Friday, December 31, 2010


Heya people! 2days ago i watched INDONESIAN NATIONAL FOOTBALL TEAM ON FINAL AFF CUP 2010 AT Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta.


I still remember what the-greatest-supporters-in-the-world did and shout at there. Yep indonesians’ supporters had more-than-a-lot spirit! I went there by motorcycle with cousins and dad. I rode the motorcycle and it’s felt like my backache suddenly came up then punched me in my back. Ew kinda forgot how to ride motorcycle after i didn’t ride it since this holiday started. K next after i reached more-than-20-kilometers distance, i could see those-reddish-supporters coming with spirit ran out to their face eventhough it’s 4hours before the match began, kinda touching moments because all of em wore red clothes, jackets and stuffs written INDONESIA with so many accessories which showed how much our love to indonesian national football team and how big our supports are. and then that more-than-very-crowded people with their own stuffs got in to the stadion, some people still waiting for smth around there, some people still thinkin' and choosing about what-stuffs-do-they-have-to-buy; because there're so fckncool TIMNAS jersey, jackets and smth and i also bought that cool jacket that used to wear by TIMNAS. and i got someone sell this calendar with picture cool as hell like this.

and after waiting for an hour to get in to the stadion, finally i could capture this....................Sea of Spirit at Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta

and after i got seat, i began capturing those awesome moment when everybody in that stadion rumbling and singing some indonesian songs and perfectly made me got goosebumps. too cool to be seen. how exciting how everybody shouting to support indonesia and how noisy at there which filled like, by thousand cars honking. really. i aint regret to come there.

yep, here we go right before the match began against Malaysia. hilariously awesome you know.

unfortunately we couldnt beat malaysia with the agregat goal. we won that night with 2-1 defeated malaysia. but that-2-goals wasn't enough to be the winner of AFF CUP, because on the 1st leg, Malaysia beat us 3-0 yeah that's too bad. but you gotta know how fair we were during that match, unlike what happened on the 1st leg at malaysia. k i dont wanna talk about that, but being a runners up just the best thing tho. and indonesian football team actually the winner without that trophy.

TTYL gotta go to NYE! cya!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bike Ride

In these last week, i just had a mornin'-bike-ride to bsd, pamulang, or somewhere not faraway from my house. i started this routine since this holiday. Quick recap for that ;

1st time in this holiday. Sunday. Whenever the date. I had a morning bike ride with my mom. Heading to market; pasar modern bsd, and we took quick-break at there by eating some traditional cookies. And i suggested my mom to ride through teras kota (farther way to get home) and the result is kinda got stray-way. kinda tiring, we got 3hours out of house by having a bike ride. And i thought that’s gonna emit more sweat, but eventually i aint sweaten as much as i thought but got backache.

2nd time. Monday. This time with my brother. Moving faster than yesterday.

3rd time. Tuesday. I forgot what happened in Tuesday.

4th time. Thursday. With my brother. we met another bikers. And look at their equipment, so damn cool like they’re going to face bike competition.......while me and my brother only have simple-but-okay-tho bike, no helmet, no bike-suit-like-that, no bike-shoes-like-that, not that complete. It’s okay, we’re still cool tho.

5th time. Friday. With my mom again, this time headed to another market, pasar tradisional pamulang. And ew i thought my mom gonna buy some vegetables or smth, but infact, she bought lot lot food stuffs and me; hey mom do you forget we only bring two bikes here?it aint capable enough to bring those stuffs.

6th time. Saturday. Back with my brother again, i only took a simple route, because i was tired of pedaling the bike and i was sick of my backache and sick of taking uphill way. Dad asked to buy him chicken poridge, yep we stopped by at chicken poridge court and we also got breakfast at there. Heaven. and err guess what i got that day? right before i reached home, i saw a cute guy.............okay that's....that's zxcvbnm. but really! he just looked like someone. He also rode a bike, headed to different way, he just passed me by. Aoh. I felt like i have to turn around and pretending i go to the same way that he took.

And that’s the last day i rode a bike, i havent touched my bike til this second. Since there’s nobody gonna accompany me to have a bike ride again and since this backache getting worse, i’m off from bike.

Friday, December 24, 2010


3RD DAY, 15th December 2010

I woke up lately, moved to bathroom slowly, now my movement getting slower. I hadnt got enough slumber of course. But breakfast must goes on. So we moved to downstair and had the last breakfast at that that day, i realized, i had to leave singapore, the trip is over but memories isnt over.

