Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grab the opportunity!

Another journey has to be taken a look at by you. Assume this situation as someone who wants to see a beautiful scenery from the window. The windows isn’t really clean so somebody has to wipe it clearly, make it clean out of dust and give it some squirt of window cleanser. And there you go, the awesome scenery can be seen thoroughly. That situation is similar just like  what we’re about to go through, the dreams. We want to get it yet it has to begin from ourselves. Clean our mind out of the negative thinking upon someone or something. Clean our heart out of the feeling that might emerge hatred upon someone. Clean our mouth out of words that might hurt other people. Clean ourselves out of the behavior that might lead us to the wrong path. Life’s too short to do something that might let ourselves closer to hell. Wouldn’t life be more beautiful by getting closer to heaven?
Hence, i myself believe that every one of us has opportunity to make life be more meaningful and make dreams come true. So grab it then make dreams happen!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


I’m officially graduated from the school that needless to say is one of unique thing on earth which flips feeling ups and downs. That school that built me and sent me to the way i’m living right now. The school that caught me in to a sort of cage where i need to dig some holes to get out from it. Feels so relief and sad at the same time to know the fact that i’m no longer a student at that school. However i was a student that ever put my ass on that school feeling the intimate environment that never gets me bored to reminisce about. Feels so relief to finally ship myself away from that assignments i hardly get it done and the exams week i always lable as a hectic time and so sad to leave the chance to share laughter together with friends. Although i know in the world i am about to jump my self on is gonna be ‘more’ than that.
A goodbye is not the end of everything, but it’s another new gate to step forward to another new way of living. Although i know goodbye is pretty hard to say because it needs some kind of courage to believe that someday we would be meeting up again. And i believe we would. Friends, if it’s possible, i want to have another three years with you guys to share story with, to play with, to find another crazy idea all over again. I haven’t known enough everything from every one of us as well, and i still want to dig another cool story that everyone has. We’re 262 persons and we were suppossed to have sort of injury time to at least introduce ourselves to someone we haven’t got chance to be talking with. Wouldn’t it be nice to know each other without any gap in beetween? Man, i missed those chance L
As i pause myself writing this, i realize that my life in that school is really over. Seriously, is it really over? You gotta be kidding me. i’m feeling like i want more and i’m feeling like i’m gonna cry tbh. Man, the friends i’ve been hanging around with is gonna be going out of my sight? Deeply inside of the warmth of that hugs and laughs, i still need you guys around. If only there’s an additional time, i want to create one step closer to always be there in your minds you would never forget.
The memories which remains in every words  i’m writting will always be there upon the hearts. I am so lucky to have these kind of brilliant friends who has added some colors to my life. Thank God, I am so glad to have a chance to know you. you guys have furnished my life as well with some sweet and bitter memories which i always try to look on the bright side. The side which always makes me realize that everything is always have something to learn. Life is a gift, nothing to do but be grateful of it. It’s one of beautiful gift on life to be able to study at that school, to meet awesome teachers and to know you guys. We will always be cool  friends, won’t we?
See you guys in another wonderful place and don’t forget to reach the dreams we’ve been dying to make it happens!