Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Stunning Royal Wedding

29th April 2011 been a great day for both Duke of Cambridge, Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton. Not only them, me and everyone on earth who were watching the ceremony of the Royal Wedding directly or by TV were happy to see those exciting moment. The gorgeous one with a stunning dress; Kate with the Prince like in fairy tale whose smile could melt the iceberg in everyone's heart; Prince William are sucha hot topic to be talked about today. the wedding has got everyone's attention on earth to see the Royal Family and its luxurious kingdom.

yeah, Tales Do Come True. The moment when the Prince glanced at the bride with the sweetest look, the way when they were holding hands each other, and the moment when they got into the carriage were like sort of Cinderella's story. Awesome! i wish i was there seeing them directly in the edge of the way joining with another britain people waving my hand to that couple while capturing those epic moment. the things which got my attention were, those britain people whose shouting was never ends and those togetherness as a citizen for welcoming the Royal Wedding, plus those amazing view of building and places. that's sucha neat place i've dreamt. i hope i could step on that tidy country :D and another thing which got everyone's eyes was Prince Harry! :$

Here, just enjoy this photos i've taken at there (i wish i could say this)

Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm happy to have you guys

18 April
Today was genuinely fun! Exactly about what I got at Hall C Senayan, basketball practice. Dude, I was blown away by what I got with you guys. I'm about to cry by the time I remember that my life on basketball isn't long anymore. It's the end of April. And the rest is May. No big chance to catch the ball at June. Dude :/ I STILL WANT TO HAVE basketball practice and its guys. Our team. You guys. Our togetherness, both seniors and juniors. We're awesome guys! The things which always blow us off of is, our togetherness and those unforgettable laughters. Tired -what I always feel by the time I get basketball practice- but fun! My tiredness and my sweaten body well-covered by those amazing laughter and priceless experience. although at the very first time i thought i was weak on playing basketball, but then it turns out to; just go with it, later, you'd getting used to do this game. You guys are the reason why i don’t want to miss any chance to have basketball practice. I know another day might be another hectic day, and as long as i have a time and chance to have basketball practice, so i will. I always will. I wonder if THIS togetherness could’ve appeared since the first term, there would’ve been no problem in the middle of it. Yeah the obstacles we through &the problem we got are not a big deal to stop throwing, catching and dribling the ball. Just let the things flying then we still keep moving on the field. The basketball field as a place where we used to show our glimpse ability to play basketball, will not be there at the upcoming event at school. But the absence of the basketball field on that event is not the reason to get our mood dropped. Although it's impossible to not feeling sad about the absence of it, but that should be thing to be faced together, to make us more bound together. However, no matter what, we still one, one team bringing the sake of school’s name. Even though i dont know how sad it feels by the time i would leave that basketball field with those remarkable moment on it, as long as there’s still time to make it more stunning in the end, so i would try to make it.

Today was amazing and hope tomorrow would be the same, even better. Thank god for giving me chance in doing all of things I did on the field. i wish i could capture the moment i got today. Love today, past, and another day ! J

the team of 2011-2012 graders. Miss you 2011 graders xx

the new team, 2012-2013 graders. Go Fight Win, Buddies

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

another blabs left behind

29 march. Man, you gotta be joking.

It was raining and there's two exams await. I was riding my motorcycle smoothly. With no obstacles. Peacefully. But then.......I felt smth happened to the wheel. Until I realize that the road gave me something. The handlebar suddenly getting undercontrol which had made me get total panic. But that's not the exact problem. The thing I got was, the tires was leak! I don't know where exactly I got the nail and I don't know why the hell that nail could choose me as a victim. The feeling I got the most was, PANIC and WORRIED if I would arrive late and couldn't have the exams. Luckily, right beside the road where I got my tires leak, there's a bengkel(shop for repairing vehicles). Thank god. Without any blabs, I asked the mechanic to fix the tires. When I was busy to get the raincoat off me, I got a brilliant idea! First, I called my dad about what happened to me and asked his permission to call the teacher who's working at noticing late students. My plan's working was, I was going to call that teacher and asked for permission of coming late because of this-road-sudden problem. And then yeap! They granted my permission for late coming. so now, just needed to wait for the mechanic to finish repairing the tires and then i could go to school not on fire. awesome, by the time i entered school knowing the gate already closed, i told the security man that i've phoned the teacher for late-coming permission and after that teacher asked my name if i was the student who just phoned, he let me enter the class; without any record of late or punishment thing. pfff loads of thanks to God who has given me ease at dealing with problem on the road and ease in doing exams J

Monday, April 18, 2011


These guys we’re about to come here. Exactly on May, 14th. I have no idea if i have to buy the ticket. I eagerly wanted to! However, i got financial problem or whatever it called. Not good to be mentioned. I mean i have another importance that need loads of money. I’ve been adoring this band since i was on junior high school. First song i heard was, I Think About You Everyday. Its lyric was used for girls from boy. But i don’t know what made me that interested in hearing that song at the first time. Cool tones i guess. This song led me to know another songs from this band. And that’s how i started to dig information out of this band, until i got my playlist full with their songs. Baby We’re Invinsible also melted me away because of its lyric and tone. No particullar touching lyrics actually, but just hear it and you’d get the feeling of flying or whatever it is, which could make you stoked in hearing that songs. Deep meaning of lyrics. Go hear it dude!

I’ve ever posted things about this band, i’ve introduced it here. And now it happens that they’re gonna throw a concert here -the thing i’ve been waiting for- and it happens that i got the feeling to use my money to another thing and not for this. I feel like i’m in the middle of the journey, to the right where i could save my money for a rainy day or to the left where i’d meet these guys and lost my money. Need suggestion in hurry! Before the time hit me.

Ok i know this sucha chance to meet them whose voice been heard by me for every night. I’m not that big fangirl tho. I just want to meet them. I’ve been trying to come up with ‘it’s okay they’re not the most important thing to meet’ but it ends up with ‘OMG I WANT THEM I WANT TO SEE THEM LIKE CRAZY’. Ok exaggerating though. Okay gotta thing hardly which way i would take.

the thing i always wish it's mine

Friday, April 1, 2011

Problem? Yes

This might be small problem. But it’s been bothering meh. There’re some words i wanted to say, but why the hell is it always stuck out here on my throat and never come out out of my mouth?

World, tell me why