Tuesday, June 29, 2010

welldone & holiday

yeah welldone with the test that've been held on last monday. that so called 'second chance' ;p. imma bit relieved after passed that day, but the next target is got the key. the key to reach my dream. i could take a deep breath after did the test, but i could take a deeper breathe if i could get the key as what i said. well, wiss-me-luck again. this isn't satisfying. there're something i have to fix. don't feel satisfy before you get the key huh. and sorry that i couldn't say what this all means. what is the key to my dream, the second chance, the test or more like that. i'll explain about this later, but not now, not this way ;p
i'm off from school for 2 weeks, what a free day! it's like i'm freed from hell. (hyperbolic)
not like hell i mean more like heaven. yeah i can say that again.
well if this so called holiday, i should've plans for this holiday. but the fact is i don't even have any plan for this holiday. what are you guys suggestion for holiday? i heard many places said on the tv news, but the matter now is the time. my family don't even have enough time for this holiday, and friends? have their own plans, and me? i just can sit nicely on my house. wait......no way! i hope there're my friends who looking for holiday as me, and i can get holiday together with my other friends. yeah i'll be waiting for you pals. askin me to go to somewhere okay bud. well if i could write on my plan-list, i would add going to my old friends' house. there're so many place on my plan-list, but actually plan-list is more like a wish-list and i still hope that the wish will come true. hahaha. because it's not easy contacting my friends and asking them to go with 'em.
well, wish i can do gathering with my friends and fulfill all in my plan-list :3

Friday, June 25, 2010

can't stop crying

i just don't know what happen to my heart. why this tears just fall down over my cheek. and this is so over. i just burn into tears after hearing that one. such a delayed succes, teacher said.
i was embarrassed at that time. i'm dissapointed to myself and asking my self HOW COULD I? i just can't show the best to my parents :''''''( i'm so sorry mom and dad ;) actually i don't wanna let them down. really. but they just support me, they didn't mad at me about the result.

CRYING. CRYING. AGAIN. AND AGAIN. all the time. along the way.
i just surprised about the result, i mean i-i-i........i just worried
and the worry finally answered
and then i was crying til this second
i can feel it, sadnesses
i'm sad....as hell....darn sad
i just can't stop crying
my goodness, i don't wanna over crying like this
this tears just fall down
this words. this hearts. just burn into tears
i know i'm wrong
and i regret
and now i'm burning down
so i just sit inside
seeing my self in the mirror
knowing my self that i haven't reach it
telling my self that i souldn't cry
changing my self that i have to do better
i'm tryna not to cry
just tell me why it's so hard to me to stop crying
now the worry already answered
nothing could change the answer
this just happen.....the destiny
God, please give me the best way
show me the best one
i put everything to You ya Allah
just You who can decide everything

well i shouldn't being like this. i have to fight.....get my spirit. now i have sat easily. seeing my parents advising me. knowing my friends supporting me. i just realize that there's second chance. and i have to reach that one. the key to reach my dream

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are you catching my drift yet?


this such an awesome song. though it's old song but the song still exist on my mind ;p i love the musics instrument there. matched with my heart :P yeah i mean i really enjoy the music and lyrics. yeah as you know, A Rocket To The Moon is so damn cool. ROCK NICK SANTINO! lol. well this is the lyric, just hear this song and sing with its lyric and you'll feel peace,lol :p or more like this song would shaking your head or even your heart.

ARTTM - Are you catching my drift yet
I'll leave you behind
It's not the first time
That we've been through this
It happens every time
You hear the sound of my name
At the top of their lungs
This dumb game you play
Isn't fooling anyone
And now I wanna know,
Are you catching my drift yet?
Oh, are you catching my drift yet?
You seem to be good at taking control
Are you catching my drift yet?

Now that we have said goodbye
Don't try and fix it up again
It's my fault that you can't stand a thing I do
And don't lie cuz we know that you want to
Now I can't seem to comprehend
How the things that your saying
Is not what you meant at all
Because the last time I checked
These so called "friends"
Were you're "friends till the very end"

And now I know that I have made big plans
And I've said big things that have blown out of my hands
But these hands have counted a lot and have been counted on
Now a handful is all that's left
Can you just look at how things were
And how they are right now
And please just tell me that I am right

Just tell me why it's so hard
For you to be wrong for once in your life
Will it really kill you to not be right this time?