And after had breakfast, me and Ulinar sat in the sofa in receptionist room, and we talked to Shama, one of singaporean friend.......and after talking for some minutes, she asked me if i usually use the badass words like shit, f word and forth and she asked both of us about indonesian slang-badass-words, and we told her the b-word, j-word, and forth. LOL. She said those words! It’s funny to hear her accent saying those badass words. LOL folks.

NEXT. We got evaluation time after had quiet long break after breakfast. We shared about how the 3days trip was, whether enjoy it much or not or smth. We also gave a score about how good the trip was, and gave some suggestions and critics about the trip. Suggestions are; it should be 7days trip, lengthen the time for visiting singapore school, we should go to singapore flier, and many more suggestion places. And after that, Mr. Mohammed decided who deserves to get the jakarta-singapore-jakarta ticket, and it belongs junior friend, lucky you huh. Up next, we had an hour for packing and checking out from that hostel. ASDFGHJKL TIME TO SAY GOODBYE :’( but before that, we had one last destination, MUSTAFA ON ARAB STREET. Taking some photos before leaving that hostel and then heading to MUSTAFA, the last shopping-til-drop time, the last chance for buying some handycrafts, the last time for spending singaporedollars, and the last place we step at before we step to airport. So um, I bought some chocolate(s), simple t-shirt(s), key hook(s) and i-shoul’ve-bought-more-than-one watch. That shopping time wasn’t long enough. Hfff i couldve bought more than one watch, aoh regret :/ didnt spend time wisely just because too long for choosing right chocolates to buy. K that’s OK. Next last-but-not-least-stop, CHANGI ITL AIRPORT. Time for leaving singapore, time to say goodbye to our singaporean friends, time to say “oh how time flies so fast”, time to admit that we want mooooore! But before reached changi airport, we had a glimpse of time for playing UNO CARD. that game hadn't finished yet, because it only took couple minutes to reach airport :/ and then get our luggages out from the bus, then quick re-arranging the belongings again and i felt like when-we-would-say-goodbye-and-please-say-not-now. all of Mr.Mohammed's family embracing all of us well......then taking the-last-but-not-least pictures on this study tour trip :/ aoh man :/ next, Mr.E gave us toilet-breaks before we got in to the queue for departure........and here comes the time to say hard-goodbye, after shaking hands each others.......quiet touching moment :/ huggie for you guys from here, Shama, Shamym, Shakina, Fara, Wishma, and the one who said that she's 9yo! aouh :'( we separated in front of the departure door........waved our hands.......and BYE. that's the end of the-3-tremendous-days trip. that's an ASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM trip! with so many ZXCVBNMQWERTYUIOP things, all worth moment, time, money we spent just never forgotten for sure.


2nd DAY, 14th December 2010

Yep this me again. This time airing writing directly at singapore(i wrore this by quick word on mobile). This is my second day here. Wow. I woke up about 6am (pretty late). And we got breakfast at 7.30 andddd after that, heading to Lyncoln college by.......MRT cool! That sucha underneath train. Cool never seen any in Indonesia, this is the thing that Indonesia have to build. It only took 5mins to walk to the MRT station from our hostel, and it took 10mins to arrive around Lyncoln college, after that we have to cross the street and walk to reach that college school. kinda bit tired because it took quiet far from the MRT station, but yet FUN! I'm happy seeing some bus, singaporean vehichles, every single singapore road, and singaporean pedestrian. It's funny how the traffic light working, because it's almost anytime when the pedestrian want to cross the way, they push the button in the traffic light and not long after that the light turn into red. So the traffic is depends on pedestrians, indirectly. That rules happen only at several places in Indonesia. And, still. Not even forget to say english all the time. Because that what we aim for. Going to other country to learn everything and practice our english! Yup this is the time to show how good our english is. How good our speak, and how good we talk without indonesian accent.

And arrived at the school. We divided into 2 groups, the 1st group entering the food and beverage class and the other one hospility and tourism class, but both of them in food and beverage class. And the class that I entered is about hospitality and tourism. Mr. Raj taught us there. And the class is full with korean, and chinese student. Nice. Although at the first time I don't really understand what "hospitality" is. But then after some minutes left, I could understand it, fakely. But yeah, it's great to know how they study. The classroom is just simple, the table and chair is long, that's for 4-5 students. And the board is different with the board in indonesian bord. That school has cool board which more glossy and you know, way luxury. And after we had learnt some about hospitality by some answer session with the student at there, we went to the canteen. Then, we moved to the main yard of that school and took some pictures with some of Lyncoln college, and I gave smth like indonesian handicraft to one of the student. Mr. E had given it to each of us to be given to singaporean friends.

