Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Things that can drive us crazy.
That feeling when things happen and put ourselves in victory. That moment when we feel the joy of things. Do we know that beyond our joy, there are probably people out there feel the inconvenient of our joy?
Let’s take a glimpse to look around. Whether it’s alright or not. Whether something fakes other things or just real. Whether something work the way it is.
Until it comes to time when our jolt of conscience whisper to our mind that there’s something wrong. Something doesn’t fit to be owned. Something that feels odd.
Selfish. We get what we want, other people don’t. Cares about ourselves, not to others.
Don’t let selfishness exist there next to us. Throw that away instead.
We can feel precious most of the time without knowing what might impact us afterwards. What hurts more are the moment when we realize that we’ve been being so selfish to some people for some reasons. Hurts to know the fact that we’ve harmed people.
Before things get worse, let the consciousness of ours recognize it
Realize and fix things
Before things end up not the way we wanted
Before things ruin other things
Although it takes time to realize
But as long as we can do our best to keep realizing what we’ve done, we can always correct things wrong in ourselves, creating ourselves to be born as the better one

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Past

I myself and some people who feel this same feeling know that remembering the past is not a good idea. I kind of hate it. Past event which wasn’t really a good thing for me; past which makes me feel guilty, past which puts me in the corner taking as me as the main suspect in some tragedies or seemingly take me as a bad girl in criminal series, past which drowns me and brings me to the lowest mood, past that ravels in a bad way, past which gets me burst some tears. I hate to remember it. i hate to know the fact that i wasn’t good to somebody at that time. i hate it to know the fact that i didn't do what i should’ve done. I hate to know that i regret it
Yet I don't understand why there were past events that i hate the most. Even i hate it to take a glimpse to look back again. 

Past are just past. Nothing else i can do to change it since it already happened. Nothing could change it but we all know that we have to embrace it. Embrace either in a good way or bad way. Why would we have to emerge the bad thing while the good one are way more better? 
Why do some people hate past? Past which contains memories. What kind of memories that could unravel now? Things scattered fast, moved fast, words of mouths works that fast, every single thing anyone could know now---ok then why? Why do we have to worried about our past? Nothing to worry about actually, because what matters is how we embrace it in a good way and to learn from it. Things happened because it has that great value to learn. 

I know that i cant let myself drown in bad situation, so i have to think about it in a positive way, no matter what. Wouldn’t that be more nice if everything’s okay without any revenge or any hatred between people? Of course, life would be more beautiful with peacefulness without thinking about past that left a hole in the heart and without any bad prejudice.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jogjakarta and its tranquility

Jogjakarta, June 2012

Me and my brother have actually planned a holiday but didn't know where exactly until finally we decided to choose jogja as a place we could release the stress at. It wasn't a well-planned trip I might say because the idea to visit Jogja came one day before I went there.
I was that amazed to know the fact that Jogjakarta actually has that heavy traditional culture and myths that still stick with its citizen. I visited 2 main places there. The beach and a complex of old castle.
The beach named Parangtritis. Everyone knows that beach is pretty sacred because of its myth; If anyone wears green clothes, he/she would be swallowed by the wave. The story of Nyi Roro Kidul is still there and never gets old. That beach still got that mystic issue that every week there must be one person die swallowed by the wave. And it's often held some ceremony at there. The beach is surrounded by the hills and has pure-white sands which is pretty cool. That beach always has that huge wave and that's why it is forbidden to play at the beach further. And since it's located in the south-est city of Jogja the sunset isn't there right by the sea. Ah. There's also horse-riding for sightseeing along the sea shore. It's cool to have that kind of moment when we were able to see the sun sets. And that place has become the sacred place for me too since i was first time wearing veil there :’’’)
-to be continued-

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

HELLO 2013!

Hi universe, I know I've been too much away from this blog and that's why i misssssssss this a lot! i miss my spare time writing on this blog! i've been longing for this time! i've been stuck on that hectic time as a freshmen......since i could barely handle my time that well.....and yet i found some pieces of brand new things to learn.

Good thing is, now i already had the book which regulate myself better. My agenda. Yep. That small note book from my dad in my 15th birthday. I never thought that i would use that note book because that’s too childish but then, now in my college life, that simple book help me a lot in controlling my schedule and my to do list. By having an agenda, it can be as reminder whether there’s any appointment at some day. Besides, it can be a motivator too, since there are a check-list colomn besides the to-do-list, so it triggers me to immediately put some checks and do it all on time. It can be a diary somehow, or it can be a note just to write important thing that just crossed mind. So go get your agenda now! #Believe me, it helps!