Tuesday, September 14, 2010


HEYA! finally i can come back here filling up the newest update :D yeah this is what we called as "MUDIK". Indonesians usually do travel to somewhere called a 'village'. yeah as Indonesian ppl who live in Jakarta are mostly urbanized, they like to come back home-to their roots where they came from. like my family, my parent comes from Central Java-Pekalongan, and we'd like to do ied travelling there. that's the place where i was born, and so many cousins at there(in here exactly-now i write this on Pekalongan). btw, Eid is Eid ul-Fitr
me and my family started travelling on Tuesday, september 7th; 6 am. and we reached here, Pekalongan about 8hours, with 450km. cool journey huh? i was happy seeing all the eid travellers along the way, there're some ppl using motorcycles. cool! i was bit afraid because my dad drove a car really fast, i just could keep praying all the time.

Pekalongan on board. This is my born place.

Yeah after arrived at there I just had a rest. And the next day my parent visited their relations.....and so on. Until the last day we did fasting.........we had a celebration before the eid'ul fitr day for the following day. It called; eid'ul fitr night. We did the 'takbiran'-an islamic song remembering that the next day would be held Eid'ul fitr day- and played fireworks! my cousins brought lot of fireworks! And we were at alun-alun kajen, Pekalongan, there're so so many peoples who also celebrating that day. So crowded there. Cool! I took some photos.....with the fireworks. This one is huge, but there's also bigger fireworks.
a very standard firework

The one which formed like butterfly firework.

And there's also like bunch of rain of fire. I didn't have enough courage for playing all kinds of fireworks. Some are dangerous. And I'm scared xx.
My lil bro. He strarted to like fireworks. damn he's more brave than me.
"Do Not Hold In Hand"

We're playing fireworks til about 11pm. And that night I updated status on twitter and said that I was on pekalongan. And suddenly one of my senior at school mentioned me that she's also at pekalongan. Actually...our grandma's house isn't far away! And we're neighboor! Haha I have a senior friend who also had a same 'village' which is pekalongan.

Btw I like the style of my grandma's house. It's kinda dutch building style from grandma's of grandma.

And there come the day... Lebaran Day..... Eid'ul Fitr day! Yeah this sucha pure day when everybody forgiving each other and the right time for apologizing each other. We did an Eid'ul Fitr pray which held in the morning at the mosque......and after that we ate a traditional food which usually exist on Eid day. It called KETUPAT. Yeah. Taste really good :p but.....I got an embarassing moment, after I did the eid pray with my family, there's many fireworks held in front of the mosque......but its sound like a BOM! And I was totally scared! I hate that annoying sounds! Really big sounds! It'll hurt ur ears if you don't covering ur ears. I had covered my ears, but still...the sounds really fckn annoying like fighting with my ears.....until I was freakin' scared and......cried.....I went back home quickly and then CRYING SO BAD! Okay forget it.....

And the day I've been waited, had come......this pure day and great day tough! and at that day me and my family went to door to door. this one is indonesian tradition, going door to door for forgiving and apologizing, visiting relations, and parents giving some 'extra-money' for their childrens, nephews and nieces. And I got some$$$! :p


The following day. September 11th

Still doing door to door traditions. Visiting relations. I was so happy seeing them at this eid event. It just happen once a year :/ I wonder if I could meet all of cousins more often.......that would be great :') and the next 2days still doing the same things. Laughing with my humorous cousins gonna be one thing won't ever forgotten.

and on september 13th I passed sucha beautiful scenery......actually I walk through this scenery everyday...but that's the right time for taking some pictures over that, the farm.

Isn't that beautiful scenery? And after that, I had a sleepover night on my cousin's house. His house isn't far away from the river. And after I woke up, I went to the river with my cousins. And I becoming photographer there, they wanted me to take their photos. And I asked them to take me some photos too! Yeah the river actually isn't clear enough. But my cousins not even care about that. Then me, I just seeing them play with the river and capturing them photos. And here..........behind me, there's a bridge. I think that's cool........and what do you think? :p

After that...... My big family had planned to go to the beach! and that's Sigandu beach! I asked my brother to take me some photos all the time, 'til he didn't want to do so-___________- and I'm getting angry with him *#@--_ ah whatever.

