Saturday, December 28, 2013

You Can, We Can

Have you ever heard, ‘It’s not important how people compliment you, it’s just for the sake of the world. But you need to seek for obedience in praising Almighty Allah, seek for blessing from God, for the sake of your hereafter.’

It’s not a big thing to have thousand people on social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram or path and on earth saying that you’re beautiful, you’re so kind, you’re great and you’re perfect. Because it’s just a mere word. It doesn’t change anything but probably making your heart feel ‘bigger’. And it will lead to be one of the arrogant person who walks on earth. Feeling like you’ve been doing great things on this earth.
But you’re not.

You might take those compliment as a turning point that will make yourself to always be a better person. It’s like, ‘oh I’ve got this one, then I’ve got to have another big one, then I’ve got to have another bigger than this’, and keeps remaining like that. Cause feeling like you’ve been okay, feeling satisfied of yourself are just gonna make yourself ease in your comfort zone. People say that we gotta go out of our comfort zone, and there; we can do more and more. By going out of the circles of your comfort zone, you might find another challenge that you gotta face. Another problem that you gotta solve. Another thing that you gotta handle with your best. Those are things which gonna take you to always increase the capacity of yourself. Increase the ability that you’ve been proud of. You can actually do much better than that. You, whether you directly think about it or not and whether you have a confidence to say that ‘you can’ or not, will always need to believe that YOU CAN; That you still have these times remaining of your life, to create a better you, to create the new you, to be one of those your dream great person you’ve been dreaming to be. Then you can use every chance and every time that you have on earth to make it.
Guess we can’t loose our time too much. Have that on mind that, if you can create things in good and best condition, why do you have to choose creating the usual and common one?

You can. We Can.