Now that we have said goodbye
Don't try and fix it up again
It's my fault that you can't stand a thing I do
And don't lie cuz we know that you want to
Now I can't seem to comprehend
How the things that your saying
Is not what you meant at all
Because the last time I checked
These so called "friends"
Were you're "friends till the very end"

Just tell me why it's so hard
For you to be wrong for once in your life

Just tell me why it's so hard
For you to be wrong for once in your life

Now that we have said goodbye
Don't try and fix it up again
It's my fault that you can't stand a thing I do
And don't lie cuz we know that you want to
Now I can't seem to comprehend
How the things that your saying
Is not what you meant at all
Because the last time I checked
These so called "friends"
Were you're "friends till the very end"

Now that we have said goodbye
Don't try and fix it up again
It's my fault that you can't stand a thing I do
And don't lie cuz we know that you want to
Now I can't seem to comprehend
How the things that your saying
Is not what you meant at all
Because the last time I checked
These so called "friends"
Were you're "friends till the very end"

Are you catching my drift yet?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Karate Kid movie

i just watched this great movie on last sunday, with my brother and cousins. this such a valuable movie ;p so many things that you can learn from this one. profoundly interesting.
the main actor is Jaden Smith as Dre, the guy who just moved to China, and the story begin when he met his new friends who like juvenile-or who like to bully. til he want to learn how to fight well and eventually he learned kung fu from Jackie Chan as Mr.Han. this movie just cool. i like Dre's act, silly but funny. such a strong guy and have lot of bravery. well i don't wanna tell you all the story but you got to see this cool one movie!
well i like the views on China and i really enjoy this one, he practiced kung fu anywhere, although at the first time the coach asked Dre to do 'silly practice' but eventually showed real practice. the practices and his hardwork were paid off by winning kung fu competition. you got to see the kung fu tournament there and you wont be bored watching this. Dre's mom's acts also entertain us, lol ;p and Dre's crush, chinesse girl named Mei Ying yeah. and also Dre's new friend when he just moved to China, Luke Carberry as Harry was so darn cool. yeah i found his name directly after i already watch that movie. unfortunately, Harry shows him self only for several scenes, but that's profoundly great and cute, lol ;p almost like Justin Bieber (really?) yeah you need to see him.
Luke Carberry

Dre was also great, cute and definitely cool ;p. you know, after the movie was end, i heard a great song and realized that is Justin Bieber's voice, and then i try to find the original soundtrack of The Karate Kid and right, i found his new song, Never Say Never feat. Jaden Smith wow that's definitely awesome. i just see the video, and funny Dre! JB and JSmith together, nice :) JSmith using braces now, becoming more cool! he was only 12 years old.

Justin Bieber's new video with Jaden Smith is damn cool. haha i like JSmith, with his new braces. JSmith as a cool rapper there, and um he could dance well. you have to see this gorgeus movie :3 and i give you this awesome video which have a lil' review of the movie. Enjoy :)

A Liar?

HI. this is my 2nd post today, but i don't know whether i'll publish now or later. it's about somebody who likes to lie. i don't know why somebody changed. change to be a liar. i don't even know the reason why somebody likes to lie. i just sad knowing my buddy was lying to me :/ that's sucks. you shouldn't do that to me, pals. just say it honestly. so bud, just don't lie to me :) everybody will appreciate your honesty, including me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Such a great moment

i'm not feeling well today.why? i'll explain it later haha ;p but now i wanna share about two great days with my friends, June 16th-17th
i've been waiting for this great moment, go vacation(or more like camping) together with my great friends, and 1 day sleepover night together. i went to Bandung, West Java. the place where i stay is like, in the top of the hill. it's cold and there're a lot od fun along the way to go there. we're singing together, joking, munching and get lot of funny experience.

arrived at there, got lunch.

