Sunday, April 22, 2012

The story that never dies

How time flies so fast. Like for real. Seems like i just wear my new white-gray unifrom and now i’m about to get it off. It’s gonna be over. Seems like i just step in to senior highschool and now i have to step out from there. Yeah that might be the thing i’ve been waiting for for some reason. But then, it got me questioning myself, is this really over? Like no more school again, like at all? WOW. I still can’t believe i’ve finally finished it.
So it’s only 3 years and we got it all. Our feeling mixed there, even probably, ourselves changed there. 3 years studying there, 3 years of hearing teachers’ lectures which is brilliant and sure im gonna miss that, 3 years of laughing altogether with you guys, 3 years of seeing that silly moment that couldn’t have been funnier, 3 years of having that galau moment, that sad stories either we oftenly share to friends or we persist to hide, that heart-breaking moment or that heart-racingly exhilarating moment we would never forget, that sick pathetic moment and that amazingly precious moment which could make ourselves giggling all alone if we close our eyes, push the rewind button, take a glimpse of our memories and reminiscing everything we have ever had at that cruel-yet-lovely school. The tears flow between that laughter. That vigorous spirit to reach our goals that makes us don’t want to stop running after it. That endlessly love stories. We got all there. High school never ends!
That unforgetable panicky moment when we’re about to face exams until got ourselves stressed-out like a lot! The other side, that moment when we really have no idea how to answer some questions on exams, and that side when we try to disobey the rules, like, you know. That moment when we think we could pass the test but the result says we have to do remedial. That faces when we know our score after exams, whether remedial or passed. That moment when we got so many exams await and some lessons to attend until got ourself set home only as a place for sleep. Feel like a buzy person every day. Hahaha. Countless school story. Whatta high school.
It’s so cool to have you guys around, to know you guys as friend, to share stories and laughs, to share some foods, to bully some people (in terms of kidding :p), to give some jokes, to ask friends to ditch class, to not doing task together, to share some gossips, to share experiences& knowledges, to open up my mind and to do anything together.
I’m so thankful i bumped into you guys here at this school. It’s one of great moment in lifetime where we could have these kind of bitter-sweet experiences together. I can’t believe we’re already at this point where we’re about to say goodbye. Time sets us apart. Wait, Is this real that it’s time to say goodbye? You gotta be kidding me.
I still want to have some more crazy adventures with you guys, more stories to be told, want to spend my time with you guys exploring some silly things and something which makes me feel so comfort to stand among you guys’ smiles.
And the other human being that have made us to be something; Teachers, you meant so much to us. You give that love which we’d never know, that huge patience we might never had, that spirit we might as well follow, that sincerity we really salute for, that beautiful yet weird stories we’d always love to hear, that screams we really sick to hear and every appealing things i can hardly mention all here. Thanks teacher for every priceless thing you’ve given to us. 
When 11th of April, that was the last day we studied at school, the last day we enjoyed that sort of atmosphere with the teachers, classrooms, friends before we faced our big days. That day we did prayers together asking for blessing from God, teachers, friends. Ask for apology to each other. That day i burst into tears. I just couldn’t hold that feeling when my friends hug me and if i had so many mistakes to you guys, if i had ever hurt you which i unwittingly didn’t know, make you guys upset or feel annoyed because of my behavior and every mistakes i’ve probably made, every single things i should’ve done but i didn’t, every things that seemingly left that uncomfortable feeling in your heart. I just couldn’t hold that feeling when i am not gonna feel that sort of atmosphere again; that jokes that come out from them, that crazy things and everything which remains til right now i’m writing this.
We’re gonna meet each other again. We know this is not the end of everything. “love is not always to have” because love remains forever in heart. Now we’re about to step forward to another way of living. Stepping to further journey we’re about to make in our life, making our experiences that we had at this school as a start in doing anything we’re about to face in the future. The lectures that teachers ever gave, the advices, that priceless things to learn, we’re gonna remember and bring it as a sweet things to lead us to go through another path of this life. We’re gonna make another story that may get the name of our school involves in its plot.
This footsteps that we’ve made here would never be forgotten for forever.

Im so proud. To be here with you guys, to know you guys, to walk through this path with, to chase after our dreams together.