After that, heading back to the hostel. Same way. Walking for more than 200meters to reach MRT station. And we all got sweaten just by walking. MRT just way cool, really! And one thing that I just realized is, the way of singaporeans' walking. They walked quiet fastly, like there's smth which chasing behind them. Unlike how indonesian walk, slow, "lembe", like they won't even run if there's a deadline, and they won't run if there's a dog run into them. And yeah from that side I'm starting to walk faster just like them hehehe. They even run even they're in escalator. Whatta busy singaporean. And at that time, MRT station about.......quiet crowded condition, Mr. E said that's crowded just because this is school's holiday. And back to the 2nd day route, after we got the hostel, we changed formal clothes to T-shirt, because after we had lunch, we're heading to SENTOSA ISLAND! Yuppp getting ready for UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE! We went there by our bus, as usual. Right after we had entered the main gate of the sentosa island, I'm starting taking some pictures. From that main gate, we could see the greatness of that place. Hihihi

And after we got the ticket from our teacher, we all took some pictures right in front of the globe of universal studio. Cool. I could be there, the place that I just saw on TV! I was there, the place that everyone wanted to, hehe not everyone, but yeah almost everyone. You gotta be amazed speechlessly when you entered new york city arena. It just looked like new york. We keep taking pictures wherever it was.

(and i continue this text couple days after i got home)

And this is my first road we took.And for the first game, SHREK 4-D. First, we have to queue to watch the movie.We also got 4D glasses. And no word, unless zupercool! and also walked through MADAGASKARTH (Oops). it's MADAGASCAR! It’s not ancient, but, like mummy stuff. And there it is, THE MUMMY! We had to save our bag on the locker because bringing bag wasn’t allowed. And here the queue, at first it just short queue but then, it was very longggg queue! But it’s okay, all of our patience was paid off by that game. I sat near Ulinar, and we held each other very tight. I worried about the warning board, it says that we couldn't bring phono nor cameras because it’s dangerous, this train contains high acceleration and......(i forgot) so i held my phone on my pocket tightly. And wow. That was so fucking amazing asdfghjkl! When we bumped into the wall, and suddenly we were pulled back down, insane! And there’s actually a rollercoaster inside that building. It’s so dark, there’s only several lighting, and sometimes there’s also sprinkle of fire on the ceiling, and it feels hot for a moment. And totally am-am-amazed me badly! Hahah you gotta try it for sure! And i really want to go back to that train now! I miss that fantastic moment which driving me so speechless, til i couldnt scream so freaking loud like the other did. Screw you, mummy! XP

And after that, heading to another arena, we got sci fi city. Quiet silent over there, because the rollercoaster is not working. Aoh i should’ve tried it! I bet i could’ve felt dying if i had tried that rollercoaster! and after that, we passed NEW YORK CITY! Yeah you know, it just looked like new york! Kewl! There’re so many photos taken at there, i dont wanna miss any shot for every nice place at there XP. you will feel no-matter-what-style-are-you-on for taking photos at there. it’s okay, because nobody gonna care about your look and your pose. Everybody busy with their own photos. And me; let, as a photo freak; also keep asking my friends for taking me some photos(hehehe thanks for those who taking me some photos too) and we got “white house” whereas some xmas songs were played at there.

And then passed the-pink-building-with-some-hats-in-font-of-it, we could lend those hats for a while, there’re so many kind of hats. And i choosed this one. Next, hollywood! I got that-CHYBILL-SHEPHERD-star (even i dont really know who he is). also passed FAR FAR AWAY. Next to it, universal studio’s store! And i got a cool bag! Thanks goodness i was the last person who bought that bag, because that’s the very last bag-like-that on that store. And then we met F........(the first letter is F, but forgot his name) the one with the black headphone and dark-green skin, we made a little queue and took photo!

