Thursday, December 24, 2015

How would I be sure if there's no hard feeling in between?

People make mistakes. I know. And other people might remember the mistakes for such a long term.

Other people may think one thing which isn't a mistake, a mistake.

Both of them will remain in anyone's mind. The first one means this person literally makes mistake. And the second one means this person accusedly makes a mistake.

And me, figuring things out if I ever get involved in any of them. Pardon my sensitive way of sensing people reaction, but I can pretty much see those hard feeling surrounded- without even knowing where it came from.

I wanted to clean the table I spill my sugars on, but there seems no chance to take the napkins.

May be I should probably have another person to have a look either there's actually the sugars I spill around or there are napkins available for me to clean it.

Oh, if this hard feeling thing only happens because of my negative thought then I have to get rid of it immediately. Cause it's so sick to act like everything's fine but you're actually pretending everything's fine.

Yogyakarta, Dec 24th 2015