Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Last Sunday Morning on March

Happy sunday humans!

This morning I had an awesome opening, something on cyber world greeting. Plus driving around and then doing sport (Y) my dad made me playing badminton. It's been long time tho I didn't meet shuttlecock. It's always great doing sport in sunday morning without thinking what's coming around tomorrow. Although I know tomorrow will always come. That means another busy weekday begin. It made meh think that 7days isn't quiet enough for student, like meh. Here I elaborate it; so 5days of week we spend at school. Plus one day for basketball practice at school on sadturday. At home I need to prepare for monday and another weekday, because there're ass-ignments and exams approaching. Besides I need some entertaining with friends either family. The matter is, if I spend my awesome weekend with fighting on my desk, How do I get some entertaining thing? Weekend supposed to be spent by hanging around somewhere not related with school. Although sunday evening must be at home and prepare for the following day, but at least I could spend the whole sat-afternoon til sunday afternoon without any thought bout school. If I were a person who doesn't really care about school, I would not be THIS care and THIS worried about the assignment or exam coming in. But it happens that I'm kind of care bout school, and I can't help myself if I got unwell-prepared things for school and got bad achieve. I gotta get achievement. well if i could just forget it, i would. one thing inside my mind why i still stand for this is, i wanna reach my dream. these all school things would be meant so much to me later, i know. we need to take this as special things because thank god you're there at school, having friends and teachers who always give you tasks, plus some sweet memories over there. this life wont be meant well if there's no school tasks.

PS: Thanks Dad for giving me some driving practice in this last 2 weeks :D

Genuinely fun!


We had fun. Totally. Funny. The 15students of flintstones(class name) were going to dufan. Actually I was the pioneer :p and then I asked my friends to join and come along. And finally, we did it. Today. Aw.

Totally exhausting. How interesting. Gosh I had fun with them!

It came up by my late coming, I supposed to be at the meeting place at8, but yeah you know who I am. I got an hour later. I was so panic and felt asdfghjkl guilty bcs I didn't come on time. I don't know about my late problem. but surely I didn't mean to come late. I think the condition forced me to come late. yeah I think it's too bad I made 14of my friends waiting for me. The hell with the traffic problem, yet human being who always postpone things. That's the main factor why I was late. Something need to make me REALIZE deeply that coming late isn't good way of life. I know that's kind of bad habit and I do hate it but I can't handle it. Idk why the hell myself keep asking to postpone and postpone again. I guess I'm lack of self awareness to be on time. Not only to this prob, but je suis en retard to come to lesson and some other places. Ho hopefully I could make it on time before something worse happen to me. Warn me around.

K back to that fab day. So they already definitely said THERE YOU ARE without the nice smile that supposed to be on their face. Cause you know I was late, but then that's not a big deal. I could adjust to them although with a guilty feeling on my mind. And then bus by bus we through together. Laughter at the bus, making noisy around, joking around, those are things that need to be happen again. Thank God I was there. I didn't miss all those moment over there with those awesomw ppl. We even asked the author of busway to help us taking picture. Whatta people.

We arrived exactly at 11 AM. And we all noticed that. We're so excited by the time we bought the entrance ticket. And we go. Dunia Fantasi Ancol! It's not too crowd but not too silent. First, we got HYSTERIA as our opening. The queue was pretty long, but that's okay for us as long as we could get into that 'wahana'. first, we're lifted slowly.......but then suddenly we're lifted 10meters away with suppa high speed. that'd give you serious heart attack if you're not ready enough;p in up there, they made some pause for a moment giving us chance for seeing the view over there from up there and then......we're gotten down suddenly with the same exact speed.....phew it made my soul left up there for a moment and made us impossible not to scream out loud. wussh, and the rest of the game, they made us fly up and down like that with lower speed than before, but still surprising. GRATZ. Too bad someone didn't take a photo of me at there:/ okay that's fine. and next before we got lunch, we're caught at giant swing called ontang anting. we're swung softly, nice. Thank god my friend could take a photo of me :P ha ha I got some natural connection with the camera, so it's kind of must to take some photos to every thing I've passed. Yeah whatsoever about that connection.

