Friday, August 23, 2013

19 already :D

Things passed then gone. Things moved and turned.
Here I am. Against this very night which always perfect to write a thing. Even though I never write one kind of decent story,  I write down what's going up in mind. So here I am turning to 19-it’s old enough to be called as grown up- even since i was 18 actually. So, maturity also needs to move on. They can’t stay forever in the same exact point.

Here I am wanting to move again;
Hoping to change myself to be one of those strong woman who can get rid of the weakness that people always utter to me; about being late and sleepyhead and every damn weak thing. 
Expecting to always be better every day, cause yesterday was something I couldn’t cling on to. 
I gotta create my tomorrow, cause it’s my own effort which can paint the wall of my future world. 
Also need to lessen my mouth out of whining, cause sincerity is what ease my soul better. 
Gotta use my remaining time on earth properly to get some prosperity, cause time always spins as a minute passed by every 60 second and you can’t waste it -any of it- ; To do something useless; To think about things which likely make you suffocate and lost and devastate. 

See the universe, not to utter the word which isn’t well-hearing.

And however, I gotta make myself suit with the reflection of the moslem women in general ;)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Lego Camera

i'm gonna pick up the pieces
and build a lego camera
if things go wrong we can knock it down
-Ed Sheeran's Lego House