Hmm, and then.............back to the shrek arena. That’s actually our 2nd lap! we’ve been passed a whole universal studio singapore for once. (you gotta know how hurt my feet feel is, and how sweaten i was, but how-funny-that-place-is could heal all of the yelling which is whispered from my mind)

And here our second lap; stopped by at shrek store, but nothing majorly attracted my heart to buy smth at there, but immediately there’s some voice surprisingly come out from far distance! Yep! Alex and friends coming! The team of MADAGASCAR! I recorded their i-like-to-move-it-move-it-dance! And everybody made a circle for watching their performance. I know my lil bro gonna like it and yeah, here the video

Before the madagascar show finished, me and fellas planned to go to JURRASIC PARK. but the jurrasic’s authority said the queue was about 40mins for that-one-of-cool-game on jurrasic park arena which there’re 4seats hang up around the sky. Looks stunning, really. but we considered to try another game-without-40mins-queue, some of us wanted to go to ENCHANTED....(forgot the full name) but we lost some of us, because they’re eating nachos in the corner, so some of us left and went to enchanted-with not too long queue. enchanted is about a mini roller coaster. And i had noone beside me, we’re odd. And i was the unlucky one, pfff that’s okay, it’s funny for screaming outloud alone for a moment XD after that, moved to NEW YORK CITY again, this time was deeper, and there's different; this time i brought belonging(s). we even went to the alley of new york city. Fascinating as it seems! Let me say zupper kewl! I’ve never been go to newyork, so you wont think that i exaggerating my words, will ya? Ha yeah you got my words?

K Next, Stephen Spielberg Movie Stuff, actually i dont know the real name of that game, and actually that’s not game, that’s sort of shows about movie maker. it shows how Stephen Spielberg make some effects to the the movie. Awesome! How could the ship almost crashed toward us-the viewers, how to make a hurricane effect and else. Cool! That’s the last place i step round at. we gotta meet Mr. E, and the others at 6PM and at the meeting point which outside the universal studio, or the other word is, we gotta leave universal studio. Aw :’( that’s too short. I still want to take photos, visit another place, buy another merchandise, but yeah, that’s what i got. I was happy i could find some pens written universal studio and madagascar painting on it. I bought it, that’s for my brother. And that’s the very last thing i touched at the universal studio :/ next, moved under the high-voltage-xmas-tree, we got dinner around it. Actually i really wanted to step round at Hersey’s chocolate, candylicious and chocolate word at sentosa island. Some of my friend already bought some. And I just could see those stores when i was eating the rice box. Couldn’t step onto those stores, couldn’t buy any of it, couldn’t have enough time for it :/ because we gotta move somewhere. okay i couldnt get candies at candylicious and chocolate at herseys, maybe next time huh?i wish.

And that-somewhere belongs to SONG OF THE SEA! We met our singaporean friends at that meeting point, and.......we went there by.......MONOREL! kewl. That’s first time i get in to monorel. Dunno what’s the real name in singapore, but yeah i called it monorel. And just for a minutes we arrived at SONG OF THE SEA. That sucha songs performance by water plus sort of fire. That’s awesome! Although it just squirt of water with some tones and also simple story within those songs of the sea, but yeah the ending was just awesome; combination between fire, tones, water and lighting were cool 8D plus their dancers. That performance took about an hour, i guess, kinda forgot how long i sat at there. And then, back to the monorel terminal with my heavy-to-step feet, and sweaten for sure. Also, quick-but-quiet-long-for-me queue before we got monorel, some much more steps to some escalators, some more steps to the bus, and some steps to get my seat on the bus. We’ve been walked for about all day long and yeah probably none of us still ‘okay’ at that time. Got into hostel at about 11pm singapore time. And arrived at hostel with freakinly bad pain over my feet. Quicken my steps to get out from bus, speed up my steps toward room 208, quicken my movement to step onto the bed, and heaven..........pffff finally lying on the bed, lifting my feet and closing my eyes for a while. I gotta take a bath because you know im not those dirtyguys who just sleep with those sweats over their body. Then, got queue for taking a bath. While waiting for that bath-time-queue, i rearranging my stuff. And since my roomates already drop til they couldnt move away from bed, so as long as i still awake and dont want to miss any gossip, so i moved to another room for hearing my friends gossiping about anything and about one of singaporean friend who had a crush with one of my roomate. LOL that always been something to be gossip-ed along the trip. HAHA! K, while trading snacks to each other, we kept talking about any-important-or-not-things, til it made me completely lying down on the floor and sleeping unconsciously........zzzzz.........til my friends woke me up to move because the gossip time already over and it’s already late night. Phew. Moving to my room with my half-conscious-body and zleeb!

