Thursday, May 11, 2017

Something that pictures me in the future

Here comes that day where I got several agendas in one time. Then I decided to arrive earlier to second appointment so that I could leave earlier to the next place.

The thing about coming earlier did give me something. It was family gathering at my cousin's. Each family use to bring some foods, if I arrive together with my family. Since I came earlier alone, I supposed to bring some foods, surely with my own decent money and with my own ideas. That's the moment where I know I will get used to be like this, if I come with my future family.
Since I came earlier, unlike usual, I was the one who's gonna be catched up with such what's up conversation. Or more than that, involved in gathering preparation, like core preparation.

Never had I thought to be such mature human being before. Especially the part when my cousin, the oldest child in her family -which pretty much describe me too-, led what's the gathering supposed to be like.

Until then I realize those were something that prolly picture me in the future. The future when I come to the gathering with my own family.

11 Mei 2017

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