Saturday, February 26, 2011


Its 19 feb and now I'm sitting right underneath the full moon. I'm way speecless in describing this sky on this night. I'm figuring out how to capture this awesome view. Ew my digcam isn't working and I dnt have slr or smth. Ah how could I capture this cool view?!oh you really have to go here, to my house and see the greatness of this view. I feel like the moon shining my home much more than the other house. I'm turning off the front lamp on my house, and now I can see the brightest light at night.

23feb now. Je suis en retard. No way! Gosh! been trying so hard not to come late. Man you kidding me. Now new record, I got 2 times of late. Ew if I got 3, that means my parent will be called and......yeah you know. From now, I rly have to wake up earlier and and go to school at 5. 15. Oh no, breakfast haven't ready yet, so umm 5. 20. I really have tooooo! If I don't, I will be in so much trouble. Actually by the time I reached school finding the gate already closed, I overthink, how if I turn around and go home. goshhhh. Now I kinda regret not to do that thought. If I could've just turned around, I wouldn't have been in trouble like this.

5mins head off to 24 febuary 2011. Haven't slept any. After more than 12hours not even touch ANY of my bed, now I'm totally laying over here. I'm really tired. Sure. My head starting to explode or smth. I'm way too tired by that school stuff. Something really needs to help me to get rid of it. Just don't ask about how my task was. And what I got today are, je ne pas en retard, mais, I had to walk by my motorcycle to gas station because run out of gasoline when I went back home. so here i tell ya; suddenly after I got my motor couldn't run, I was extremelly shock. I kept saying, something must be kidding me. Oh please, I was in the middle of the way and don't ask me how i'm working to walk by my motorcycle to gas station because it's too cool yet pathetic. sarcasm again. HFFFFFT kinda embarassing tho; the only girl on earth who ride motorcycle and suddenly got run out of gasoline and had to walk by her motorcycle to gas station, ALONE and the more pathetic thing is, NOONE HELP ME. those ppl that i passed just looked at me and that's it, why didn't you just help me over here dood! kind of wondering why this ppl on earth isn't much friendly as i expected. oh what the world was thinking now. EW OKAY That's my first experience! pretty good tho. Why good, is just because I thank God I got that problem, because if I didn't, I would always postpond myself to buy gasoline.

Friday, February 25, 2011

February and such


2nd febuary now. The laziest day of school. Because I'm too sleepy to go to school and tomorrow is imlek's itl holiday so, I'm gonna off from school. I have no idea what to do

I was sick at that day. This recent week actually. I felt like drowning. I got fever, unstoppable cough and etc. Many things to be repaired. And I really have to fix this condition. I can't even stand by these high temperature, this dizzy head, and this cough. Somehow I have to learn smth that God gave me this sick is, to remind me that I have to take care of my healthy. I waste my healthy too much. I was insisting myself that much til I fell to sick. Really, this week really challenge me. Thank God I have kind-hearted dad who always accompany me to school when I was sick. :')

Ew I got low battery here.

It's 14 feb now. People say it's valentines day. But not for me. Today is chemistry exam and that means exam week already started. That's all. Nothing special for today. I don't celebrate that v-day. But I have to remember that when I was in elementary school, and jhs, I got couple bars of chocolate on this v-day. Awesome huh. But those thing never come back since today. It shouldnt be back, isn't it? v-day is just a symbol of love and such. Nothing special, besides my belief teach me there's no v-day on earth, besides (again), I don't have someone special to be loved. Right now I'm about stressed out about this exam week, there still 4days left and 8subjects awaits. I shouldn't be this stress, but it's kind of hard to let my self not to be stressed. I assure myself I can do this! Hamasah! Ho ho hopefully I can through this succesfully. Fight! I um about to have quick nap right now and I'm planning to go to my lesson to study one hour from now on. And yeah tomorrow is time to take a quick breath of this exam week, because tmrw is DAY OFF FROM SCHOOL. Thank God there's chance for me to study yet resting. Let me be the firework on earth spreading the light and glimpse of flames which gonna jump to my dream and reaching achievement :p I'm kind of sick of my lil pony btw, hehe I haven't got haircut since last year :D ah yeah, talkin about exam week again, my target is I must get no remedial test and secondly, got first place.

It's 15feb already. It's raining outside and today I'm off from school. It's always cool everytime I hear the rain which fell upon the roof on midnight like this. Having slumber, laying down on my bed while typing this writing. Awesome. Suddenly I think about my dream that I really want to reach. Neversaynever. No quit.

15 feb in the morning. Cool. The weather just way too cool, plus grayish cloud, sounds there will be no sunlight today. Let's see. Zupakewl. I wish I could enjoy this sort of free time (off from school) more often :p. It's very nice to stay with this air but not with this exam week. So I'm sit over here, holding physics book while enjoying the weather. Dood it's pretty. Afternoon, about 3pm and I'm still studying biology, just started actually. I did physics exercise since mornin'. Now I'm doing some stretching session with biology, preparing for main studying session tonight. Wish me luck dood.

16feb now. Laying on bed while enjoying sucha cool weather (it's always cool) like this is nice yet perfect. It's raining outside (again) and I already got home at about 1pm. Phew. I wonder if I could do this activity everytime. Unfortunately It won't happen unless on exam week. I just passed biology and french today. Aw I really wish best result from my effort. Been strugling, just waitin for the result. Give me the best score, God

By the way if you want to know about my feeling during I studied biology, here I tell ya. It was so funny. I don't know what makes it funny but, you know, I'm so excited to face biology exam! Because I think I'm good enough in memorizing about that disgestive chapter. BUT that's not guarantee for me to do exam fluently. It wasn't as exciting as I studied. I did the exam well, yet pathetic. Kind of confused because of its phrase or smth. I didn't get the meaning at some sentences. Somehow trapping yet makes-us-choose-wrong-options. I was trapped in some numbers aaaoh. I think I was right,yeah ppl always think they're the rightest person on earth in answering exam question. BUT after I checked it with ma amis.....I was totally wrong. I got several numbers wrong.

Now I'm gonna sleeb and my plan is, spending ma time with history and english after I wake up. And humm, if there's still spare time, I promise I will go with physics.

Aaaa! don't tell me something ridiculous's been 2am in the mornin and it's already 17th days of febuary. Phew I'm too excited in doing exercise question. I really hope that I can do question as excited as I did couple mins ago. Ew okay I think I should really have to hit the bed. Ho-ho-hopefully my storage memory doesn't go wrong in memorizing history subject for today, and english clause and such. Btw I haven't touched any cyber world since yesterday. I always got disconnection! My internet isn't working! By the time I wanted to look for translation of french on google, I pulled up some wires to make internet connection working and I didn't know if I pulled one of important wire 'til makes telephone not working. Phew me. The facts is, I made the internet connection not working and telephone connection broken. K ttyl bye zleep dood!

Errr. World really have to know about what I've done today. I got gloomy on doing physics exam today. Aaaaa a wanna scream out effin lot. O m g. It's really burn me down. Omagashhhh I've studied that much but......but I STILL COULDNT make it. I aint make it best :///// I think I will get 6 :'/ omagah it's so gloomy exam ever, yet pathetic. Goodness. I should really have to studyyyy waaay moooore harder. Theory isn't really needed. And also, if I could have slept much, I wouldn't have done it badly. Phewww-ing.