K next, after got lunch, we stopped by at Perang Bintang or called war of stars. the good point is no queue. and the bad one, that sucha silly game, we just got into sort of cool train and then we need to shot the red light like a kid who just jumped to a war of stars with a laser gun plus additional robots, monsters and creatures like that inside and forth. that's okay for us, at least we had fun at there although we being childish for a moment.

up next, we headed to Pontang Panting. it's kinda hard to describe it in words how that game works, because we just like being spinned and throwed around here and there even almost crashing like that with that high speed which would give you some serious laughter. i can barely stop laughing, it's shaking my tummy hahaha ridiculous game yet hilarious. awesome!

ROLLERCOASTER yeah that's next. you must have figured it out, bcs from the name, you can understand you'd be rolled . That gave me a hilarious scream! Amazingly fun. but this thing blow me away the most, Kicir-kicir. More than 360degrees being rolled and throwed! we're laughing and screaming at the same time, me and my seat-mate promised to do shouting some wish-list up there, satisfied enough to say all of my dream-list! and hopefully.......our wishes would come true.

By the time we're heading to Niagara, we passed some games in kind of house with no queue. that's successfully caught ourselves to get in to that building. that's Rumah Kaca! (House of Glass) we needed to find the way out from the mirror we've passed....pretty confusing because it's all mirror and tricky. firstly we trapped somewhere and we kind of lost over there 'til made us end up by the entrance door, phew. then we started again browsing the way here and there and then FOUND the way to the exit door. quiet silly yet still, fun!because we did it together :D and then, another house was.....Rumah Miring! everything was sloping inside that house, sloping corridor and others! honestly, that house gave me serious feeling to throw up. because after having kicir-kicir, my head haven't got back on the right position, so when i was walking down in that sloping house, my head got more sloping and that causing serious dizzzzzy. phew thank god it just for a while. whoa i got a glimpse of time for taking pict, here we are.

Last but not least, we got Niagara. a sliding boat with some squirt of water. that's awesome enough as our closing. that took long queue the most. bravo. after that, we actually wanted to go to Tornado, Kora-Kora, but the operator already crossed their hands and that means they already closed-__- too bad we didn't get the feeling of those most extreme games on Jakarta.......but it's okay. 6PM and we took not least picture the 15 of us.

priceless moment! thank god i could have this quality time with my friends. you meant so much to me buddies. those all incredible moment starting from the first minutes we met at the busway shelter 'til i went back home! :D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

crap, eh?

March already.

First day of holiday. Home. Feel ease at home, just the way it is. Am i supossed to go somewhere else on earth today? I’ve figured it out. Yesterday i was thinking how i spend my holiday. No idea. Or if i have an idea, i’d go somewhere alone. I mean yeah just myself. and today just hanging around this kind of mess city, pamulang. My life today were; accompanying my brother to school and then home, having a super quick bike ride and then pick another brother up and then home home and home home. I aint sick of this condition, but i can barely survive myself if i would do this to the next 6 days. i ain't expert at riding motorcycle. I’d be throwing up everyday. I mean it. Im totally sick at riding motorcycle when i don’t need to. I’m supposed to be sleeping and doing something which isn’t related with motorcycle. I mean, can i get a chance not to riding motorcycle for a while? it's good that motorcycle able to accompany me to everywhere. Yeah motorcycle becoming one of important thing in my life now. but that doesn't mean i'm locked at 'i could ride it and involve that much to it'. the matter is, people give me errands to do accompanying-and-picking something up like that and i don't want it. i need a rest out of riding. You know im kind of worried my back would be getting sick of sitting on the motorcycle, and my hand sick of handling the handle bar. How would it be?

And about the plans i’ve made with my friends.....i think i’m getting sick of it really soon. I mean it’s all mess. i'm afraid it'll end up i can’t attend anything and gonna get stuck at home. Oh i really wish i could realize the plans. I need a glimpse of refresh air out of home and glimpse of entertaining thingy out there. I need some fun, that exactly what i’m talkin about.

you'd rather ignore this crap. lol 8)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wimpy Me

found cool link and then wimp-ed my self. here's my character. idk why i choosed that cloth, and stuff, but i'm sure enough THIS look is cool. cool-like me