Friday, September 5, 2014


One thing that crossed my mind this week was, the fact about don't judge person from its first meet. Like, first impression doesn’t really explain how that person really is. And maybe love at the first sight isn’t good enough to be implied in real life. Cause the very first thing could be occured by thousand reasons that happen before. We never know in which mood the person sets him/herself right? The nicest person that I meet for second time wouldn’t be as nicest as it was before.
We oftenly just deem it on our mind that this person is blablabla and has the positive point as blablabla but the negative point such as blablabla. Some people dare enough to shoot a comment frankly, directly to that particular person. Other people daren’t to do so, and end up keeping the thought themselves. It’s a matter of how we act to anyone reflects on how we judge that person.

Or maybe human feeling is just way too fast in concluding something.

One thing that I know, that I would never know.
I would never know whether he/she really meant to do or say that to me, whether good things are really good, whether bad things are really bad.

“you might hate something and it’s good for you; and perhaps you love something and it’s bad for you. God knows, while you know not”