Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Turning back

HEYA. Today was the 1st day i came back to the basketball field. i was happy that i could run, throw and catch the ball (although still like, rigid). it's been long time i haven't have basketball practice. aww how much i miss my basketball team. the point is....... i wanna come back to basketball field more and more.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random ~!@##$%$%^^&*

HI! For a god's sake I don't like this feeling. This is like, emergency posting-____- I don't even know do I have to tell anybody about this feeling or not. I just hate this feeling so mucho. I don't know how to start telling this story. I don't even know how to begin this talks. I was total confusing -_____- ah my goodness, help me! My best friend, I need your help! I just don't know what is all exactly mean. Ah what did I write? I just wrote nothing here. Confusing me, and this gonna be confusing you either. Okay I just can't stop thinkin about nothing real. Ah I'd better take a deep breath, go through and hmm listen to the music gonna be perfect to do now. I was upset, guilty and all mix here. I was galau, fluktuasi, labil or whatever it said in bahasa indonesia:p huff I'd better shut this mouth about this ruined thingy -____- see ya! ~!!@##$%%^& You'd better read another posting rather than read this one! Haha this one is so unnecessary hoa okay read my previous posting please, if you like :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


HELLO. it's been long time i didn't post smth in this blog. i miss to post something every day, like holiday. the last month, i just posted 12 updates and now, this july, i think my posting gonna be less than that, know, the busy time is coming after being a second grade student. well, i wonder if i being a third grade student, and have to prepare for college and bunch of exams..... i won't post anything at this blog, i guess. the busiest time.
okay now i'd like to suggest you a cool song from Akon, yeah who don't know him? yeah this one is soundtrack of fifa world cup 2010! and you gotta hear for this one! this song like, motivate song that could make us increasing our spirit during the world cup! yeah although it's late to tell anything about world cup because it was ended couple week ago-,- but i still miss the euforia of world cup!!!! the world cup matches had been filled my holiday nicely. sleepover night, only waiting for my favorite team. well in this case, i support GERMANY! yeah but the other one is SPAIN! yeah LA FURIA ROJA! but actually at the first time, i choose ARGENTINA as my fave team! yeah they're totally cool!

although i don't really understand about soccer rules, but i really enjoy watching the matches! hahaha how i miss the world cup match! honestly, i just starting like soccer at this event. before this world cup, i hate my brother when he was watching football match, but now, because of this world cup that held surprisingly perfect could make me starting to like football! haha because of some awesome football players exactly :ppp
well besides that, I miss Shakira voice! every times when every matches had finished, TV always play her great song, Waka Waka Ee, ah i bet you guys know that song! with her cool dance, could make the world cup seems perfectly! how beautifull she is!
hmm unfortunately this event only happen every 4 years and we have to wait 'til 2014 to see them back, yeah the awesome football players ;pp ah if i were lucky that i could go to south africa to see the world cup match, i'd be perfectly happy! haha;p you know i really wanna go to overseas, i haven't felt it before, honestly.
ah well, if you guys have the same feeling with me-missing the euforia of world cup. you gotta hear this song. this one would remind you for every moments in africa! hahaaa. actually i wanna update the news about world cup when the world cup held, but i didn't have enough time to write all the moment in every matches! haha they're sad, happy, worried, excited and waiting for the goal! the audience there were really worried and happy to see the match, yeah i could see it from TV. ah if i were there.....
haha okay,enough talking about that, you'd better hear this, this one could make you feel the euforia of africa, as what i said before. okay i'd better shut up and ENJOY!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Accident :'/

Heya Lulu signing in again. Still, feeling unwell now. I don’t even know when this wound healed. I really wait for the healed. Oh God, get me well soon pleaseeee I beg to You. I still have a pain over my left foot and that one really ruins my day and it’s been 3days passed, and now better but still, sick of this wound. You know, this wound makes me couldn’t walk fluently and unbearable pain :’( it’s swelling. I couldn’t walk easily, even run.

One thing that I wanted now is I wanna run freely. Playing basketball, doing traditional dance practice are what I wanted to do next, but I have to wait til this pain over. I really do. I envy them who could run freely. I wanna be like ‘em, but the condition of my foot is impossible to do that. I….I really wanted to come back to the play yard. Doing the basketball practice! Really. Healthy is so valuable, worth. No one could buy it. Healthy is hard thing to kept. But when you get it, you just wasted it. I really regret that, I lost the chance to keep my healthy, and now I got sick because of the accident. Sickness is sucks. Trying our soul to be patient. And we have to get closer to God, begging for the healthy to come back. That’s what I did.

