Friday, May 12, 2017

A knife

One day I got an errand to peel off some fruits.

I immediately dragged my ass to the chair, grabbed a knife then began to peel it. As a human whose mom always got her daughter a peeled off fruit already at house, I was completely stiff in controlling the knife I held. It took days until I able to taste it. Plus, I didn't make such straight pathway of fruit rind when I peeled it off, until that time.
I found 'nother knife.
The smaller, thinner and surely it's a perfect sharp knife. Then I managed to peel the fruit better with it. I didn't cut the fruit excessively so more body of fruits were able to be eaten. I peeled it faster.

Then I think, how good it's like to be a sharper knife. Just a simple knife that able to do much, to give more, to handle great things without taking too long time to finish. I believe sharper knife has a long way to finally became what he is now.

12 Mei 2017

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