Sunday, July 17, 2011


On July 26th I had a school trip to Jogjakarta and Bali. I’ve ever been to Jogja for couple of times, yet it was my first time to visit Bali and I was so excited. The School provided 5 buses and I was on bus 2 and we were going to have more than 500km of journey to get to Jogja.

It spent 15 hours to arrive at Jogja. My plan was, by the time I arrived at there I'd go sleeping but be in a room with gossip girl wouldnt let me sleep. I kept hearing they’re talking and played with some stuffs until drop. The following day we went to Malioboro in the morning, it only took 3minutes by walking, because it's very near. After we'd passed some batik stores at there, me and my friends decided to hire becak. We were delivered to all around Malioboro by paying only Rp. 5000, and it worth because it was all fun enjoying Jogjakarta's atmosphere in the morning, seeing some people which still using bikes to go anywhere and there's no polution, no traffic jam, no motorcycle rushing, it's all fresh; unlike Jakarta. We also stopped by at Dagadu store and stores which we could buy handicraft. Next destination was Keraton Jogja, there're some historical buildings which was built since 19th century and each building has different function, such as there's pendopo where the gamelan show held, and there's also house of Hamengkubuwono's kingdom. All of them have javanese charasteristic inside and outside the building, and all the things were unique. The sweet moment I got at there was, taking pictures with all classmates, which was so cool. After had lunch at local restaurant, we moved to Prambanan Temple which's so familiar to me because I’ve ever been there for couple of times. Prambanan temples contains about 5temples and I didn't go to all temples, only one and I took some pictures again and again with friends. We left Jogja at about 5PM and spending the journey to go to Bali by slept overnight together in bus. By the time I woke up, I could feel the neckache and backache I just got because of wrong position while sleeping, but there's no matter at all since we were about to cross the sea to get to Bali by Ferry. It's first time I got into ferry and it's cool to see beautiful scenery I'd passed.

Finally, we arrived at the main destination we’d been waited for, Bali. After got lunch, we moved to Tanah Lot. A place for praying for hinduism, there're also some traditional markets and stores around, which was very attractive and of course, the amazing beach with its cool waves. There's also holy water which could make everyone's face looks younger, as what they said in their believement. Out of my curiosity, I got into the queue to get my face washed by that holy water, after that they gave me flower right in my ear. Awesome. Actually I don't believe in myth, but I can tell I was just trying that water. After I'd passed that day without taking a bath for like 2days, finally I arrived at the hotel at Jimbaran. I fastened my step to get to the room and took a rest. I got 9 persons in one single room, and that made me postpond my sleep time because we were talking too much while we were unpacking our luggage, and it ended up by we slept only for 4hours.

The following day I got more excited because we're going to Kuta beach after we'd visited pemandian raja which we could see holy water for kings and had lunch at Kintamani. The schedule was pretty late that made us come to Kuta after the sun had set. Needless to say I was dissapointed that I couldn't see the sunset scenery I should've seen. To cover up my dissapoinment, me and my friends went to McD to have our own dinner before we went back to bus. There're so many foreigners around Kuta. Once I felt like I wasn't in Indonesia because almost every place I visited in Bali were filled by foreigners. We're delivered back to hotel then we got free time. My classmates decided to go back to Kuta by taxi, and there we were, hanging around Kuta at midnight. Me and my friends were sitting right near the Kuta beach and were playing truth-or-truth game while enjoying marvelous scenery of the stars upon the sky and the wind that swooshed upon our face. I got quality time talking with my classmates, telling stories, hearing jokes and laughing together. That was a sweet moment I'd never forget.

The next day, we went to Tanjung Benoa where we could have water sports. There’re banana boats, flying fish, parasailing and others. And i had parasailing, it brought myself fly so high with parachute and see the beautiful scenery above the beach for couple of minutes. Then, we went to Garuda Wisnu Kencana where we could see big statues and high walls which was so cool and definitelly, didn't forget to take some pictures underneath the sunlight. Next destination, having seafood dinner at Jimbaran. Coincidently, we got there before the sun had set, so that time I could see the real sunset of Bali. After I played with the waves and smooth sands with my friends, there we had our candle-light dinner. Having arrived back to hotel, I packed my stuff because the following day I would leave Bali after going to Sukowati traditional market and Joger stores. At both stores, I bought some handicrafts, clothes, and traditional snacks for my family. After that, we left Bali and the journey to go back to Jakarta took 40 hours, it had to be in world record as the longest journey on earth. And what I was doing along the journey was, sleeping, eating, chatting, and another common things that students usually do while on the way. I thought it wouldn't be that long, but because of jamming or unusual obstacles we couldn't avoid, we're forced to sit in bus for 40 hours. I had a bit of bus-lag or whatever it called which could make me got feeling to throw up and sick of sitting inside the bus. I bet not only me who felt that way. Everyone did.

Finally I arrived safely at Jakarta at July 3rd. Thank God for giving me chance to have that awesome trip and cool friends I could have fun with along the trip. Those 7 days of school trip were exhilarating and unforgettable moment for me. Ever.

I'm back

Hey hey. I've been skipping updating this blog. busy. probably. but actually, not really. idk what exactly my reason is, but here i tell ya stuffs i've written while i was absent blogging.

It's 1st June and I got accident

It's 1st June and I was crashed by motorist

It's 1st June and I'm totally messed up

It's 1st June and I can't help crying

It's 1st June and I can barely feel my right foot

It's 1st June and I can't stop crying

It's 1st June and I feel hurt the most

It's 1st June and I got wounds like almost everywhere

It's 1st June and I got my body’s bleeding

It's 1st June and I bothered everyone

It's 1st June and I'm writing this crying

It's 1st June and I was just crossing the way

It's 1st June and I'm a motorist and was crashed by motorist

It's 1st June and first time I entered hospital

It's 1st June and I'm the victim of runaway-crashed

It's 1st June and I got swollen over my foot

It's 1st June and I can't step my foot on the ground properly

It's 1st June and I got priceless lesson to learn

2nd june

I dont want to retell about what happened yesterday yet i want to clarify it. It did happen to me. it’s in me. here. Well im way speechless in talking about that tragedy. Im pretty traumatic of what road have done to me earlier. I also dont know who to say thanks in helping me to the hospital. I know God and everyone! Everyone had helped me. and i dont know how to reply it, it’s like not enough for saying thanks only. It’s more than thanks. They sacrificed everything---I was bothered everyone. That’s what i thought the whole day yesterday. Disbeliefly, i’ve been like this. Been hurt. I was everything hurt. Im wounded. Got wounds everywhere. Bleeding. I got my feet stitched. Now im here, writing this with wounds all over my body. If only i had used motorcycle to get there. If only i had used long pants. If only i had used shoes. If only i had looked to the left first before crossing the way. If only i had smiled couple mins before got crashed. No. There’s no way to say ‘if only’. Everything already happened. No way to regret it. It was my fault. Tip of my faults. Probably been doing too many faults on the road, and that’s what i got on the road. i got these lessons.

day i-d-k of june

Just woke up in the middle of Tuesday's afternoon which final exam has just finished at. And the minutes I open my eyes.....I feel so........I hardly miss my classmate. Everyone! I mean like seriously! We've been together for a year! We walked thru exam by exam.......although we only got vacation once, but it's really brilliant! Can't hardly believe that this is the last month for us, to be together. :') we can't be that class who oftenly held many vacation or so-called class event. We only bumped into Dufan. Once. And that's awesome. Totally.

This is last day of exam and there'd be no more exam passed together with. Aww sooner or later we will be 12grader and that'd be......way more hectic.