Friday, June 13, 2014

Go Away My Enemy!

oh right now. there are so many things that wander around my mind. I actually got nothing much to think about, but this head just feel so heavy. i got this one that i'm not sure to control at. i got this lappy problem that always screw up my day. i also got this unfinished business on my own. i have this enemy right beneath my head

for all this time i finally realized that my mind is my biggest enemy i've ever found. my mind somehow contains poison that can make myself feel depressed. i have this whisper that come from my mind to my soul, which saying all the bad thing of me. all of my mistakes. all of my weakness. all of my pressure point (that's what Magnussen said on Sherlock Holmes, season 3 to be exact).

whenever it comes to my pressure point, all i do is mocking myself. it's like i just happen to humiliate my own self. oh that take hours to make me back in my sanity. until i realized and got the trick that, since my mind is my biggest enemy, i have to keep it on track. i often utter words of how i really hate myself before, and now i have to change it. maybe i can try to encourage myself more so that i can remain my positive thoughts.

well, it turns out to be horrible thing if i don't recognize this discrepancy of my mind. Thank God, i realize this fact that almost killed me.

i would try my best to keep myself in sanity. well, i have to.


Isn't that pretty, seeing that fresh scenery when you ride your motorcycle heading to campus? It's like, What a beautiful earth you're living at! I feel like I wanna travel through place to place! And, how lucky we are, for be able to see that tremendous view. That's just hint me at the same time; what I've done to this earth.
I was literally not one of those person who really concern about any environmental issue before. When it came to my thought, I was like, there are already some people out there who care about environments so I don't get to care about it much. Then I bumped into one moment which made me realize, why didn't I care?
I guess it would be more cool if I join them though, at least take part on this issue. At least i can be closer to have a chance in keeping this earth healthy and clean. Oh come on, why wouldn't I?

One thing that always make me amazed living on earth is seeing those creature, those nice views i may only find in my country. I have this unique-and-full-of-surprise country which anywhere you go, you would find one thing that will blow your mind.
That maybe the reason why people love travelling. I would love to be a never ending traveller wandering around this archipelago and also overseas, of course. I have so many dream-place that i would like to visit on my place-to-go list with my dream guy anyway. :3

So, if we want to keep our eyes remain sparkling by those magnificent view of earth, we have to take some steps to keep this earth stay pleasant, for no matter what. we won't let our eyes miss those scrumptious scenery of universe, our ears miss the sound of wind that blows amongst your presence, our nose miss some fresh air from those breath-taking views, and our mouth stop praising Almighty Allah, right?

We have this H(Earth) which leads where and how to step on this Earth. Our step on this earth won't be meant nothing, cause we step to preserve what God has created, as our gratitude for You.

"Negeri ini indah sekali, Tuhan. Bantu kami menjaganya. Amin" Zafran - 5cm