I got room number 9. it's full, the empty room only room 9, and we're 17 women students in my class. so we're 17girls on 1 room. the room just traditionally cool ;p and you know how cold are there? we're all almost didn't take a bath because the water just too cold, lol. a bit messy is okay huh?

this trip actually named 'Charater Building' where we're given many theories about ourselves to build our character.yeah we got it there, but i'd prefer enjoy the time with my beloved friends :p and the night, after we learned the theory we came back to the room and got dinner, together. we both happy and excited there. Well, we just kept talkin' 'til night, about 1AM(even more) the topic are so many things starting from A to Z. you know what? i miss the time when talking together........and spending the night through a small room together :) that such a beautiful moment ;p
til i woke up and chillin. the next program was do sport and then breakfast, after that the one that we've been waited, outbond time~~~ i found lot of funny things there exhilarating and adventuring ;p

whoa, til the time showed us to leave that cold place. we wont come back to that room after we got lunch, because we had to go to the bus and ready to back to Jakarta.........and that's all the end of this tremendous trip. although just in 2 days but the memory still there for forever. i wont forget you all great guys. keep this togetherness forever ever and ever :33333

Waiting for the report slip

HI. I'm back. after the exams starting from A to Z and now i just have to wait til June 25th for the report slip. Hopefully i can enter Science Class with a good scores.......Ameen
and for my english course, i hope i passed from there, i also waiting for the report slip from my course. I hope i can passed both :))))))
wish-me-luck bud :3

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


HEEY. just arrived at home. today is the 1st day of final exams. woooow, i don't have enough spirit for this final exam-,--- but still, i have to study.
well, today me and my friends were talked about farewell party for our class. yeah we plan to go to somewhere that we can spend all the time together, but we're still confuse when is the right time and the transportation. i hope this plan will come over soon. aww can't wait for that time...... love you my classmates!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Exams await, again.

HI. guess what, i haven't touched any book. the exams will start at the next wednesday with 14subjects more or less. gah damn i haven't prepare it yet, but i have to prepare it. yeah i know i have to increase my score but you know, the exams just finished last week ago and in next wednesday will come again? such a scuk -,-. my spirit has run out :( too many things in my mind. do i have to delete some? nope! well i need boost to s-s-s-s-study. i don't even know which subject will i choose to study first. too many subjects and too much theory -,-. confusing me. you know, i-i really want to study but the question is, HOW? how can i start to read more than 200pages each book, and i have to read 14books. what the heck? okay this is not good. i have to stop yelling. i have to s-s-s-study to face the exams! .......................the solution is start from a lil thing, maybe i can read from a simple note. hopefully i can understand some and i can remember the theories from the last exams. i'll do my best. fight fight fight!
don't ever give up. wish me luck pals!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Such an enjoyable songs

Menghapus Format dari bidang pilihan

HERE. if you feel bored or stressed, i think you have to listen to this....... OWL CITY. yeah you know, their songs is cool and easy-listening. yeah i've been listening to them since i heard 'FIREFLIES' yeah that's the first songs i've heard from them. if you listen to that song, you'll feel comfort and relax :* yeah as what i felt ;p. i think all of their songs are cool and natural, because the lyrics is simple but surely touching and the title are mostly about nature; from Ocean Eyes albums and also from their first album, Maybe I'm dreaming; i don't know much about their first album but i bet their first album's songs also cool. here, i'll tell you some info that i knew about Owl City.
Owl City is an American synth-pop musical project by Adam Young. The Genre is about Alternative, Emo-pop and Indietronica.

The one and only, Adam Young

Ocean Eyes album

I also have a lot of owl city's songs, like On the wing, Dental Care, Hello Seattle, Hot Air Balloon, Strawberry Avalanche, Designer Skyline, The Saltwater Room, The Bird and The Worm, Fireflies, Vanilla Twilight, The Tip of The Iceberg and others! you may ask me its lyrics :p. i like its instrument! with beautiful voice, musics, and incredible lyrics :p. and you know what can make me heart Owl City? The music compotition, that's a great combination like the right seasoning :) each tone flows beautifully. you have to listen for those songs. There're also nice tones around my mind is on the song of 'The Saltwater Room' and 'Hello Seattle' and hmmm so many tones that I like. I can't mention it all. well this is so necessary for you to listen to Owl City's songs!
I think, this is the most enjoyable song at this recent month; The Tip of The Iceberg
and i'll give you the lyric of my favorite one, The Tip of The Iceberg. enjoy!