Saturday, December 18, 2010



i'd promised to myself to share something i've got at there. so, here the story. i went to Singapore for study tour trip. 32 students following this trip, less than everybody expected. it used to be more than 100 students, but there's some bad issue and yeah lack of communication so, here we are, 32 students.

i woke up at 3 AM and the gathering at Soekarno-Hatta itl' airport is about 2bours before we departed at 6.30 AM. freakin' early, yes. sucha sacrifice things huh. and before i start the story in Singapore, i'd like to tell you guys about silly story.

right after we entered the terminal, i went to toilet and then prayed subuh. and then right after i had prayed, i looked at my bag at once, and then i looked again and i realized MY PURSE IS GONE! WTH....i was so freaking worried. i ran to the toilet if there's smth fell from my bag. and panicky ran over my face? yes. and some of my friends saw my asdfghjkl face. i was so sure i put my purse on my bag! but then after i went to the corner, i checked it at first, and then still....nowhere on my bag! but then....15sconds later......i suddenly remembered that i put it somewhere in the small pocket on my bag.......oh gosh asdfghjkl i hug my friend tightly. and said sorry i was too paranoid. i was too worried for keeping that money aaaaaoh. whatta bad memory. how could i forget where i put my purse that i just put 10 mins before and 5 mins later i said my purse is gone?!? ouch me!


i stay calm along the way, i keep looking to everything appeared from the window of the plane. one word, cool. and right when i arrived at Changi Itl' Airport, i could see some difference. i won't compare it with indonesia, but you know. and do you know what's surprising thing which appear behind the arrival door?

yep. there's banner which was brought by singaporean friends. kewl. how sweet [{}]

and heading to the hostel, i kept capturing some photos, everything is clean. way waaay clean than indonesia. and second point, no traffic jam.

and we checked in to the hostel, Stanfield Residence 1. simple though. and that singaporean friends that i met on the airport actually Mr. Mohamed's daughters, nephews and nieces. some of them came around my room. 208. and i asked them to come in to my room and asked them for playing UNO CARDS. funny! they're about around our age. we indirectly traded our facebook name so we could add each other, lol. we also took some picts.


those tripple-Sha is singaporean.

and then after got lunch on hostel, we're heading to Merlion. the icon of Singapore.

Some Singaporeans wrote their hope over that white balls.

here. near The i-dont-know-the-name Hotel. you could see ship on the top of that building. COOL!

yep. here i am. finally, i could be there-the place that i only see on TV nor monitor-, and i was there! Thank God for giving me a chance to visit that place. beautiful lion as its place. cool.

the 32 students

yep up next, Orchard road. a place for shopping til drop. i used to buy shoes on rubi..........right after left orchard road, i was very regret for not buying that shoes. cool tho! because there're so many choices so, confusing me to choose one of em.

i'll be right back

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Basketball shoes and something

now i have no idea. tomorrow i'll face a basketball tournament,and my basketball shoes is broken. and i haven't buy the new one because i consider my money for another things. and i haven't repaired that shoes. and the point is, i have no idea what should i wear for tomorrow. should i even wear no shoes for tomorrow's tournament?
this is pathetic.

and the other thing is, about math subject for tomorrow, i still don't get enough score for this semester. and the teacher keep giving the students the exam 'til the score good enough. there's actually something wrong with the way she taught us. it's like, driving our fear come up, and...frightening. but the fact is, she isn't the way it is. beyond her way teaching us, there's a pure kindness from herself. her humor sense also could make the student stay for 4hours per week on math subject. although some of us were afraid and dislike her. you know, hating the teacher isn't solving problem, it will gonna make worse situation instead. yeah.
the more you hate your teacher, the more fear you had and the more bad things will appear.

also another thing spinning over my head is, the bahasa task. i'm like chased by the deadline for collapsing that project in the D-day. yep, bahasa indonesia project and stuff. i have no idea
and don't talk about it in here.

about sending and giving a gift for my friend. i have no enough money to buy it. aoh healp.

enough. i shouldn't have said anything after period

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Box from France

By the way. I got a very great story couple days ago. Exactly on Monday, Novembre 22nd 2010. Right after i had arrived at home. I was so bored and got a bad mood along the way to go home after i faced physics exams. But guess what after i arrived at home...........i saw there’s a white box on the table......and there’s my name on it. WOW! *heartbeatsofreakinbad* as what i figured out.......yeah that’s from Guillaume! My france friend! OMG! I was extremely surprised! I was ASDFGHJKL........ all the boredom, bad moods just suddenly gone. i was speechless, dont know what to say, dont know what to do. And then i opened the box with a big smile upon my face ^.^ i opened the box slowly, i was afraid if anything broken. And finally! Guess what he gave to me? it’s QWERTYUIOP thingy! I mean i was so happy and hilariously surprised! I-I mean that a lot of great things! I’ll mention that;

chocolate eggs; it forms look like an bird’s eggs or more like dinosaurs's egg. Lol. But it’s perfectly delicious! Cool, dude!

