Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Moral Value

I personally love to learn from moral value. And the moral values are a lot to find in some people, some novels and movies.
So, movies.
I always conclude one thing to learn in each movie. If I didn't get anything, then it's not real movie.
I learned a lot from this indian movie, 3 idiots.

Chasing the Sun

The photo was taken on August at Tidung Island, North Jakarta.
And I really love how the sun brighten the days.

Lombok and Sumbawa

Since it's the very last day of 2014, I'm gonna have blogpost-bombing about the stories that have happened through this year.
Yeah it's in Lombok island, June 2014.

Good deeds

Waterfall trip

Couple days ago I was visiting Solo, Central Java. I went there with my family who's in the need of having simple-but-good-enough holiday. We choosed the place near Jogja to travel around and Solo was crossed the mind first.

The hottest place was this waterfall, after Mt. Lawu of course, as I got from google. Along the way to get there, the scenery always offered to blow me through my mind. As I arrived at the waterfall site, there were a lot of monkeys who looked scary rather than funny, to me. Cause they're literally ah-lot! But that's cool enough, many people enjoyed of having them around, fed them, took photo with baby monkey, and such.

So it called Grojogan Sewu waterfall. The height is 81 meters. It's located at mountainside of Mt. Lawu, Karanganyar. The waterfall is included in forest tourism area, that's why they got monkeys around, hot water pool and such. I could only stare at the waterfall and this cliff surrounding it.

(To be continued)

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hope and New Hope

It's how much you eagerly want to put your hope alive, hang out, right there on your deepest heart, within your untainted mind. Even though thousand obstacles emerge distracting it, you got million ways to overcome it and zillion reasons in making that hope bear up making decent serenity upon mind; like preserving those flowers to be bloomed in any circumstances.

Quote from Mom

Today my mom just emphasized, you don't need to be worried, when you lost walking at long and winding road, when you got stuck in the middle of reaching your goal, when you got heaps of complicated problems.

There's always a reason why you succeed at one thing, and failed at one other thing. There's always something to learn in the middle of your journey of life.

Cause you got this Best Scenario Planner, Allah, she continued.