Sunday, July 1, 2012

Take care of things while You can

Hoam. so sad knowing that my lappy isn't woking. It appeared some kind of blue screen when i was about to turn it on, or black screen sometimes. Until it really hit me when it didn't even appear any thing. aouch! i felt so devastated. And i dont know if i actually exaggerated it. but it hurt knowing your one and only amuser on this sort of holiday is gone. Too bad i dont have any close neighboor to be hang on at, so i ended up myself at home mostly play with this red lappy.
I think there's a problem with the cooling system, since i rarely shut down my laptop just instantly close it in stand by mode. i don't even remember when i shut it down for the last time. last year? might be. and i brought it to be repaired, but the first two place i went to said that they couldn't fix it because that pretty much big problem. i was so worried if i had to buy another laptop either i would lost all of the data, photos most importantly and songs. gosh. that got me totally scared and upset knowing the fact that my laptop really -that- broken. until i finally found a service man but he said that it needs 1 or 2 week to make it done and it needs pretty much money. hufff. now im waiting for my lappy to be done. i hope it'd be cool soon. 
By that thing happened to me, i found a little piece thing to learn. about the joy of taking care of any thing. that laptop actually a gift from my dad on my birthday, something that i should be grateful of, also something that i need to take care of. and too bad i was kind of lost the point of taking care of it until it was broken. the same thing happens to us. our healthy and our chance to walk on this earth are actually God's gift to us. something that we should be grateful of and to be taking care of.