A caramel pocket; some caramel candies on a pocket. And what makes me happy is, its branded “Fabrique en France” aoh. Glory cool.

Grass from his garden; on a small plastic bag. Wow, this is the funny one. I have no idea about this, do i have to eat that or smth? He had ever said that he would send grass from his garden, and i thought he was kidding’s real! Thanks G, at least i could know a kind of french’s grass. Lol

A pompom de Marin. It’s that is on clasical hal of marine french soldier. He said that on his letter. Its colour is red, and its form circle and contains, smth like feathers. i dont really know about what’s exactly was that. But you know, that’s cute!

Some candies. Yeah right after i opened the box, my little brother suddenly took 3 of them. Whatta kid. I just let him took the candies, and then he said, “i got the strawberry one, and it’s delicious” lol

There’s also some french cookies; but he didnt mention it on the letter. Its taste good, you know!

A book about french cooking. WOW. It contains many kinds of french food. Without smell the food, i could taste it by looking at the pictures on it. Perfect. Looks delicious, for sure. I could easily try one of them without go to france. I plan to make some food from that recipes. * this one really gets in to me to go to France*

An eiffel tower post-cards. ~!@#$%^&*()_+ there’s no other word to say, unless COOL! Ha-ha-ha. That just a simple blank postcards, but the things that smashes my heart is, its picture. A great eifel tower at night. My goodness. This one really really makes me want to go to France! I really want to see an eifel tower out there! Oh my God, i wish i could see that buildings, someday!

And the cutest eifel tower i’ve ever seen, two smalls eifel tower. Its colour is gold. There’s also a name written vertically on it, PARIS. AH MAN! I was so touched. I mean, that smalls eifel tower like.....inviting me to go there. Altough it just a-small-cute eiffel tower, but that things really make me really want to go there. I wanna go there so bad you know. Ha-ha-ha maybe i’m dreaming. but i gotta say, wish my dreams comes true. Ameeeeen. And in the next day, before i went to school, i hang one small eiffel tower up on my pencil case. And i brought it to school, so i could see it anytime. ‘til now, i save the other one on my desk on my room, it’s standing firmly like the real eiffel tower building out there. And every time i see that, i surely remember France! The place that i really want to go.

extremely cool,huh?

And.....til now, im still surprised about that presents that he had given to me. i’ll keep all of them. Even i feel like, i dont wanna eat the chocolate eggs, caramel, cookies and candies, because i dont wanna make all of them run out. I just want to keep it safely J that’s all startled! Surprisingly perfect, lol! Im speechless, dont know exactly what to say to him. A huge THANK YOU! That’s it. He-he-he altough that just simple things, but i take it as nice things. Lol i’ve never figured out that i could receive some presents from France! Thanks to the post office of course! Vous êtes bon ami, Guillaume~ Thanks goodness for that! hehehe now this is my turn for replying your present, wait for that! Lol

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Efforts will tell.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

random, again

TODAY. i got a day full with MATH! funny though, but then, freakinly made me crazy. i can't figure out how to solve about trigonometric problem with high level i have to be creative to find a way to solve this problem, because for the identity of trigonometric really needs ur creativity to get the answer. you have to use one formula, but then you can use another formula, if you still can't find it, you gotta change it with another formula, and so on. so you have to be creative which way will you gonna take. ah yeah whatever.
by the way. there's not only one way to reach something. there might be another good way, or even worse. but the point is, you can reach something that you really wanted to reach. yeah. that's what i got right now. i really want to reach my dream. i'd never forget my promises to do that. wish me luck for pursuing my great dreams, pals.

well, i (still) have no hell idea about *something i can't tell here*. something that really ruining my mind everytime i meet him.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


*PS you'd better not to read this post, because it's completely unimportant and........randomly silly

i just don't know what kind of feeling is this. random. boredom. undescribable feeling. i'm in the middle of the way between happy and sad. i'm happy outside, but sad inside. im pretending that im okay, but actually, there's something weird on my mind and you can say that, im not okay. i have no idea what to do about this situation, which i really need to tell anybody about this problem, but then, i think i shouldn't let anybody know about this silly problem. it's kinda complicated. this feeling driving me crazy. im dwowning, you know pals :'''''( right by this time, by this second, i just fell into strange feeling. it does really hurt. i dont know what to do. i just dont know it.i dont know.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Finally, free from hesitation, Thank God.
Wish another best way for me:)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


