Sunday, April 7, 2013

Value and its influence

things are getting dynamic as i can start feeling the dynamite of life. in these new atmosphere of life, campus thing, i earned some values. that things happened because it has a value beyond it.
teach us what's right and what's wrong, warn us which things to choose, take us to the journey that gives us positive things. i've always looked for it. when i had a bad thing, there must've been things i didn't get if i didn't have that bad things. you got me?

everything happen for a reason - John Mayer in one of his nice song called Why Georgia

there must be a value. a value i never know before i already face it.
seems i'm getting more understood why things happened to me the other day before

everything are need to be think about...including this weak side of mine
i hate it if i can't get rid of it. then now i really have to... and i need to know how and get used to it
sometimes, guilty feeling comes, makes my heart trembling, and ends up crying
i am sad for the things i did wasn't as it supposed to be
i am sad for losing the ability to make things right
i am sad to know that i myself hate my own self

but i got a point
don't hate yourself for what you've done
you're not a murder, not even a suspect in any case
at least, you've done things okay

sometimes, there's a part of things that may hurt feeling
but then it's up to ourselves, whether accept it as a hurt feeling or just nothing
we have a choice, choose wisely

and last but not least, just to ease the feeling in my heart; i'd like to say :
i'm sorry people, for my bad behavior
pardon me dear God for my bad
i'm sorry to myself for being this weak

i'm looking forward to move on

Friday, April 5, 2013

come back

hello world. it's been so long time, i know.
now....i've been having these sort of mid term exams and some activities which pretty drained up the energy. i know that feeling when we're about to face that exam, and the worry after finish the exams. let's put the rest to God. and afterall, let bygone be bygone.

life must go on, not in a sorrow, in happiness instead. no matter how bad things that have happened, we need to keep ourselves in company. just forget those bad feelings, and continue earn the joy and the value beyond it. don't let those bad feelings ruin your other days of life. things are gonna be just fine.

 La Tahzan :)