Sunday, October 28, 2012


31 May 2012.

I went to my campus, actually i just wanted to check for the timing for how long it takes to go there, to the central Jakarta. That day, I witnessed the real Jakarta, it's more wild than I imagine. I was startled to see how messed up it was; the tendency being stolen at markets around the station either at the buses, the dirty air that smashed people’s face and the traffic jam that killed people's time. People can depict Jakarta as a great-hectic-full of trouble city. Fact says it kind of is. People who involve their life at Jakarta will have some benefits to themselves. They become more discipline since they need to have a time-management as well in considering extra time for traffic jam or such. They can manage themselves better to be more patient in facing some obstruction there. They might think more critically to find another brilliant idea to fix what have ruined, starting from the planology of the city to the coordination of each government elements. However, it is Jakarta, the place which people say it's promising, place where they believe that they can make dream comes true.

 Let’s create Jakarta as bright as the lights which enlighten every place at there.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


So here I am and am dying. I'm waiting for you, waiting for you