HEYA! finally i can come back here filling up the newest update :D yeah this is what we called as "MUDIK". Indonesians usually do travel to somewhere called a 'village'. yeah as Indonesian ppl who live in Jakarta are mostly urbanized, they like to come back home-to their roots where they came from. like my family, my parent comes from Central Java-Pekalongan, and we'd like to do ied travelling there. that's the place where i was born, and so many cousins at there(in here exactly-now i write this on Pekalongan). btw, Eid is Eid ul-Fitr
me and my family started travelling on Tuesday, september 7th; 6 am. and we reached here, Pekalongan about 8hours, with 450km. cool journey huh? i was happy seeing all the eid travellers along the way, there're some ppl using motorcycles. cool! i was bit afraid because my dad drove a car really fast, i just could keep praying all the time.

Pekalongan on board. This is my born place.

Yeah after arrived at there I just had a rest. And the next day my parent visited their relations.....and so on. Until the last day we did fasting.........we had a celebration before the eid'ul fitr day for the following day. It called; eid'ul fitr night. We did the 'takbiran'-an islamic song remembering that the next day would be held Eid'ul fitr day- and played fireworks! my cousins brought lot of fireworks! And we were at alun-alun kajen, Pekalongan, there're so so many peoples who also celebrating that day. So crowded there. Cool! I took some photos.....with the fireworks. This one is huge, but there's also bigger fireworks.
a very standard firework

The one which formed like butterfly firework.

And there's also like bunch of rain of fire. I didn't have enough courage for playing all kinds of fireworks. Some are dangerous. And I'm scared xx.
My lil bro. He strarted to like fireworks. damn he's more brave than me.
"Do Not Hold In Hand"

We're playing fireworks til about 11pm. And that night I updated status on twitter and said that I was on pekalongan. And suddenly one of my senior at school mentioned me that she's also at pekalongan. Actually...our grandma's house isn't far away! And we're neighboor! Haha I have a senior friend who also had a same 'village' which is pekalongan.

Btw I like the style of my grandma's house. It's kinda dutch building style from grandma's of grandma.

And there come the day... Lebaran Day..... Eid'ul Fitr day! Yeah this sucha pure day when everybody forgiving each other and the right time for apologizing each other. We did an Eid'ul Fitr pray which held in the morning at the mosque......and after that we ate a traditional food which usually exist on Eid day. It called KETUPAT. Yeah. Taste really good :p but.....I got an embarassing moment, after I did the eid pray with my family, there's many fireworks held in front of the mosque......but its sound like a BOM! And I was totally scared! I hate that annoying sounds! Really big sounds! It'll hurt ur ears if you don't covering ur ears. I had covered my ears, but still...the sounds really fckn annoying like fighting with my ears.....until I was freakin' scared and......cried.....I went back home quickly and then CRYING SO BAD! Okay forget it.....

And the day I've been waited, had come......this pure day and great day tough! and at that day me and my family went to door to door. this one is indonesian tradition, going door to door for forgiving and apologizing, visiting relations, and parents giving some 'extra-money' for their childrens, nephews and nieces. And I got some$$$! :p


The following day. September 11th

Still doing door to door traditions. Visiting relations. I was so happy seeing them at this eid event. It just happen once a year :/ I wonder if I could meet all of cousins more often.......that would be great :') and the next 2days still doing the same things. Laughing with my humorous cousins gonna be one thing won't ever forgotten.

and on september 13th I passed sucha beautiful scenery......actually I walk through this scenery everyday...but that's the right time for taking some pictures over that, the farm.

Isn't that beautiful scenery? And after that, I had a sleepover night on my cousin's house. His house isn't far away from the river. And after I woke up, I went to the river with my cousins. And I becoming photographer there, they wanted me to take their photos. And I asked them to take me some photos too! Yeah the river actually isn't clear enough. But my cousins not even care about that. Then me, I just seeing them play with the river and capturing them photos. And here..........behind me, there's a bridge. I think that's cool........and what do you think? :p

After that...... My big family had planned to go to the beach! and that's Sigandu beach! I asked my brother to take me some photos all the time, 'til he didn't want to do so-___________- and I'm getting angry with him *#@--_ ah whatever.

