Tuesday, September 20, 2011


What's so right about luck? Luck, which is there, inside anyone's self. Does anyone have different luck with each other? Does luck influence one's life? I think it does. It does depend. Depends on what kind of mankind it is. But everything not always depends on luck yet luck does happen in everything. Luck would come over in particular times, although they are not always there when needed.

How if someone got over luck? Like every times in one's entire life flooded with luck. Or how if someone got lack of luck? Not to mention myself but I feel like I have less luck though. Didn't mean to say that I'm the unlucky one but how if that occurred to me or to anyone? And I guess not only me, whose luck is rather low than others....Didn't mean to complain about how much luck I got but I kept questioning myself a why. Somewhat it comes up like "Could this be what I was destined for?"

Until I caught up into a lesson why it could be that way. Maybe I wasn't Born This Way Like Lady Gaga's song yet I Was Born To Be Somebody like Justin Bieber's song. We don't even know when our luck would come through ourselves yet we don't know when they're gone. Somewhat mystic. It's actually God's secret. Luck is God's gift to us. It depends on His grace, How much grace God would like to give to us. That what makes it different. Gift upon anyone is different with each other and we would always have our turn to be given that 'thing', that luck. Every one has their own luck. It's not about envying to anybody whose luck is countless or questioning ourselves a why we're dealing with, but it's all God's way. God always has plans for us. We all have just to be patient and be grateful of what God has given to us. There's no way we could be whining or complaining about the luck. This is fate. Alter destiny? Possibility, there is. yet everything always back to God's way.

Friday, September 16, 2011

you? eh?

you are something. you, the one i've been thinking of. idk how things ever came up this way, how i got those awkward moment, how we got that huge iceberg. the thing is you are too cold, cant possibly break that ice. but i do want to. melt all those ice and be the way as it melt our gaze. idk what actually is. im afraid if i misread. i have no bloody idea. idk what do you see and i dont even know if i see what i see in you. idk if this kills me everyday. probably i exaggerate what im blabbering about, but really, idk. it's all unsure. if i could read minds, i wouldn't possibly misread. do i misread? tell.
oh, what have i been thinking?