Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Every cloud has a silver lining

Hey people! You have no idea how many pictures of clouds i found. Haha that might be silly but those could make me feel peace somewhat. Lol. It ain’t bullshit. No kidding, i just love to see that. once i ever lowered my speed while i was riding motorcycle just to see cool cloud over the sky. And somewhat makes me think, ‘wow, i’m living on earth.’
nearly 2010 when i was having a journey to Central Java& Jogjakarta;

Yea we all live in this sucha wonderful world without knowing how God have given us this big awesome nature. Every moment we see any cool scenery that’s the moment when we gotta be grateful that we already given this beautiful chance to live on earth, to look upon that cool scenery, to live the life.
nearly 2011, around the house;

Once when i was in 11th grade, me and classmates looked upon the window surprise to see the cloud formed the shape of heart. Some of us capture it and thought it could be sign. Of love? Pffh not sure but yeah, our own feeling would work to find out what was beyond every kind of shape that cloud had formed. Haha. And when i was a kid, i had a dream to become a pilot or at least a skydiver. Since my home was pretty near from a place so called airport, i was always love to see those skydivers and i wanted to be part of it. Whatta kid. but until now, whenever i pass that region near my old house and see if there’re sky divers, i would love to stop for a sec and stare at them figuring out how if i was there diving over the sky with that parachute. Hahaha okay if i had chance to do that, i’d love to!

earlier these months:

As far as i know, staring upon the sky is one of cool thing to do on earth because it gives me sort of inspiration or spirit or faith or whatever it is that could tell me that i always have to wake up. I dont know, it’s like you got some messages from earth. Haha idk, figure it out then. And if you remember “Every cloud has a silver lining”, it does happen. We have that belief whenever we got every problem or anything that might hinder us from moving forward, there’s always be a way out. Those word give us some strength to walk through this tough moment; time to step to continue our study further. We gotta be sure that we’re gonna pass it all, that God always has a plan for us. Surely without leaving our effort and pray behind, we will get that! I ;) God is there right beside us :’’’) Put the rest to Almighty God.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

the idea of learning guitar

Hey. It’s been long time since the last time i wrote somethin here. Now im gonna tell ya about stuff i’ve been up to these days. The fact that i adore One Direction, a band from UK and forever fancy to John Mayer. Haha. And those things got me thinking, why dont i let myself bump into music world? I know in my family there’s nobody could play music, unless my father, a little bit. He acknowledged when he’s young he could play guitar as well. Yet i dont see that now in his adult time. I got an idea to create a generation from the family whose life involves a lot in playing some music instrument. yea i’ve been thinking, how if i was one of those people who appears in YouTube or television. Muahahaha. What am i talking about? But really, that just pops out of my mind. hahaha. Okay. Stop it.
Well since i got the guitar i bought one or two years ago right with my own saving, that pretty much helps me to start my career as a--- LOL stop it. No way. Okay repeat, --that pretty much helps me to find my ability in playing music instrument. See if i could find my soul trembling whenever i plug the guitar strings. Here’s the story.....actually since i was in junior highschool i got the guitar from my uncle, the old one which always got me upset whenever i played it because it never sounded good and since it got so many stickers of my uncle’s, i covered it all with my stickers, like spongebob stickers and such. Until it wasn’t really look as real guitar, more like guitar toy. And I’ve collected some songs with chords from the internet then printed it out. Until now, I still got those print out which becomes a prove that when i was child i was pretty much in touch in playing guitar. hahaha
Until then, as time went by, i decided to buy the new guitar because i was so fed up with that old guitar. At the very first time i bought it, i was so happy that i could play some songs of course with easy chord, practice it pretty often.... yet without knowing that the sound that emit from the guitar wasn’t really koherent. Hahaha. So that time i thought that ‘wow, i can play guitar as well’. But when somebody asked me to play some songs, i put my hands up and said, ‘no i can’t even play guitar.’ And the other day i said, ‘no i can’t play guitar without looking at the chords book’, and so many reasons on. i was kind of missing the point of be able to play guitar as well.
Until it hit me that i decided to put my guitar on its bag and never play it again. Actually because of school’s task or such thing that couldn’t let me to take a glimpse of time to play guitar.
But then after couple of months i left my guitar there, it got so many dust on it. And it pretty made me feel guilty to let my C330A right in the corner of my room standing alone. Then i got an idea to learn playing guitar from YouTube. Haha, why didn’t i try it from the first?
It always got me startling seeing those who could play guitar soou well and yet, it turns me green with envy. Take a look at John Mayer. He could play guitar as well simultanously with singing. His voice is undoubtfully awesome. And the way he sings with that guitar got me soo speechless. Moreover, he’s about to release ‘Born and Raised’ -his newest album- which surely gonna be awesome. He’s. Just. Very. Impressive. Hahaha. And from female, we got Taylor Swift as she can play guitar and sing so well though. And she got me an idea to be just like her--- hahaha kidding. stop it. You have no idea how i really want to learn guitar like a pro. Hahaha.
At the first term of 12th grade i made promise, ‘take your glimpse of time to play guitar’, as a reminder for me not to leave my guitar during 12th grade and to see if i could take guitar as part of my soul. It wasn’t succeed because my life when 12th grade was tragically busy. Until it finally all finished.....and recently, i’m a lot in touch with guitar learning some of my favorite songs, Lifehouse’s You and Me and One direction’s One Thing and a lot more to learn. Haha. Actually i got the fact that music is already there in my soul, i could feel it as well. Since i’ve been hearing songs a lot every day, every time when i get bored, every night when i’m about to sleep and every single time; i could pretty much understand that song’s made with its cool lyrics in it get some energy and spirit that transfer into the soul and somewhat pretty touch my heart. HAHAHA *talking like a pro in music*