Well, at school I just felt better because I could see anybody’s smile so that’s gave me an inspiration to smile;) actually this wound isn’t really heavy, but I it’s hard to face. I have to be careful when going to the upstairs or downstairs and canteen. It’s such a heavy pain if I feel this heavy, but this gonna be easy if I feel this easy. You’ll never know what I feel. Yeah. At school, I just like, pretend that I’m okay but actually I’m not really okay. I could show my real expression at home, that it’s so sick. I’m weak at home. But every time I arrived at home I always pray to God to get me better.

I’m so sad every time I see my wound. I’m just thinking when this pain will end, when my healthy will return to me. And I just cried, every time I think about it. I think, I have bothered many people, such as my family, my friends, even teachers. I’m really really sorry. I wept sadly. Thank you very much of you guys’ helped :’) without you all I still couldn’t 'stand up' even maybe I’ll lose my spirit to 'stand up;. Thank you so much for cheering me up and thank God to make this pain become better;) and still begging for your blessing to get this pain more more better and I can come back to the play yard. I’d like to see you soon, the play yard! and get me very well soon :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Accident :''''''(

HEY. I wanna share smth about this......i wrote this one on my memo pad on my phone at July, 13rd.

You'll never guess what happen to me today. This is 2nd day at school being a 2nd grade student, and I got an accident this morning. I never guess it before, who knows that accident would come over me? Nobody knows except Allah almighty. But I was feeling unwell since yesterday, that brought me badmood and slept lately. And the effect is, I was sleepy when riding my motorcycle. and CRAP! I fell down in the middle of the road, rolling down the street and CRAP! My head was crashing with the road. Ah I was so sad if I remember the accident:( well at the first time I didn't feel anything hurt but eventually I felt sick and got wound over my left foot. I was crying when I arrived at school gaah I couldn't hold the pain and its illness. It was so hurt! This is the worst accident I've ever faced :( I couldn't hold this tears to fall down, eventually I cried and cried. I felt guilty although there's no other victims. My foot bleeding and.....I'm wounded. I have a big-red blood-wound :( well this is such an heart rending experience that could give me a moral value. You know I was really gratitude to God for saving me. If You're not be there, I won't be here now. It's all because of You ya Allah

Sunday, July 11, 2010

GoodBye holiday, Hello 2nd grade!

Heya. This is me. Sorry for late update. Actually from my deepest heart I really want to say everything here but the time isn’t enough for me to keep updating this blog. Well tomorrow is my first day at school being a-2nd-grade student and with science curriculum. Whoa I’m happy I could enter science curriculum and thank God I could get it.

And I’m gonna miss this holiday because this holiday is over and the day turn to a busy day that filled by school’s assignment. There’re many things that I’ve done at this holiday. Firstly, I learnt how to drive a car, well this is my 2nd practiced with my dad and it flied so well. I could learn how to park and I’ve learnt driving on main-way. Before I went to main-way, I did it on a wide field. So, the more I practiced driving car, the more I wanted to go everywhere else farther.

Secondly, I had a reunion with my old friends. I met my junior high school’s friends, great! Although I came late but I still could get a nice moment. But the bad thing is, I couldn’t meet my chairmate ;p my goodness, you’ll never know how much I miss my best friends……… it’s been long time we haven’t met directly……talking everything………sharing everything :3 you know, I’d like to see you soon! Well, the gathering goes so well, playing cards, taking some photos and munching :3 Oh God, how happy to see my beloved old friends <3

Thirdly, I go to Jakarta Fair! Yeah this great event happened once a year in Jakarta, this is such a ceremonial for Jakarta’s 429th birthday. Jakarta fair located in north Jakarta and that place far away from my house, it takes 4hours to enter that place. Actually I could reach it for 2hours but you know, the parking area was so full and like no more space again so it’s hard to find a space ‘til 2hours wasted. Well, that’s good, so many stores and like exhibitions for some products, starting from food, accessories, electronic stuffs, stationary and many more. there’re also some stages for a concert that held every day, and some play area for kids, like bom-bom-car, mini ATV and I can’t mention all. And one thing that I get there, SO CROWDED. Can you imagine that so many Jakarta’s citizen visit there? Huff, outdoor and indoor place were crowded. But, so many things that you could buy there, there’re some stuff starting from A to Z. well, I just looking for some food, like doing ‘cullinaire’ there. I spent much great time there with my beloved family, but still, pain over my feet were come over because of over-walk ;p

And so many things that I couldn’t write here, too much moment that I had at this holiday ;p. Visiting my elementary friend, one of my best friend. Hanging around BSD (place near my house) with family. Watching movies with a girl that gonna be my chairmate at this grade. Doing some meeting at school. Visiting my siblings.....and buying some clothes at Tanah Abang with my mom <3

