Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Box from France

By the way. I got a very great story couple days ago. Exactly on Monday, Novembre 22nd 2010. Right after i had arrived at home. I was so bored and got a bad mood along the way to go home after i faced physics exams. But guess what after i arrived at home...........i saw there’s a white box on the table......and there’s my name on it. WOW! *heartbeatsofreakinbad* as what i figured out.......yeah that’s from Guillaume! My france friend! OMG! I was extremely surprised! I was ASDFGHJKL........ all the boredom, bad moods just suddenly gone. i was speechless, dont know what to say, dont know what to do. And then i opened the box with a big smile upon my face ^.^ i opened the box slowly, i was afraid if anything broken. And finally! Guess what he gave to me? it’s QWERTYUIOP thingy! I mean i was so happy and hilariously surprised! I-I mean that a lot of great things! I’ll mention that;

chocolate eggs; it forms look like an bird’s eggs or more like dinosaurs's egg. Lol. But it’s perfectly delicious! Cool, dude!

A caramel pocket; some caramel candies on a pocket. And what makes me happy is, its branded “Fabrique en France” aoh. Glory cool.

Grass from his garden; on a small plastic bag. Wow, this is the funny one. I have no idea about this, do i have to eat that or smth? He had ever said that he would send grass from his garden, and i thought he was kidding’s real! Thanks G, at least i could know a kind of french’s grass. Lol

A pompom de Marin. It’s that is on clasical hal of marine french soldier. He said that on his letter. Its colour is red, and its form circle and contains, smth like feathers. i dont really know about what’s exactly was that. But you know, that’s cute!

Some candies. Yeah right after i opened the box, my little brother suddenly took 3 of them. Whatta kid. I just let him took the candies, and then he said, “i got the strawberry one, and it’s delicious” lol

There’s also some french cookies; but he didnt mention it on the letter. Its taste good, you know!

A book about french cooking. WOW. It contains many kinds of french food. Without smell the food, i could taste it by looking at the pictures on it. Perfect. Looks delicious, for sure. I could easily try one of them without go to france. I plan to make some food from that recipes. * this one really gets in to me to go to France*

An eiffel tower post-cards. ~!@#$%^&*()_+ there’s no other word to say, unless COOL! Ha-ha-ha. That just a simple blank postcards, but the things that smashes my heart is, its picture. A great eifel tower at night. My goodness. This one really really makes me want to go to France! I really want to see an eifel tower out there! Oh my God, i wish i could see that buildings, someday!

And the cutest eifel tower i’ve ever seen, two smalls eifel tower. Its colour is gold. There’s also a name written vertically on it, PARIS. AH MAN! I was so touched. I mean, that smalls eifel tower like.....inviting me to go there. Altough it just a-small-cute eiffel tower, but that things really make me really want to go there. I wanna go there so bad you know. Ha-ha-ha maybe i’m dreaming. but i gotta say, wish my dreams comes true. Ameeeeen. And in the next day, before i went to school, i hang one small eiffel tower up on my pencil case. And i brought it to school, so i could see it anytime. ‘til now, i save the other one on my desk on my room, it’s standing firmly like the real eiffel tower building out there. And every time i see that, i surely remember France! The place that i really want to go.

extremely cool,huh?

And.....til now, im still surprised about that presents that he had given to me. i’ll keep all of them. Even i feel like, i dont wanna eat the chocolate eggs, caramel, cookies and candies, because i dont wanna make all of them run out. I just want to keep it safely J that’s all startled! Surprisingly perfect, lol! Im speechless, dont know exactly what to say to him. A huge THANK YOU! That’s it. He-he-he altough that just simple things, but i take it as nice things. Lol i’ve never figured out that i could receive some presents from France! Thanks to the post office of course! Vous êtes bon ami, Guillaume~ Thanks goodness for that! hehehe now this is my turn for replying your present, wait for that! Lol

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Efforts will tell.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

random, again

TODAY. i got a day full with MATH! funny though, but then, freakinly made me crazy. i can't figure out how to solve about trigonometric problem with high level i have to be creative to find a way to solve this problem, because for the identity of trigonometric really needs ur creativity to get the answer. you have to use one formula, but then you can use another formula, if you still can't find it, you gotta change it with another formula, and so on. so you have to be creative which way will you gonna take. ah yeah whatever.
by the way. there's not only one way to reach something. there might be another good way, or even worse. but the point is, you can reach something that you really wanted to reach. yeah. that's what i got right now. i really want to reach my dream. i'd never forget my promises to do that. wish me luck for pursuing my great dreams, pals.

well, i (still) have no hell idea about *something i can't tell here*. something that really ruining my mind everytime i meet him.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


*PS you'd better not to read this post, because it's completely unimportant and........randomly silly

i just don't know what kind of feeling is this. random. boredom. undescribable feeling. i'm in the middle of the way between happy and sad. i'm happy outside, but sad inside. im pretending that im okay, but actually, there's something weird on my mind and you can say that, im not okay. i have no idea what to do about this situation, which i really need to tell anybody about this problem, but then, i think i shouldn't let anybody know about this silly problem. it's kinda complicated. this feeling driving me crazy. im dwowning, you know pals :'''''( right by this time, by this second, i just fell into strange feeling. it does really hurt. i dont know what to do. i just dont know it.i dont know.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Finally, free from hesitation, Thank God.
Wish another best way for me:)