Monday, August 27, 2012

My Life as a Motorcycle rider

Whoa this is my 3rd year in riding motorcycle. Feel like i’m pro enough on this field. I’ve been facing hundred kind of experience occurs on the road which got me amazed and startled at the same time. And yes, there's so many things that i can learn by those nice experiences i've had this long.

The history of myself happen to ride motorcycle started when i was on 10th grade of highschool and my dad had no idea who’s gonna take me to school. Another reason was i got myself tired sitting on public transportation like bus and public minivan for couple of hours. Since my home is pretty far from school and it takes approximately 2 hours by public transportation, i dont think anyone could stand with it in a long term. It’s like, i dont want to waste 2 hours of my life on my way back home. So, at that time, i was learning to ride motorcycle properly until my dad really permitted me riding motorcycle to school. 

Hmmm first i'm gonna share about people judgement on motorcycle rider. Talking about people thoughts, who knows, it’s up to their point of view in seeing the motorist and a girl motorist. Some of my teachers even said ‘motorists have so many credits of life’, the other one said ‘motorists are the wildest creature ever invented on the road.’ We also know that car drivers often blame the motorist for taking the way too close to their cars or suddenly tilt here and there. Yea it’s normal. But not all of the motorist do that same way. Just let it be. However this is part of my journey to reach my goal. I have to go to school back and forth by this motorcycle by myself just to shorten the estimation time to reach home. And by that i can have my study time pretty longer. i was challenged to manage my time as well and manage myself to be independence girl. 

These days, patience might be thing that pretty hard to get. However, whoever is that who’s already put their life hanging around the road, they supposed to know the risk as well and the main requirement; be patience. Besides, our desires is too. When the road is not in peak hour, people are rushing that much. I see it because i’ve ever done it too, a bit or some. And here i got a lesson; whenever you’re rushing, that’s when you take so many risks on yours. How if we can’t brake abruptly when there’s anybody or any vehicle who suddenly cross the road? I think it’s better to just ride in proper speed adjusted by the situation and stay focus no matter what. You got that risk to hit and to be hit by anything. 

I've got so many things to share here but i bet it wouldn't be fit in this page :p guess i'll continue later :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I’m right at the intersection to find my audacity. I’ve been holding onto something which i think i would never loose but now i kinda loose it. And that affects my life pretty much. Hesitation appears out of nowhere and gradually makes the mess out of the tranquility i’ve been having. I have no idea why worry comes after hesitation, it puts me to the corner of the room of confusion which i have no idea how to make an escape from it.
Yet i end up with the idea that i would always have to choose among every options that come through this life. Life is a choice, so pick which one and savor it. I know it’s always a hard time before choosing the options you have no idea how in the future it would be, but yeah that’s it. All i have to do is to think about it deeper and further, righteously. And consider the plus and minus point that might come afterwards. If it takes too many minus, i’d leave it.
You know when there’s a word comes out from anybody which gets you startled, conscious, or even amazed, that might be the message from God. To help you choose which way you should continue your step at. To make you realize of things or to wake you up.