Monday, April 7, 2014

A Statement

I have this intention to update the blog more often. Eventhough I have this pretty tight schedule and little time, I guess writing on blog could be my stress-release. At least I got chance not to think about heavy things that take a hell lot of a brainstorming.
I can't promise to update it everyday but at least periodically.
Just wait and see how far this intention could go through.
Ok actually this idea came up just because I was in complete mess and I'd like to share my thoughts, about the thing that ain't right when people thing it's right, the thing that supposed to be happened in way that I could ever think of, those inconvenient feeling, the blue print of a thought, and such.
And because lately I found myself stuck in a hard situation which maybe you guys can give me the idea of how to face things like that. And lately I found my heart talk about stuff which I'd like to write down the thoughts to make it noticed, but I got no time to do so. So...I guess this maybe the right time to share experiences, thoughts, or anything here..and feel free to comment.
I want this blog alive
Can you guys help me out to make it? :3