Friday, June 28, 2013

Straight Line

Today i faced another sick situation
i don't know whether people now tend to turn to be cruel or just the world which makes them change
i was shock knowing the fact that one insignificant and trivial thing could change person

someone did, but it's pretty inappropriate if i tell it here, so i'm just gonna tell someday

So, some people now start being out of the mind. they forget to keep themselves in sanity, they forget the path where they should be standing at
We know the world has the ability to change people, but that doesn't mean we can't overcome its bad affect to ourselves
Let the world flow, cause we can't control it. but we still can control ourselves and make sure we're walking in the straight line
Let's just walk in a right way so another good traces will be found, which may lead us to  straight-positive way
If we walk through the good and clean land, we would enjoy it as well, and vice versa, dirty land would just create loss instead and won't be convenient
People are allowed to think based on their own principle they profess, but one important thing that people still need to keep is one little pure thing called conscience 

An Irritating Person

i was walking at some open store selling some clothes the other day and my friend was asking me to buy her a white blouse. so i need to capture the blouses then sending it to her phone so she could consider which one she'd choose. but when i passed that store whose clothes i wanted to capture....

storekeeper : what the hell you're doing?
me : i was about to capture that clothes and send them to my friend
storekeeper : what? don't you ask for permission first? (with an outrage upon her resentful face, which makes her look creepy) (........and what i remember the most was her eyebrow, it went up and down almost fell down to her face and made her micro-expression even look more terrible) (...ah yeah and her tone was completely insulting like wanting me to fight with her)
me : ah yeah, ok, i want to capture that clothes to my friend (just realized that i had to ask for permission first and tried to arrange my word and tried to sound cool) 
storekeeper : the hell with it, ask for permit first (the tone was completely more insulting until it penetrated to my heart like a sharp needle) (....she was completely out of her mind to say the word which made her possibly-next-buyer feel inconvenient) ( and....i felt sick to face this person who didn't have a such thing called manner) 
another creepy storekeeper : what's happen?
storekeeper : she wanted to capture this clothes
another creepy storekeeper : that one? no no, don't allow them, don't, don't, don't.... ( a half of that asking-me-to-drive-away tone )
me : thank you

the last word i said to those horrible storekeepers, completely with that indescribable peevish face.
i was about to say another filthy word as i walked away from that store, but fortunately there's something that held me to say that and be quiet instead. i even still loathe the way she talked til now.

but yeah, let bygone be bygone

if i look at the bright side, saying thank you was the right word to end that almost-begin war. it was actually weird to solely say thank you and walked away, but what else can i say? i uttered that thank-you word also because there's something that held me here, right in my heart

i got this faith. faith to hold this anger to that irritating person. faith to keep myself in sanity. faith to behave as a human. as a girl. as a muslimah

she might be in a high tension, in a period or anything which made her lost all of the nice word and tone  as a normal-kind storekeeper used to say. the other side, me, also forgot to ask for permission first cause i thought it would never mind just like what i did before. But, wouldn't it be nice if you asked me smoothly in a polite way, dear lady?

bright side again, if i hadn't faced this thing, i would never know that people like her is exist in this world.

So, be nice to anything, anyone, anywhere, in any way. just in case if you find a person like her. Cause we never know what condition is going on inside someone else's self :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Love, cheesy post

Call me stupid, for just watched the crazy little thing called love movie now. my friend at high school kept talking about this but i didn’t give a damn to watch any thai movie since i thought i wouldn’t stand with the audio language. but now, after i saw it, it didn’t really matter about the thai and yet the movie was incredible.

it talks about love, this tiny little thing which can make people crazy. and yet makes me realize that i never done that kind of such thing in my life. love turns person to get crazy.... i might say. that's why all of my friends from high school til now at uni act so crazy whenever they meet their crush. while i always don’t give a damn thing about it. i thought that they exaggerated it and it's not me-thing. but then... by this movie, i just knew that love can really drive anyone to be crazy. Seems like love is blind is really true, while i deem it as bullshit.
if love means to be crazy....then i think i haven’t met one

Friday, June 14, 2013

To notice and to create.... the new you

i found myself in dismay. i was thinking about everything in the same exact time. at first i just want to arrage it, based on my priority. but it ended up giving myself an endless anxious feeling filled with the question...what if?

then it remains as an anxiety everytime i think about it. i know i'm not that kind of good person out there. i'm even afraid to judge my own self, but then i know that i have to. how can i supposed to know how far i have been stepping if i didn't notice what step i first made.

yeah, about me and the next-couple-of-years me. i'm curious and yet can't wait to see it
but, yeah it's me. it's only me who can change myself, if i want to see some good movement; it is me, myself, who can create myself thriving in the future.

if you wanna build the new-and-the-better you, do it yourself. it's there, in your heart and followed by the great willingness of yours

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Preparing things for what may happen in the future is necessary. Cause we never know the future until it comes

No matter how bad the things we will have in the future, we gotta get ready and prepare for all of the possibility that probably happen. No need to think too high and too low. Just keep the mind in sanity. Not just solely get that thought away from head but keep the mind straight. And do whatever you can do in the time you have. Time won't repeat the chance you asked

We never know when things start and end. Even if we can figure it out, but the certain thing only happens under God's will