Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MayDay Part.5

15th May

Less than an hour at home, I was going to the course to have try outs. I did 75 questions with dizzy head, 50watt eyes and sleepless body. Right I finished it, got home and.......family time :D

16th May

Had a basketball tournament after school. It's semifinal, if we won, we'd go through final! This time I could play so-called better than before. Although mostly I only spent my time on the bench waiting for subtitution, but it seemed quiet better. But still, I eagerly wanted to play........noone could get me on field unless the coach, so it depends on him. Although it way pretty irritating when I just sit there waiting for the turn, but I believe it's just the way it is. My way just like this. Ok. It was pretty tight game til we made pretty tight score and won!!!!!!!! Awesome! We're going to the final! We've made it cool this far.

20th May

Final game! Yeah after the previous day we got practice, now today we played controlable. Better or worse, coach who can judge it. But I think we're getting pretty better :D at first, we lead the game, but then they made some tight game and adding scores to their team. Unfortunately, we lost! But we're happy enough, lost or won it doesn't matter, we reached final was just great! And all the moment we had, all the fell off sweaten, all the time we'd spent for practice were totally worth it! :D it's more than awesome! ('') ('')

Another things up was exams week. After having hectic days by the basketball match now it's going to be more hectic! Exam week! Starting from 24th to 31th May plus one day left behind, 7th June. Been out of touch to internet the whole week and now I'm starting to get in touch again. It's 7days off before facing the last exam at 7th june.

Now I already summon up everything been up to me on May. How about yours?

Not let's see what June is going to be up to.

MayDay Part.4

7pm. So here we go! The concert begun. It was THE DOWNTOWN FICTION for 1st performance. I only caught some of their songs, and the rest I already put some lyrics on my notes at phone. So whenever I wanted to sing, I just had to look up at phone. Wasn't silly way tho, yet creative way :3 but you gotta be kidding me after I knew I got low battery there! Ah wasn't my luck to tweet, to online msn, to be able to conncect into cyber world.

Couple mins later, that 2girls just got back from toilet or smth and they got big smiles run into them face. I asked them what happened and one replied that they just saw AROCKETTOTHEMOON's members.

What. Repeat it again. I can barely believe it! They said Nick and friends were downstairs buying some stuffs and they were shouting like from window above. It's impossible for me not to go look up, so I was going to go to that window where they could see Nick. And I could just stare and couldn't shout their name..........my voice was there on my throat and didn't come out. So I decided to go downstairs. I WAS THERE RIGHT LESS THAN 3METERS NEAR THEM. I could see them live! The one I've been adoring of and the one whose voice I've been hearing for every night! I couldn't stop taking pictures of them yet once Eric Halvorsen glanced at me. Not exactly to me actually, but......I took it as he glanced at me. Because our eyes were met each other. Hahaha probably pretty exaggerating. But totally! Totally made my heart thumping! Awesome!


Everyone stared at them buying jeans at there. Right after they finished purchasing it, I was going to take photos with them as they passing through me. I hastily gave my camera to stranger and asked to take pic as Nick walked through me. BUTTTTT the bodyguard covering they way like by his hands. ERRR that guy totally ruining my plan! And you gotta notice that I WAS JUST ABOUT LESS THAN A METER TOWARDs THEM! :DDDD I ran after them but they entered a gate I couldn't enter, so in distance I could just shout their name. First go with Nick.

Me : Nick!!!! NICKKK! *I shout vigorously*

Nick: *looked at me* and then *waved at me* absolutely with gorgeous smile


Could you just repeat it again NICKKKKK ?!?! Ah! That's waaaaay so awesome! I got a photo of him waving at me.


