the road; and i am the only police who’s standing there. I was all confused about what to do first. To me, it’s all important. I was hoping that i have a cloning(s) that i can give them errands to. I wish i could divide myself, do self-separating , then still alive and can continue living just like amoeba. I wish i were a superhero who have a power to move here and there helping things out near me fast.

But i knew, i should stop thinking about my wishes.

The fact was, there’s only me right there and i got to handle all of them. I had to, for no matter what, cause i have this responsibility to do my duty. I realized that i couldn’t cling on to anybody thoroughly. It’s me there, it is really  me there. I gotta do it myself, gotta do what i gotta do.

Then i know; I am a human being, who have this brain to list stuffs that i gotta do, then give my body an errand to do it one by one. I have this both hands and foot who can be divided to do anything. I have a power too though, it’s quite much enough to help things out around me.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crossed Words

No matter how that classic thing may sound, it means the world for someone else. People have different perspective after all. And we need to appreciate others'.