Well, thank God for giving me great time along this holiday. Although only 2 weeks but thank God for giving me your blessing J and wish me luck for tomorrow, the first day being a 2nd grade student, hopefully everything goes fluently as it seems.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brothers (2009)


i just bought a dvd and the tittle is.....BROTHERS. i was interested to buy this one because i wanna see Tobey MaGuire! yeah looks interesting and after i watched this movie, i'm a bit confused in the end of story because like, not clear ending. but overall this movie is good to be watched.
This movie is about Marine named Captain Sam Cahill that was sent to Afghanistan to do his job, and he has a beautiful wife named Grace (Natalie Portman) and two cute children. and after Captain Sam's brother came up from the prison, Tommy (Jake Gylenhaal) and Captain Sam asked him to take care of his family. In Afghanistan, Sam's helicopter is shot down and all are presumed dead. everybody thought that Sam has dead, but actually he was imprisoned by Afghanistans with one of his friend. when imprisoned, he has to choose the choice, after he choosed that option, he was released. his family was surprised when he came back home. but Sam looked unhappy and his behavior has changed. he looked weird and like, punishing himself. He was suspicious whether his wife slept with his brother or not. his wife just told him that's not true, she didn't do that, his family confused with his new behavior. strange. until he got uproar and the cop arrested him. eventually he told to his wife that he has killed someone, that made him like punishing him self.

well, my summary isn't really clear then you'd better watch this! this such a good movies. sad, happy, surprised, all mixed here. and the original soundtrack by U2 also cool! and check this one, the trailer

Friday, July 2, 2010

what i've done in this first grade?

this isn't anything. now i'm gonna mention about what i've done on june, especially what i've done in my 1st grade on my senior high school. the class just started at 13 july 2009, i noted it on my calendar. and these all just flied so fast. the time just goes by as it seems. there're 12 months i through the moments together with my friends. what an extraordinary experienced with them all, although i wasn't really close with them all but i was close to some of 'em. the great class ever which gave me a great togetherness through time by time. there're uncountable moment we've ever faced together. countless memories. all beautiful. although there're some obstacles but we could through it together. well if i could remember all the great things, i would like to write about all of it. but i just remembered some of them, well this is it..........

1. MOS
2. Kopassus - we were treaten like a soldier, or more like building our mental for facing senior high school time. this was so great moment. unforgetable ever. this one taught us many things, and valuable things
3. 28 cup 2009 - this's the first time attending the event like this on this senior high school time. well at that time, i wasn't really close with my new friends so i just hanging aroung there with old friends.
4. 1st formative test - yeah this is so called the exams, the exam that hold on a week with 14 subjects await. and don't ever underestimate this, and at this first time i was so worried but eventually i could do these all the subject and after that the students would feel relieved, including me huh
5. the teacher's birthday - we made some surprise for her. and this is the first pict that we took together at 2009. and we printed it and framed it on the wall
6. Sanlat - happened on fasting month, it was held for 3days. we spent 3-great-days together, this one also unforgetable. although the girls dorm was separated with the boys but what happened in girls dorm was so cool,lol. we were 8girls on a room, awesome
7. Chester - ceria tengah semester or called like some competition between class to class, and that event made us had a great-class-clothes. and we won some competition.
8. TLUB - this one also competition like row by row or usually called paskibra. we were leaned anything from the seniors. this competition was only for the 1st grade. X1 class to X7, and we were the winner!we did the practice til night and so many experienced there. we just did the practice serioudly at one day before perform. and with our togetherness and hardwork, we could make it.
9. EX-CAMP - this is extraculicular camping, the camping was divided by extraculicular. i was on basketball member and that's so awesome moment we passed the happines and sorrow together. i think nothing could defeat this wonderful extraculicular ;p this such an abso-freaking-lutely awesome ;p i did everything together with another basketball members which are so cool. this camping was held for 2days and pretty great.
10. 28 cup 2010 - yeah 28 cup coming again and now i was one of the crew there. i was happy i could help the event going although i didn't do lot of work and that's my first performance being watched by school's student all base on woman basketball competition. cool we got the third place. not bad huh, even so great
11. character building at Bandung - this is the last moment together at this year. aww how sad. we did it for 2 days. i've mentioned about this event on my post right? yeah we're 17 girls on a room. wonderful all the time, along the journey.

well that's all. i just couldn't write all about all the moment. if i could write about all the moment, this page isn't quiet enough and gonna be wordless to say it. there're countless moment with the generation of 2012 (this is called because we would pass at that year) i wont forget that. indeed. the girls, chairmate, classmates, basketballmates were never ever forgotten. well this isnot the end of everything, my journey still long here, at this school. still, wish me luck. i still have to pass 2 years here curicullum! this is just the end of this first grade but there're 2nd grade and 3rd grade i have to pass. with any happined and weakness. just face anything wholeheartedly huh and you'll always be in here, in my hearts, keeping all the memories together. ;p