Second go I called Eric! But he didn't seem hear me or he heard me but didn't want to look or smth. And next calling Andrew and pause for a moment, and then calling Justin. I was just looked like freak fangirl there. It was okay since noone knew me right there and nobody seemed seeing me shouting like that. Just God, me and them who knew I was shouting THAT way. It wasn't freaky actually, but I hate to admit it was pretty freaky............yet cool! HAHAHA now I can just write these all giggling around. And I'm still normal fan. Thank God I got that stroke of luck to see them LIVE! in a close way! THAT'S AWESOME! Until they dissapeared behind the door. And I went back to my seat and told 2 new friends about what I'd just had. Awww. Can't forgive myself if I weren't there!

2nd performance: HEY MONDAY

After Cameron TDF and friends brought approximately 8songs, here Cassade's turn to show up. Can't remember what the first song was, but I noted some songs on phone. I recorded some videos whenever they sang the songs I knew. Candles was so touching! Followed by 6 months! I love the way Cassade play the guitar! That's cool! I followed their songs pretty well. And there was when I felt something shrilling came over my tummy. It was my tummy, right! I didn't get chance to eat anything since afternoon. Totally ravenous but I persisted not to feel it. By the air I breathe, I could sense my tummy getting more calm.

So here we go! Btw how much blabs did I just write til make this page way so long? Okay here's the tip of the event! 3rd performance: A ROCKET TO THE MOON! I set my camera up in my right hand and asked to my so-called new friends if I could go to the front row. Yep. I was going to be a little up in the front of the seats, to make myself satisfied in seeing them singing. And I wasn't really comfort too to see the concert just by sitting, plus that place I'd been sitting on wasn't really comfortable tho, so I was standing right there; right on the front row of tribune seats! Here I took some photos of them and of course, I recorded every single song they sang on my pocket camera. Can't upload all of it here but seeing it everytime :p They brought superbly performance. The atmosphere getting freaking out! Everyone stoked in singing their song. Mine? Gone wild ('') ('')

Na-ah I was just doing nothing but SINGING ALL THE TIME. I was trapped by bunch of couple of lovebirds there, no worry I could help myself stay cool. I was singing, shouting, waving hands following the tone and getting more than excited! I was just there alone among bunch of people I didn't know. I was pretty well in singing, since their songs way familiar to my ears so I indirectly remembered all of the lyrics. I was singing right there loudly, since noone recognize me so it didn't really matter to sing that loud and gone that freak. HAHAHA. I kind of relief of having seeing them lively. Once I murmur "You're here Lu, watching the band whose song been accompanying you to sleep, to feel ease, to feel everything your mood faced"

That's all awesome and they said it's totally worth it to have 20 hours flight to get here. And they promised to come back here! Awww. They're so overwhelmed too by me, by its fans. And me, also overwhelmed by you guys! ('') ('')

Right after they said goodbye, I met my friend at the point we'd determined. We told stories each other about how the concert was and everything! Til we got glimpse of idea to follow them to the hotel! Arriving at the hotel, we just only could wait. There're bunch of fans too looking for them. Authority said they already upstairs. And we decided to wait til they came down. I thought I would've seen them there. But an hour waiting seemed pointless. None of them approaching to downstairs. Only one crew, and that's not helping. Okay reluctantly, we step out of that hotel. It's about 2am. We're just like 2 insane girls looking for treasures but in the end we gave up to dig the hole well, it's tremendous! I had sleepover night at her house and right about 6 in the morning, I woke up, prayed, grabbed my thing and ciao to home! Thanks ah lot friend for everything :D Thanks Dad for giving me permission. Thank God for letting dad giving me permission, thanks for everything God :D

MayDay Part.3

14May. D-Day

That was the day I'd been waiting for. Wide awake spiritfully to have basketball practice at about 11am yet got another message to attend netquiz competition at university I had attended previous day. The thing that I thought a kidding was did happen. I was bit puzzled which thing I should put first. I gotta attend that quiz because it's related to school yet gotta have no bad record in front of coach. And I was thinking about it dubiously until I made myself late in every point. Late to have breakfast, late to prepare stuff, late to arrive at that university. I packed everything on my bag as if I would go somewhere far for a week. Since my home isn't affordable to catch because of its location is bloody far from school, I decided to leave home til night, til the concert was over. I packed my pocket camera-the one must thing to bring, and of course the voucher which would be traded to real ticket later before going to the venue, and some clothes. Well I got a pretty big bag to bring.

