Saturday, January 31, 2015

is there any better word?

I wonder if there's any better word to utter one moment that left sort of inconvenient feeling upon heart;


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wake Up

My dad all of a sudden laughed of what I was up to at that time.
He prolly couldn't imagine his daughter became this person.

My dad even couldn't imagine how the world is with me still being like this.

That was funny and tragic at the same time, actually. Funny cause he didn’t believe me that much. Tragic because my own dad –the guy that knows me better than any other guy- said I am just not good enough at such thing I couldn't explain here.

Then he told me how to be the good enough person that he meant.

The point is you can say that your world is okay and so far so good. But there are other people out there who could see and /judge/ what you’re doing (oh I hate the word judge!—but this one is positive). Those people who, let say, judge you may give some critics and advices to wake you up from the zone you thought is fine.

Yeah, wake up.
You’ll always need to wake up.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lucky One

It’s 2015 already!
Brand new year, another fresh start, another step to chase your dreams.
Take some chances, cause it lead you to another door. Doors that take you to journey that may give you something to learn.

Life is about learning something, right?
By learning of how things work, we can change for reaching the good and better one.

Those who state their deeds today worse than yesterday are cursed. They who today are the same as yesterday are looser. And whoever today is better than yesterday, they are the lucky ones. (Shahih Al-Bukhari)

Who doesn’t wanna be a lucky person?