Saturday, April 23, 2016

You'll get the hang of it


I still can’t the hang of it. I still don’t know the rules of these games. I was all confused yet curious.
I am so sick of comparing things of each other. Cause everyday you see your friends were doing things! But you didn’t. You missed a day.

Now I appreciate even little thing. How thing turns to be so precious right now even for a tiny little moment. In these first 4 hectic days of my life, I found it hard to eat regularly, even to pray on time. How these is really challenging. I found it best when I sit for a while drinking a decent mineral water. I found little thing mean the world to me.

As rate of stress out increasing, a smile less appeared. Every times I arrived at home, my mind weighed of whom about to come for the following days. I was thinking like, the whole world should know what we’re doing here with all of these difficulties. But maybe it’s equal as what architectural student doing out there where they can’t even get a decent sleep time for a week or month. It's equal as what soldiers doing out there, they practice daily getting pushed to the weakest point. I think every profession got their own difficulties.You never know if there’s other profession out there which got harder assignment to do than yours.You should be grateful, still.

I’ve heard it from my relatives in the health profession. They faced it too, how struggled they were in finishing their last project. Their very last work before they plunge in to the community. I heard it too from my mom that her lecturer was a serious serial killer but successfully made her to be getting used with syringe and stuff.

Wish I can get the hang of it immediately. Wish I can understand how to play this Hunger-Maze-Runner-Game, in real life. Me and my friends. Me and all of those students who's facing co-assistant life out there.

Once you made a mistake, you’ll forever be dead.
And all the worry embraces me and asking myself, can I?
Say ‘worry get out of here’ – John Mayer
Well, I still have my faith – Lulu Mayer

First story about clinical year!

Hi! I guess i'm about to post my first story in 2016. This year is gonna be my year. Since it's my big time to start this clinical year as being co-assisstant. So excited yet freakin' scared huh?! but this step must go on. Here are my story... Just sharing my thoughts about co-ass life. Eventhough I seem such a serious person but don't get it too seriously. I was being dramatic when I wrote it.

Have you come to your realization that this big phase in your life is about to begin? One time I was opened my door and see the mirror.

Gosh it’s just near.
We’re about to be chopped in to pieces. Or worse.

People say so.

Today was definitely a complete tiring day! I almost lost my sanity. I am awfully about to explode. How could these be so friggin hard? How am I going to face these friggin things?
The first 5 minutes in that room already driving me crazy. I was feeling like wanted to shoot me right in my head. I’ll be dead. Right at that second. I was kind of lost it all.