After doing netquiz, I hastily dragged myself to school to have basketball practice. I was total late and that's sort of embarassing moment that I was too late to come and what passed thru my mind was; everyone would probably think 'you'd better not to come Lu'. Pretty irritating, okay stay calm and do practice as well. Thank God everything flied as though I hadn't come late, phew. Sweat by sweat fell off, we're right underneath the sun for couple of hours. Until the practice ended up well. I've got to change sweaten clothes to clothes that I was going to wear til night. After I'd taken a rest......I moved to my friend's home whom I was going to watch concert with. Dropped my motorcycle at there, took another rest......and then headed to due place! The venue I couldn't be patient to step at on! BUT I gotta asked her to stop by at the ticket box which I had to trade to real ticket with. And we got pretty big problem here, I was totally forget which road to head to get to the ticket box way. As she was driving the car, we got pretty complicated thing by the traffic and the road. Without telling you any blab, we finally found the ticket box and after that, heading to the venue and WHOAAA here's everything begun.

14 May. And I can't help chuckling as I'm writing this story. I can say it was all awesome. First thing arrived at there, about 5pm, I saw bunch of girls and guys who were about to see the concert too. Some of them already hung around there since I don't know what pm. And we two don't know where to sit at until we spotted a cool foreigner guy. LOL. I still remember how we talked about him. Okay after we bumped into the arena, there're miniature of the bands who's about to show up. Without any doubt, I asked her if we could take photo with that. We're pretty confused who to ask, til we got 2 girls near there and asked them to take us some photos with that miniature. And we gotta take them some photos too. Great bargain. We continued to walk and my friend decided to get in to the venue. Since we got different so-called seat -she's on festival and I was on tribune- then, we pointed a place where we could meet after watching that concert. Let's say I was about to watch that concert ALONE. I thought it wouldn't really matter to me as long as I could enjoy the concert and I've thought about it before. But she gave me idea to ask that 2 girls whom we asked to take photos, to go with me. And well, as my friend entering the gate herself, I was going with that 2 girls. We asked each other's name, that's a starter, til we bumped into the venue, talking bout something, school, and such. After I (or probably them too) ran out of question to ask, we'd rather be quiet. It was about 6pm and the concert was going to start at 7pm. So an hour. Yes. I would spend an hour sitting there with 2 girls whom I just knew. Wasn't really bad at all, til they asked me to move seat together because their another sister would be going to come. I didn't really mind at all.

MayDay Part.2

The following day. 11th May. Another cool basketball time! We hired basketball field right in the middle of Central Jakarta. That was practice before the girls team headed a tournament for the following day. And then I right got back home by busway.

12th May. Basketball tournament begun. But we got delay flight to the field, because of the weather. So we're gonna have 1st match on friday-the following day-.

13th May. Right in the dawn I saw tweets from band I was about to see for the following day said that they already on the way to get here. And Right in the morning, I got an offering. My friend whom I was going to watch concert with sent me message and asked if I could join with her to run after them -the bands who were about to arrive- at the airport or hotel. She was going to ditch school and right I got the message, I was already at class and impossible to me to ditch Math Class that day. Math teacher was so-called strick, and I've built myself not to make any bad record in front of her. And.....I dubiously said I couldn't go with my friend to see them. I....EAGERLY WANTED TO! You got me, I never wanted to miss chance to meet them.....but you know it's no chance to ditch school too. And another thing happened couple hours later before math class begun was, I got called by teacher to follow a netquiz competition at a university near there. There're 10-12 choosen students. So it was another name of ditching school, but to follow competition, not to meet up with Nick and friends. But still, I indirectly ditched Math Class and still, I thought if only I could just follow my friend to airport or hotel. Right arriving at the university we were just waiting for the turn and sadly.........the authority said that the competition would be held for the following day. Let's repeat, following day. Following day suppossed to be my day to stay at home preparing energy for the concert. Euf okay, I didn't think the authority said truth. I took it as he was kidding. Going back to school by school bus and..........I made my self stay calm when she texted me message which said that NICK -the particular vocalist I've been adoring of and been waiting for- was eating behind her, but I can barely stay cool. I kept yelling to myself and my friend about it. I wanted to be there so badly but I knew it was impossible. Hffff. Okay hold it Lu.