Welcome back
Winter once again
And put on your warm fuzzy sweater
Cuz you'll feel much better when

The snowflakes fall
Gently to the ground
The temperature drops
And your shivers freeze all the rivers around
But I keep you warm

If speed's a pro
Inertia must be a con
Cuz the cold wind blows at precise rates
When I've got my ice skates on

If all the roads
Were paved with ice that wouldn't thaw or crack
I could skate from Maine to Nebraska
Then on to Alaska and back
Cuz you keep me warm

Peer over the edge
Can you see me?
Rivulets flow from your eyes
Paint runs from your mouth
Like a waterfall
And your lungs crystalize

I'll travel the sub-zero tundra
I'll brave glaciers and frozen lakes
And that's just the tip of the iceberg
I'll do whatever it takes
To change

Farewell powdery paradise
We'd rather skate on the finished ice
Fingers failed us before they froze
Frostbite bit down on all our toes

Snow drifts build up and enfold us
As we wait out this winter storm
So we snuggle close in the darkness
And keep each other so warm

Yes you are, Adam Young

this song available on my playlist. always. and you should listen for this one band :p. Hope you enjoy this :)))


Guitar ruin my mind

there's something which can make me tempted to buy a GUITAR !!!! hhh although i can't play it well but i wanna learn moooore about guitar.......i'll learn you more, guitar. believe me :* well actually i have one guitar but it's too old and its voice isn't good anymore :/ and because of that i can't compose a beautiful voice so......... i wanna buy the new one so i can hear such a beautiful voice! lol :))))
this is Yamaha FG700S

Yamaha FGX730

the simple one, C390

the beautiful one, APX500

hmm total confusing. which one will i choose.......lol. i like the last one but i'm still beginner, maybe the simple one is good for me. gaaah i don't really know much about guitar, maybe your opinion please? :p or if you guys wanna buy one of 'em for me, i don't mind :pppp lol. okay perhaps they still on my mind, i don't know when i'll meet one of 'em. and i wish i can meet one of 'em soon,lol.
see ya! wish me luck;)))

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


welcome back. yeah feeling better now. but exams wait on the next wednesday, get ready for me! (wish me luck pals!) and guess what? i just miss my old friendssss aaaa. my elementary school's friends, Nisa Nabila Diandra and others of course. it's been more than a year we haven't met-,----- i really wanna see their happy faces and their smile :* i wanna back into my childhood :**** i hope you guys happy and feel in the pink,lol. and also, i miss my junior high school's friendssss. the generation of XXX and never ending stories! and daaamn for my chairmate, i'm darn miss you:p my place as a sharing machine :'''( i can share anything to her and viceversa, everytime. i miss your joke!!!!!!!!

what a nice thing if i could sit near you guys again, if i can laugh together with you guys again...........everytime. but now, we have different school and busy become not close as before :''''''''( you know what, i really want to share everything, everytime:) i know we wont meet everyday, but this feeling happen everyday. i think about them everyday!! you guys are so cool for me, you meant much to me ☺☺☺ now if i can meet you all, i wanna say heeeeeeeeeello sweetheart,lol. i wanna hug them tightly, i wanna share all all the things, and also ask for another story from them. and now i remember all all the things that we've done together...........you know that everything have a special moment?yeah every moment are so special for me :''''''''( i wanna repeat it all over again........... Oh God, keep them in care and hopefully you guys are fine now and also big hope; that we can meet again and again and again, meet more often and often and take this friendship forever ever ever and ever ☺☺☺ altough time together is just never quiet enough, but i wish this friendship stay long in our hearts, all the time, all the time. i'm so scared of losing this friendship :"'''''( please God, take care of this lovable friendship.........
you know pals, you meant so much to me, really. Hopefully i can meet you guys more often, often and often.