Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Detective Movies

(photos from Google)

Knowing Is owning.

That was what they say, I  don't really remember who said that in the Sherlock Holmes TV shows. But oh, really. That show was tremendous and mind-blowing I could ever watch so far. Not to exaggerate it. But yeah of course I am completely amazed. Like. Really am.
It was too good. I was running out of words at the moment to describe how cool it was! Actually I just finished watching the 3rd season. And I just couldn't let my mind blown away for the 1st and 2nd. Haahaha. So funny, exhilarating, hilarious, serious but warm, sweet and everything I could elaborate it as awesome!
I somehow get inspired to that

This power
I don't know, but I feel like I am connected to this detective thingy. Hahaha. (I was actually trying to get myself involved as well.)
But really, it happened. Since I was a kid, I already loved to read Detective Conan comics. It was just very exciting more than any comic that every girl found it as nice. I’d rather choose this comic. I don't know what basically made me like that so much.
I like mystery. Beyond what everyone knows that I am a bit scared of stuff, I actually like it. I like some mystery but never get done to solve someone’s mysteriousness. I always wonder how someone could be that mysterious. (Okay that was another thing, I guess. Will talk about it later.)
So, yeah. I unconsciously build myself. To be like this. To like that kind of mystery thing. After that Detective Conan comics, I like CSI movie. It’s about solving a case and anything about mystery, adventure and anything that attracts my eye the most. And after CSI, this Sherlock Holmes TV show.

The thing is, I got inspired. Like again. Like every time after I watch movie. But this time might be different. It’s because I may have things in common with Sherlock. (Oh you wish! Hahaha)
Actually yeah something that made me connected was, first I like London, England to be precise. So far is the place id like to go to spend my life at. Yeah, and second, I am kind of happy anytime I see case or problem solved in that comic, tv shows and probably, in my life. I like to become smart arse sometimes, almost often times now. I kind of like to observe some details, somehow. I don't know what brings me to do that, but yeah sometimes I do that. Either people just don't realize, or I don't really show it (:p).