Arriving at school, bell already rung which mean school was over. Me and friends were preparing for basketball match which about to start couple hours later. And here's the match....... I can't explain too much but what happened was, WE WON! OH THANK GOD! "We have to keep fighting! Teamwork!"

MayDay Part.1

Been away from phone and blog stuff this whole month. I was busy with school stuff. It was all sense fly faster, totally faster. I feel like I just opened my school book and wrote 1st May on it but then now it's about last day of May. May completely filled by hilarious things. My goodness, God thanks for this priceless month. I can tell it's probably the best month I've ever faced so far in this year. The first week of May busy with practicing basketball for facing tournament. I got 2 days off on 1Oth-11th May and was using that day full practicing basketball :D I was so in love with it. Overwhelming games and stuffs. Fab place too, to have practice. Fabulous in everything. Got un-pointless sweat, felt like I got 2 useful days building myself healthier and (supposed-to-be) taller. I wished I could've had at least additional 2 or 3 cm to my height.

And in the middle day of day off, I got ticket-hunting experience with my friend. I was looking for ticket to watch A Rocket To The Moon's concert. Btw, related to my older post, I finally decided myself to watch that concert and asked dad if I could watch. At first, he didn't even respond me whenever I asked for an excuse. BUT THEN, Days by days I held myself to wait for the decent time to ask dad about it again. Til someday he asked me if I was going to attend that concert. And from there, I could see chance to ask for permit. UNTIL THEN, couple mins after he'd talked to me, I asked him cautiously if I could go. FINALLY he said yes and I asked him if it was a REAL YES. And it was more than a real yes! Aww thanks goodness for that! :3 and there, the following day I searched for the ticket box after having basketball practice. I was never been there before. So me and my friend totally blind about where the exact so-called ticket box place was. Since none of us knew the exact place, then we decided to ask.......couple distance we asked ppl.......ask and ask. If I could count, we had asked approximately 10persons about how to get on the right place. Btw, since I got nothing to go but motorcycle, so I did adventuring around there by riding it. And since I didn't really know well around that region, I occasionally got lost. Too many traffic light and juntions, and I was completely puzzled with it. Til I reached the second when I could finally find the ticket box building! Pfff finally :D I did purchasing one ticket and the authority gave me smth like voucher &said I had to trade it to a real ticket day before D-day. Well I re-thought if I would do this 'long journey and got lost' thing again day before D err it'd be tiring and I didn't think I would remember all the road I passed to get there. And then I asked my friend if she was hungry because I was ravenous, so we decided to have lunch! We're blabbering about nothing but everything! Awesome break before we caught into miles away distance to get home. But before we got home, we stopped by at mosque to have a pray. We were just like 2 real adventurer girls who reached miles and miles journey by motorcycle yet had a pretty cool experience traveling around south jakarta. Smog we inhaled and jammed we caught onto of has made a story along the journey. Whatta day that was sucha ridic day starting from having basketball practice and then without changing sweaten clothes we wore, we bumped into pretty long journey to have ticket.......got lunch break then......going back home. It ended up by me, dropping my friend who accompanied me along to her house and me got my feet onto her house too. Another took a break time before going to course which about to start an hour afterwards. Until I dragged my self to the course and.........HOMIEEE! Whatta incredible well-packed day to spend day off with.