Thursday, May 9, 2013

Consider Things

Sometimes we need to leave our happiness to get what we really need.
Yeah. There's something that you need to postpond to get what you really need. Even though it makes your happiness fulfilled, but if there's still another side of your heart which doesn't feel right; consider it.
Things are gonna flow nicely if it follows what your heart say. If it feels so odd, think about it again, take a deep breath and.......say in the name of God......and choose.
Life is about choosing something. Hopefully, things what we choose always be appropriate with the way it seems

Saturday, May 4, 2013

There's ME in TIME

hello world. what's up
i can't really wait for holiday! it's only a little over a month away
yet i got pretty big walls to climb before seeing the scenery of those bright day

today...even these days lately, went so great yet tiring
i had a lot of experience, a lot of things happened and.......time rules my life again

time, is and always be vulnerable
it's hard to be maintained
i was so sad that lately, i didn't use it well like over again
but i never give up to always try to handle my own time

and one thing i know, time never fails to choose its thing to happen

wish me luck - L