I love those clouds

This is just a plain photos-,- the weather was so damn hot and........the lighting was too bright 'til the pictures taken wasn't really good so :/ but I like that place:p I was interesting for drawing smth over the sands. Cool:p I wrote my dreams.......haha wish wishes come true! Amiiiiin. And I also wrote some silly drawing haaah okay:p fun!

FKG UI. College where i will be going to ;) Amen

Thank God for those brilliant days:)))

And the next day...... September 15th, I moved to Jogja! Somewhere ±277km from Pekalongan, Central Java. And it took ±6hours from Pekalongan.

*to be continued*


we reached Jogja at about 7pm and we stopped by at Malioboro Road. if you don't know it, you can google it. there's a place where you can see many kinds of stores, but mostly definitely, BATIK THINGY. yep, that's the characteristic of that place. besides, we could see some traditional performance, smth like traditional dance and else, around that way. when i came there, it's so crowd, because it's holiday and past-ied-event. and there're also many foreigner too. hmm their attendance there just made those place became more cool.

my lil brotha wanted to try delman-like horse which pulled up the passengers or smth-
but since delman wasn't working, so he wanted to try this traditional vehicle, called becak. and i accompanied him.

not far away from Malioboro, we're actually in the near of the big traffic light, but this photo couldn't describe how cool that traffic light was. there also some rows of becak. you could see it wheels next to me.

THE FOLLOWING DAY. yup we planned to go to PRAMBANAN TEMPLE. i'd never visited this place in the last 4 years. the last time is when i was on elementary school's trip in 2006.

a part of one of the temple over there

PRAMBANAN contains several temple, i only remembered Shiwa temple, Brahmana temple and the rest, i couldn't remember. it's quiet crowded when i went there. and the weather yeah ya know, freaking hot, as Indonesia supposed to be. and do you know what made me interesting at there? i could see some foreigners over there! and handsome foreigner of course:p Do you know the very first thing that i'm thinking of when i see the foreigner? i'm gonna ask them, what brings you here. and i'm gonna talk to them, as a friend. it's funny how their respond was. i met several foreigners and each of them had their own respond. and yeah, i could say.......someone's respond determines someone's character.

1st. Germany. i interrupted him when he was capturing photos from his Olympus. hehehe i just said where he come from, and i said, you must be know Özil. and that's it asdfghjkl i really wanted to talk moreeee maybe i could ask his name (?) *chuckles*

and he's alone! i should've talked longer

this wasn't second foreigners that i met, i skipped some photos with some of them who aren't really welcoming. the one with the black shirt is from Portugis, and the grey one from South Africa. COOL! How do they meet? both of them are really kind, embracing me well. but i didn't ask their name! oh goodness, i should've asked for that!SDFGHJK!

next, française. i talked a bit french. the common word, BONJOUR. but none of them replied my french. are you guys real française?

and here, australian-awesome-guy. good respond. i met him when i was with my cousin inside that temple. he walked alone........i greeted him, first, taking picture and then, talked smth. he said he's gonna go to Jakarta after this.......same like me. hehehe. he's so welcome. and the surprising thing is.....right after i went out from Prambanan Temple, we met again in the exit gate. he passed me by, and he smiled at me.......ASDFGHJKL he just way cool huh? whatta friendly guy hahahaha very nice. but the worst thing is.....forgot to ask name. again. aoh if i already asked his name, we supposed to be friend til now....hfff my mistakes again.

by the way, why did i greet them is just because my dad asked my to make a friend with them. and i also wanted to make a friend with foreigners. LOL. it's funny huh. and the other important thing is, learn how to speak english to public. ( what?public? ) i mean, yeah, you know how much i really want to speak english fluently. i do really want to speak english so freaking fluently. that's my aim. and wish me luck for that. i'm about learning some english stuff.

i found this photo and i remembered, i've ever captured one of foreigner in the corner of the temple. i think she got stressed out about how hot the weather is.

and i don't know why, i just liked this photo. maybe it's from this photo showed the view which looked like the view in other country,unlike in Indonesia. but it's real Indonesia for sure.

okay this is the end of those brilliant journey. about 3days in Jogjakarta just way too cool for spending ied Holiday! Thank God for giving me those worth time :) and Huge thanks to dad who driving us everywhere;) Dear God, take care of my dad, my hero

THANKS for you, whoever read this post. I'm glad for being read :p