Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm (gotta be) OK

I was a police who’s standing in the middle of the road controlling the traffic because the traffic light was off, near the junction which got stagnation, near the car crash at the other side of the road; and i am the only police who’s standing there. I was all confused about what to do first. To me, it’s all important. I was hoping that i have a cloning(s) that i can give them errands to. I wish i could divide myself, do self-separating , then still alive and can continue living just like amoeba. I wish i were a superhero who have a power to move here and there helping things out near me fast.

But i knew, i should stop thinking about my wishes.

The fact was, there’s only me right there and i got to handle all of them. I had to, for no matter what, cause i have this responsibility to do my duty. I realized that i couldn’t cling on to anybody thoroughly. It’s me there, it is really  me there. I gotta do it myself, gotta do what i gotta do.

Then i know; I am a human being, who have this brain to list stuffs that i gotta do, then give my body an errand to do it one by one. I have this both hands and foot who can be divided to do anything. I have a power too though, it’s quite much enough to help things out around me.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Crossed Words

No matter how that classic thing may sound, it means the world for someone else. People have different perspective after all. And we need to appreciate others'.