Sunday, February 26, 2012

i heart mom

And today i’d like to say how much i want to help my mom doing some house working stuff like sweeping the floor or washing dishes and such. Since our maid is quit so it’s been a week we got no proper help. I could see the floor isnt really clear as it supposed to be and there’re heaps of dishes waiting to be washed there. But sometimes i arrive at home so late, like 8 PM or smth after doing some additional lessons in terms of preparing for the national exam, which make me feel exhausted and it ends up by not helping my mom doing house work at night, and since the next morning i gotta wake up at 4 or 5 AM and go to school again, I cant help to clean the house again. probably it's because of my laziness or because of satan which whisper me to not helping mom. :p
I eagerly want to help dear mom. My apologies for my weak body not helping you around lately. And for my bad behavior not helping you even for some mins. But i intend to help you Friday to Sunday full time. im gonna try and help you as much as i could. There’s no way to me, as the only daughter at home, not helping a mom. It’s a must. And i'm willing to do that. Dear angel, remind me every times when i have some spare times to help mom finishing house work. Because i know i would never able to pay all of your sacrifice, but i’ll try as best as i could. I owe you so darn much and i wont hurt you. My apologies for every bad thing ive ever done this long. This time i also need your support in facing the national exam, the next step of life i got to take later, the college thing i will interfere myself on later. Thanks for uncountable helps youve been giving to me. since you raised me and until now. God please always protect my number one lady, everytime. Give your bless to her. I love her so much. Thank God i have mom like her. Thank God for everything you gave to me today. Yesterday. And later.