I love those clouds

This is just a plain photos-,- the weather was so damn hot and........the lighting was too bright 'til the pictures taken wasn't really good so :/ but I like that place:p I was interesting for drawing smth over the sands. Cool:p I wrote my dreams.......haha wish wishes come true! Amiiiiin. And I also wrote some silly drawing haaah okay:p fun!

FKG UI. College where i will be going to ;) Amen

Thank God for those brilliant days:)))

And the next day...... September 15th, I moved to Jogja! Somewhere ±277km from Pekalongan, Central Java. And it took ±6hours from Pekalongan.

*to be continued*


we reached Jogja at about 7pm and we stopped by at Malioboro Road. if you don't know it, you can google it. there's a place where you can see many kinds of stores, but mostly definitely, BATIK THINGY. yep, that's the characteristic of that place. besides, we could see some traditional performance, smth like traditional dance and else, around that way. when i came there, it's so crowd, because it's holiday and past-ied-event. and there're also many foreigner too. hmm their attendance there just made those place became more cool.

my lil brotha wanted to try delman-like horse which pulled up the passengers or smth-
but since delman wasn't working, so he wanted to try this traditional vehicle, called becak. and i accompanied him.

not far away from Malioboro, we're actually in the near of the big traffic light, but this photo couldn't describe how cool that traffic light was. there also some rows of becak. you could see it wheels next to me.

THE FOLLOWING DAY. yup we planned to go to PRAMBANAN TEMPLE. i'd never visited this place in the last 4 years. the last time is when i was on elementary school's trip in 2006.

a part of one of the temple over there

PRAMBANAN contains several temple, i only remembered Shiwa temple, Brahmana temple and the rest, i couldn't remember. it's quiet crowded when i went there. and the weather yeah ya know, freaking hot, as Indonesia supposed to be. and do you know what made me interesting at there? i could see some foreigners over there! and handsome foreigner of course:p Do you know the very first thing that i'm thinking of when i see the foreigner? i'm gonna ask them, what brings you here. and i'm gonna talk to them, as a friend. it's funny how their respond was. i met several foreigners and each of them had their own respond. and yeah, i could say.......someone's respond determines someone's character.

1st. Germany. i interrupted him when he was capturing photos from his Olympus. hehehe i just said where he come from, and i said, you must be know Özil. and that's it asdfghjkl i really wanted to talk moreeee maybe i could ask his name (?) *chuckles*

and he's alone! i should've talked longer

this wasn't second foreigners that i met, i skipped some photos with some of them who aren't really welcoming. the one with the black shirt is from Portugis, and the grey one from South Africa. COOL! How do they meet? both of them are really kind, embracing me well. but i didn't ask their name! oh goodness, i should've asked for that!SDFGHJK!

next, française. i talked a bit french. the common word, BONJOUR. but none of them replied my french. are you guys real française?

and here, australian-awesome-guy. good respond. i met him when i was with my cousin inside that temple. he walked alone........i greeted him, first, taking picture and then, talked smth. he said he's gonna go to Jakarta after this.......same like me. hehehe. he's so welcome. and the surprising thing is.....right after i went out from Prambanan Temple, we met again in the exit gate. he passed me by, and he smiled at me.......ASDFGHJKL he just way cool huh? whatta friendly guy hahahaha very nice. but the worst thing is.....forgot to ask name. again. aoh if i already asked his name, we supposed to be friend til now....hfff my mistakes again.

by the way, why did i greet them is just because my dad asked my to make a friend with them. and i also wanted to make a friend with foreigners. LOL. it's funny huh. and the other important thing is, learn how to speak english to public. ( what?public? ) i mean, yeah, you know how much i really want to speak english fluently. i do really want to speak english so freaking fluently. that's my aim. and wish me luck for that. i'm about learning some english stuff.

i found this photo and i remembered, i've ever captured one of foreigner in the corner of the temple. i think she got stressed out about how hot the weather is.

and i don't know why, i just liked this photo. maybe it's from this photo showed the view which looked like the view in other country,unlike in Indonesia. but it's real Indonesia for sure.

okay this is the end of those brilliant journey. about 3days in Jogjakarta just way too cool for spending ied Holiday! Thank God for giving me those worth time :) and Huge thanks to dad who driving us everywhere;) Dear God, take care of my dad, my hero

THANKS for you, whoever read this post. I'm glad for being read :p