Thursday, April 20, 2017

Nice Figure in the ER

Being in emergency room was part of my dream.
Today i spotted a very nice figure. He got a wound in his foot. The 2nd digit manus was fractured, he fell off the ditch.
Yet he really understood about how to control his infuse drop steady and everything.
He turned out to be a doctor's uncle.
Never sure that guarantee what i saw.
Anyway, the thing is, with all the wrapped feet which can't have a single move, he tried to wake himself approaching the thick wall. And he grasped his hands through the dust in the wall, began to tayamum.
And when i saw the clock it was 12.10PM, right after the adzan.
Meanwhile, this lousy-healthy body of mine didn't move a muscle when the adzan calling.
Pardon me.
That's exactly the thing i need to fix.
Definitely i am the one who got a lot of homework to move this bloody body to pray on time :)

20 April 2017

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