Sunday, July 28, 2013


27 of july

Things did fly so fast. Now I am at Pekalongan, my beloved village. Hmmm now I want to talk about the words that we utter. Do you realize that every word that comes out from the mouth may be the words that ease someone else’s feeling? Do you realize that words can be sucha healer for someone but at some point can be a killer too? 
I met this person whose word she uttered was all like an angle’s whisper. She made my shattered mind turn to be well-minded mind. It’s just that simple word, but came as a huge wave that just swept the trash over the sand of my heart. It’s like there’s a wind that blew dust of despair out of my heart and came as a fresh air which swing my heart. 
I was so impressed, indeed. The light bulb over my head shines again, giving the energy to keep stepping up to the path which only God knows what’s coming; to keep doing things in the name God until only God knows when we stop; to keep struggling to this journey which only God knows where its end. 
As long as we have the chance, it's time to utter words which can be beneficial for others. Though most times we don’t have a chance to think first before uttering the words, it’s never wrong to try it. Try to utter words which can send sparkles to someone’s mind and light them up. Who knows that the last word we utter in this world to anybody could change big things in a good way?

Saturday, July 6, 2013


again, there's something that lead me to this kind of thought again. about where i am going to bring my self at. honestly, i haven't planned that much about who i am going to be. and related to passion, i think i got a lot of nice things to follow. but again, we can never reach what we want in one exact time. time rules again. try to reach it step by step, one by one

bingung. asli. kalo mikirin itu diri gue ngerasa lemah....... dan masih bertanya-tanya, gue kuatnya dimana, dan ngapain

emang sih, im in a learning process now
i am the one who's still learning, still searching, still loading
people say living in this world is just for a while, so make it best
how am i going to make it best if there's still one wall that hinders me with words; can you?
can i be like one of those people who happen to deliver a lecture about being someone best on earth?
crazy, it is. those kind of people always amaze me. kok bisa sih mereka?
when would i?

i think it starts from me making some life plan, at least organize what thing i'm about to do to the next 6 months
you know when i was in long holiday last year, i planned to create some articles and send it to some publisher on newspaper or such, but not any glimpse of them was ever conducted. WHY?
because i always take thing ain't important if it's not related to one-big-important thing

there's nothing wrong to think about what you want to achieve to the next 6 months, a year later, 5 or even 10 years later. let's make a plan! but before, you have to make a list about what your passion is, and choose what you really  like to do on earth. then collaborate it, probably with the major you're studying now. then you might see some possibility in your future until you really meet that time when you reach your goals